First stop, hiking and Helen
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2017-10-30 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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First stop, hiking and Helen

This trip so far has been quite an experience. The first few days have been a crazy roller coaster of emotions. The first part of the trip I stayed in the area around Helen Georgia and even stayed in a hotel in Helen. Normally I don't ever get a hotel but I had this weird thing happen were at the last possible second I just packed up and got a hotel for a few nights. I can't explain why. Quite honestly I just think I wanted a few days where I had a shower, a safe place to leave Spice so I could go shop (get some essentials that I didn't get before I left) and do a little run so that I keep up with the cardio. Luckily they have a hotel that allows pet for an extra $20 so it's not too bad and the price was the cheapest around.


The nice thing about having a cat is that you know that they can take care of themselves and they have a place that they go to the restroom. you don't have to worry about coming back and there being a big giant **** on the floor or them accidentlly going pee.


BUt besides my sudden need for a hotel I can say that Spice is having a blast. SHe is completely into this idea of being out in nature. She even did really good in the tent and when I brought her her pet carrier she decided to stay in the cage the entire night. I don't blame her for staying somewhere she feels comfortable, after all she is away from her home and from all she knows. ALl in all I am really proud of her for being such a champ and taking it as well as she is. IN honesty I expected her to totally freak out and not want anything to do with this kind of lifestyle.


I hope you guys enjoy these shots that I took of Spice and stay tuned for all kinds of video updates, photos, and advice as I pave the way on this adventure.

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