I now understand dog owners
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2017-11-02 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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I now understand dog owners

There is this really good restaurant that is in Helen. Last time we were there they were really nice and the food was decently priced. So of course I go there after two days of camping, eating trail mix, soup, and ramen. I wanted an alcoholic beverage and some hot food. On top of that it had been raining all day and the temperature was about 30 degrees. So after running, changing, and putting spice in the soft carrying case we made our way to the restaurant. Now I didn't expect this but the place was packed. People were waiting and drinking beers while cheering on their favorite football team. Now I am not a football fan so for me it was more interesting to watch.

So as I am making my way into the restaurant I notice that everybody is focused on the screen so nobody was paying any attention to Spice. That in itself was a nice change of pace after days of running around and having to tell my story ten times back to back.

I get in the restaurant and tell her I need a table for one. SHe takes a second and is shouting at me that I can take a seat at the bar since there is a line. Instantly I tell her that I was thinking about sitting outside because I have a cat with me and I don't want to be in one of those situations where someone tries to break into my car because they think my cat is in distress. The hostess asks that one question I wish I could say yes to "Is it a service animal?". Don't I wish that she was a service animal but unfortunately she is not trained enough to be able to be at the bar with me and not hurt someone from all the stress the noise and all the people who were probably drunk there. The hostess stares at me for a solid 30 seconds and I knew that I broke her brain and just gave her a mind blowing experience. She takes a second and finally replies with "ok IM just gonna put you down" and I smile and tell her my name and wait my turn to get a table.

Well as I am waiting there is this elderly man who sits next to me and goes "what's in the case" I reply kindy that it is a cat and that she's a little stressed out. KNowing that this guy was probably drunk I went to my phone to ignore him and go on about m y business while paying attention to him. I didn't want him trying to pet her and I certainly didn't feel comfortable with how close he was to me. Not to long after that he gets up and goes and smokes a cigarette and then has another beer. I do NOT like cigarette smoke. I have been around women who have smoked my entire life and the smell makes me gag. So I kindly moved to the side and move spice away from him. Instantly he goes "Where's my friend" and politely I reply that she was just moved over to the other side. He seemed upset but then again, it's my cat and not yours.

I then proceeded to get up and go look at the menu on display and by doing that I attracted some attention. The case was on the handrail and we were just chilling there while I scouted my options. This nice older lady comes up and is instantly chatting with me. We talk for a solid twenty minutes and she tells met that I am awesome  because of what I am doing and because I am giving my cat the best kind of life. I'm letting her experience the outdoors but in a safe way. After we part I get called out my table and we sit down. The waitress comes over and is very kind during our whole encounter. Luckily I was put at a table that was mostly away from people and for me it gave me a sense of calm and I finally was able to relax.

That day I learned a lot about having an animal with me and what that means. You attract attention when you don't want attention and going about your daily life can do a toll on you. I now understand dog owners and I give you guys props for putting up with all the attention. It's a lot to handle and now having that experience definitely makes a difference.

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