Missouri stop
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2017-11-05 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Missouri stop

Once blood mountain was done and we got everything settled with my belongings and getting Spice settled in, we set off in the direction of Colorado. I had never been there and a friend of mine had offered to let me stay at his apartment while I got to see all the sights and enjoy the area. So while we were driving out there we stopped at a few places along the way and took some quick photos and then kept on going. Our first stop was Missouri where I had a reservation at a Koa. For the first time I was renting one of their cabins (standard and had no bathroom) so that I could go run while Spice had some space to move around.

So we get to the koa campground and in terms of the area it was nice and the kia was quite big for the location. So we get there, get in the cabin, set up our stuff and settle in for the night. Spice is trying to climb the bunk beds that are in the room and I am watching TV and editing some things while I think about the drive out to Colorado.

It was a long day the next day and I knew that we were going to be in for a boring drive. So I am laying in bed, the TV on and the warm air blowing on me and there is sudden knock on my door that nearly scared the living **** out of me. WHo the hell is at my door at 11 p.m sounding like they are in a state of emergency with their overly loud knocking. So, cautiously I open the door and there is the big lady standing at my door. Quickly she jumps in that she can't get her door open and she's wondering if there is a key around that she missed.

So we walk over to her cabin and she is chatting away about how she tried everything and this and that. SMiling but also tired I quickly open the door and tell her to keep the key they left on the desk because the door automatically locks after you open it the first time. Quickly I go back to my cabin and lock the door. I don't mind helping people out but, 11 p.m, in an area I don't know, and alone...welll that pushed my buttons the wrong way.

Luckily the rest of the night I Had no more visitations and I managed to quickly fall asleep. So if you decided to stay at a cheap cabin at a Koa, I highly recommend it because it is so nice to lay in those beds. The mattress was heavenly and the space was quite comfortable for something so small. So just keep that in mind while you are traveling along and have pets. Its handy so that they have somewhere warm to sleep and you have a sense of security since you are in charge of the key that gets you inside the cabin.

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