Traveling Alone as a Women
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2017-05-19 08:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Traveling Alone as a Women

There is a subject that always makes people uncomfortable. A women traveling alone to some place that is far, far away. People seem to think that saying that is unbelievable. Its crazy how few people in this commutative world all think the same thing; Traveling as a women is unsafe, crazy, and last dizzying. If I look back I can see why it would be so appalling. I mean there was more a chance of you disappearing without any communication before we made cell phones. Yes Cell phones are not available to everybody in the world but they are available to some out there. Having a cell phone changes a lot of things. It changes how we communicate, how we see the news, how we play games, how we can easily get lost in the world we see through our screens. The one thing out of those that is a most definite positive though is communication. Communication has never been easier and to have it is a blessing. Alongside that every time I travel somewhere by myself I make sure that someone knows when I will be leaving and when I am supposed to be back.

Traveling on your own as a women can sound super scary but for me it has opened my eyes to new things. It made me realize that driving to new places an be challenging when you are alone. Sometimes you get tired so you learn where to stop to get coffee and where you should just skip the town altogether because it’s a bad town you heard from a fellow traveler. Going somewhere alone teaches you how to manage your money while you are gone. Being alone means you don’t have someone to make sure you have enough or someone to pitch in when your short a few dollars. It means that you have to be in charge. It makes you slightly more independent.

You see more with your eyes then you do when you are with someone. In my time traveling alone I have realized how little I may have seen when I was with friends or family. When you travel with other people you cant really immerse yourself into the location your at. You want to enjoy the experience with the people you brought with you so you focus on them, what they are saying, or maybe the way their attitude will change. Sure its fun when you have other people with you and it can be cheaper but; in doing so you cant get to feel the environment your in. By traveling alone I have been able to step out of my comfort zone. I talk to strangers, I can choose where I want to go, I can enjoy a nice time with my body, mind and soul, and lastly I can take my time and rejuvenate myself.

Being afraid to do something new is normal. Listening to the stereotype is normal. But it is time to break the normal. Take that moment for yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Take a moment and go somewhere you haven't been to. Talk to the people. Have a drink. Listen. Smell. Feel the place your in and always, leave with at least one memento so that you can tell those you love back home how wonderful it was.

Step out into the world and see it with new eyes.

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