Garden of the Gods
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2017-11-10 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Garden of the Gods

One of the places we visited was this place called Garden of the Gods. It was a open space that is free and you can hike, rock climb, and just walk if you so desire. Interested and needed to get out of the apartment I packed up my camera, put Spice in her harness, and set out to this place. It all has amazing views a miles and miles of trails. Once we got to the Garden of the Gods we grabbed everything we needed and I put Spice over my shoulder and we began our journey.

One thing I did not come prepared for what the amount of sunlight that I was going to be getting. I also wasn't expecting Spice to be so cooperative. For the first part it was mostly just her being scared but after a hour of taking pictures, taking it slow and stopping frequently she then calmed down and started to get more and more into the hike. Let me tell you that the views were spectacular and I felt like I had started to finally get into the groove of things. I felt like things were settling and that I was able to go out and do other things.


AS we made our path at the Garden of the Gods we ran into a lot of people who were interested in Spice and if she walked on a leash or not. I was glad to answer any questions they had and because of the interactions I an say that I felt more at home then anything. Just having an option to get outside, drive twenty minutes, and then walk for hours and hours is really a blessing. The area is quite beautiful and I know that Spice enjoyed getting outside and away from the new place and the odd people.

So I highly recommend Garden of the Gods if you get to go there and I recommend bringing lots of water when you do since the area is so large and you can go for miles and miles.

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