With friends
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2018-04-14 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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With friends

For the first time I had an Irish Wake. But first let me explain. 

So The other night I was sitting at home doing my work and I get this text from T saying that we should get dinner at Mcguire's and have some drinks as well. I respond that we should go tear it up and put a bunch of emojis on it. Of course I chose every drinking emoji there was and then some emojis with the fork and spoon to symbolize the food portion. I can say that i was beyond excited. Not only is the food amazing but the bread is to die for. Its that delicious. You also know that your going home with leftovers. 


We set this up, we go through our days and it comes to the time where we work together. We both are so pumped up that the night goes by quicker then expected. Before I know it were at her place and getting ready. She has to take care of the furbabies first and that is always a first priority and from there we decide to take one car. 

Let me just say that the night was fantastic and the food tasted amazing but of course it came down to the Irish wake. I had never had one but I knew that I had to try one. LIierally. It was the one thing that I really was pushed towards and I knew that T was pumped about it being my first time. Let me say that first, I love the complimentary glass and second it was so damn delicious and boozy. Like hot damn was it awesome. I got way more booze then I paid for which is awesome and I got to sit with my friends and talk **** (we invited a fellow co-worker of ours as well) for a few hours. A space away from our normal selves. One that is spent among friends who understand everything we talk about and know where we all come from. We have grown together and we have helped each other.


It was just a great night and I am happy I got to have my first Irish Wake with them. 

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