Im a art Vendor now!
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2017-11-30 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Im a art Vendor now!

So I have some really amazing news to share with you guys! 

While I was away my Dad actually sat next to this lady at one of his favorite bars and happened to have a conversation with him about the area and her store. I guess they must have stumbled upon  the subject of art and my Dad took the opportunity to start showing her my art pieces. Well she decided that she liked them, gave my dad her card and told him to tell me to contact her when I got back from my trip. 

Luckily he stuck to his word and of course I contacted her after I got settled back into my work schedule and got everything put away. We chatted back and forth and decided on a day and a time to meet each other and chat. TO be honest I wasn’t sure how I would feel and I didn’t know much about this lady. All I knew was that she happened to sit next to my dad and that she liked my art pieces. So I went into this with a level mind and I tried to keep myself on the positive side. 

The day arrives and I felt pretty steady about the situation. I was sure that I was going to do good things and I felt like something big may occur. It was a strange feeling but I kept it to myself and went about my day and did the things I needed to do. By the time dinner was over I was nervous again and I was sure that the butterflies were going to burst out of my stomach or something. With one last goodbye I headed in the direction of the meeting spot and I took my time to think over what I would say. How to introduce myself, what to say about my art, I thought about different ways she would ask me questions and how I would answer. It was everything and anything all at once. 

When I arrived at the store I took my time and made sure to send her a picture to confirm and when she had I made my way into the store. Immediately I felt at home. It reminded me of Earthbound and I felt a sense of calm in the room. Everything seemed grounded. The lady of course gets excited and takes a moment to remember who I am and then hugs me. 

She had positive vibes all around her. Just her hug and her eyes lighting up, I could tell she was a good person. 

So we sat and we chatted about the terms and how things work when it comes to be being a vendor. I got to learn about her store, a little about her and how excited she is to get my art work up and sold. 

For once I landed something that I know I can do. In six months I taught myself this new art form and in the process I was able to start selling piece, making some extra cash, and now make it a job...all in that time. I guess if you really do want something bad enough, it will eventually happen. 



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