Break Days
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Break Days

After we went and did Red Rock Canyon we decided the next day to take it easy and just rest for the day. It was cloudy outside and it also was the day I needed to go for my run. So we spent the day hanging out at the apartment and did what we needed to do. Really it was a nice day after two days of going out and about the town and doing so much. Taking a break every once in awhile is much needed and for me it felt nice to be able to sit down and edit my videos and write a few posts. Spice hung out with me while I was at the apartment. Later on that afternoon I decided to go ahead and head to the gym since it was a little too cold for my tastes, and slightly drizzling.

So I put on my work clothes, found the nearest Planet Fitness and went to the gym. Usually I don't spend the money to go to a gym since I only run as my general form of exercise but on days where I know I can't do three miles because of the weather conditions then I go out of my way to make sure I get my miles in. The lady at the desk explained all their promotions and even though I want to join the Black Card Membership so I can get into any planet fitness when I travel....I also didn't want to start a line of credit at that time. So with much sadness I paid the fee for the day and went into the gym.

I hate treadmills but I understand why they were invented. It was for weather conditions like snow, hail, thunderstorms, and just natural convenience to possibly have it in your home. The idea is wonderful but the actual concept and really running on one is hard for me to manage. I'm always slower on a treadmill and I get bored after a mile of running. You’re not going anywhere, you're not seeing anything interesting, just a wall or a tv while you run in place. not Exactly my cup of tea but every once in awhile I can handle it.

After doing my time on that horrible contraption I headed back to the apartment. It was a nice ending to a day that seemed to slow and slightly boring but in a state like Colorado you can easily pass the time with chilling and smoking. And yes I have been smoking while I have been here. It’s been wonderful.

Break days are days where you can enjoy your time and go your own pace. Two days of running around on the town and a day of planning, editing and just doing your other daily activities is exactly what I need.

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