Learning New things
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2017-11-07 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Learning New things

I've learned quite a lot about Spice on this trip. By taking her out of her comfort zone I have created a deeper bond than before. She is always near me and is always making sure I am there and that I didn't leave her behind. She is also great to travel with when it comes to the singing and entertainment and for me that was a bonus. When it comes to the possibilities of what her and I can do, I get really excited thinking about what can be made possible. I have learned that the more trails I take her on, the more excited she gets and eventually she gets up to speed and keeps up.


She has also conquered the fear of using the bathroom outdoors. That in itself is a miracle and I am glad that we were finally able to move on from those early stages of fear. I have learned that she really needs work when encountering dogs and that people take some getting used to.


Overall though she poses for me pretty decently and she is always fun to have around me when we are hiking. We have a lot of things to work on but overall she is getting better and better each time we go for a hike together. There are some people who think it's strange and there are others who cheer me on and I am glad that I'm seeing something positive coming from this. People are interested, people love seeing a cat outside and getting to be out in the sun, but most of all people love imagination when it comes to seeing something new and exciting. Not many cats hike, not many cats travel well in a car, but really not many cats listen to their owners.

Luckily my cat is open to adventure and is slowly learning the ins and outs of going trail walking and the fun and excitement it gives.

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