Blood Mountain and Friends
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Blood Mountain and Friends

Once we got done with Raven Cliff and Lake Winfield we then decided to go to Blood Mountain. Blood Mountain is the highest peak in Georgia and I thought it might be fun to take the trip up there and see for myself what beauty this place has. So I went to the store that is a half mile away, bought a day pack and started on the trail. Quickly I realized how heavy Spice really was. Seven pounds can really make a difference when you are going up a steep incline. On the way up the mountain I saw this guy and this beautiful dog. I complimented him and kept going quickly. I got a little up a ways and then I started to loose track where the trail was due to the path being covered and everything. It was hard to navigate.

Because I slowed down The guy and his dog ended up catching up to me and we ultimately decided to hike it together. I started to learn who this guy was and I also got told about his dog's story and how he rescued him. It was quite the story and it made me very happy to hear that someone had decided to rescue an animal that was left behind and abused.


WE ket going up and before we knew it we were finally done with the steep incline and I also gotten to know this new friend of mine. We had made it to the top together and once we got there we hung out for a while. We talked with two girls who were chilling and eating their food for the day. Soon we became close and decided to do the loop that goes all around blood mountain. The whole loop is about seven miles and soon we realized why the loop wasnt usually done and how rough it can be to navigate.


But none the less we made it down in one piece and once we did we decieded to grab dinner together at one of the places that was on the way back to Atlanta since they needed to head home. Soon we were at the cute burger place and we were sitting and chatting about our life stories. Sharing our experiences with driving, hiking, campers, and about our families.

So that day I made three new friends and I got two new places to stay at when I travel. Sometimes hiking really does bring people together.

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