Migraines and Weed
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2017-11-22 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Migraines and Weed

I get Migraines pretty often. For me it’s a little too often but, it’s also something that I can’t control so I roll with the punches. Of course if you have never had a migraine then you don’t know what it feels like. I can tell you that it is not anything similar as a headache. Headaches are manageable and you are able to slightly function. You can still do most things and sometimes if you take enough meds, well then the problem goes away after the meds kick in. You would think the same thing for a migraine right? Wrong. Very wrong. 

Migraines are a whole different level of pain. You get them at random and most of the time they make you unable to do a single thing. They feel like needles being pushed into your brain and as time moves and you try to find ways to make them disappear they suddenly feel like a hammer is pounding a nail into every crevice they can find. You look to the left, the nail gets pounded on. You sit up, your stomach flips and your vision becomes hard to focus. Sometimes you even make trips to the bathroom because the nausea is so bad that you can’t keep anything down. 

For me, the only real solution to this problem is sleep and time but I am always down to try new things to help with my migraines and when I was in Colorado I took advantage of the resources I had. 

Smoking doesn’t always help with migraines but if you catch the earlier signs of a migraine coming along then you might be able to ease the pain away. Now this is in my case and my case alone. I am not saying that smoking is the solution for everybody that suffers from migraines because I know some other people who to go get have prescribed meds. Sometimes that is the solution but, in my case smoking helps me more than harms me. 

Being in Colorado I had the dispensaries to play with and so I went on a spree. I tried different kinds of flower, edibles, shatter, wax, buttery wax, and even tea that had infused THC. Out of all the options I tried the ones that did the most for me were the edibles and the wax. They were the ones that helped me the most and I am glad that I was able to spend time to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. It makes a difference when you are able to buy recreationally (or medically if you need to go so far) and get advice from others who may suffer from the same things you are. 

SO if you are suffering from Migraines, believe me, it’s not easy and if you can find ways to help ease the pain then I highly recommend going and getting your medical card and trying stuff out. You never know what may work for you. 


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Regarding your migraines, have you looked into and/or tried CBD oil? I hear wonderful things about its effectiveness on, well almost everything. And its non-intoxicating, so it may be available in whatever state you are from. I can get it at a local farmer's market. No prescription, complete3ly legal.
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