Snow pictures
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2017-11-03 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Snow pictures

So after going to raven cliff I had to then make my way to this place called Lake Winfield Scott. It was about a 45 minute drive and I was really excited about moving along on this adventure. A new place to camp and a new experience. SO of course I get going and I am on the road minding my own business when I notice that there are stops along the way for you to take photos. So I pull into the first one, take a few shots and then move along. Well as I am driving I notice a tiny bit of white stuff on the ground. It was a cloudy day, it was windy, and it had rained like crazy the day before. I was not prepared for the sudden cold but I most definitely was not prepared for snow. So of course what do I do? I pull over in a safe area, grab my camera and high tail it to the snow that is on the ground.

I didn't know if these would turn out any good, considering that my camera was on the verge of being dead so I had to use my phone camera like a professional camera. IN truth I think that the phone did amazingl well and I am really proud that I have a backup if I need it.


So of course I am hitting every stop that is on the side of the road and getting lots of photos so that I can show you guys these awesome shots. While I am doing all these stops I also notice that there is this other women who is doing the same thing and we exchange some words about how awesome this is and but also noting how we didn't have any gloves and that our hands were freezing off. We both were laughing but on the inside we were screaming about how cold our hands really were. So of course were doing this whole thing were we are stopping every minute and once I get through all the stops I finally make my way to the camping spot where I learned that they apparently had Canceled everything?


Confused but rolling with it I told this lady that I never got a refund and that they never told me it was cancelled. She lets me pick whatever campsite I want and I set up camp and get settled in for the night.

Overall It was a pretty good day and I loved the photos that I got with my phone. I couldn't ask for anything better and I really did enjoy the time I spent being able to capture the snow before it got too ridiculous.

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