Oh Walmart
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2017-11-15 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Oh Walmart

Oh Walmart. Everytime I walk in that store I always end up leaving with things I don't necessarily need. Its frustrating and it can be quite daunting to go home with twice the amount of crap that you wanted to buy. Well, I had this experience when I got to Colorado. Usually my lifesaver is Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Things I can get at Wal-Mart are cheaper there and it's not as stressful with so many options. Plus I get to save money. Who can complain about that?

THe only thing that really got me to do the Walmart was the fact that where I am staying only really eats canned food, ramen, or junk food. Well it all really is junk food but, I won't go into those details too much. So of course, I take my happy ass to Walmart and go buy some groceries. I needed something to be cooked, warm, tasty and just mine. I needed that.

So with the intention of buying things I need I walk around Walmart looking at everything, double checking the list in my head and even triple checking. This Walmart was a little bit bigger than the one back home and I can already tell that they have things our Walmart does not have. Taking my time I search the aisles, thinking of the items I might need for the car and of course my mind wanders to when I get home. Things start piling up fast and before I know it I have items I don't even need.

I go to the checkout line, ring everything up, pay and head out the door. At the time I felt satisfied and I thought that maybe I did pretty good. I spent less then $70 and I had items that our walmart won't carry.

Twenty four hours later I am back in the walmart returning an item that doesn't work. TOtally fine, it happens and sometimes it's necessary.

The day after that I am back AGAIN and returning another ten dollars worth of items and it's because I talked myself into taking them back. In the end it was a good idea because I needed the cash for my daily coffee so it was a fair trade but, I knew that the lady was not happy about me coming back two days in a row to return items that I bought on impulse.

Sorry lady, I just got lost in the moment, you know? You live and you learn.

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Generally, Walmart is not cheap for fresh food. A much better option IMO is SPROUTS, with plenty of stores in Colorado (not so many in Florida). Go on Wednesdays, check the flyers (online). Do not shop without a list...and stick to it. Do not shop while hungry...
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Most of the items I bought from Walmart were extras, not food. So what I was returning was mostly items that I didn't need at the time. Sometime I plan far ahead and grab things that may or may not work for that plan and then other times I stick with the list.

Next time i'm in colorado I will check out your suggestion.
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