A new furry friend in Kentucky
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2019-01-31 14:47 by Sarah Denninger
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A new furry friend in Kentucky

Yesterday we got to Kentucky only to discover that it was a wonderful 30 degrees outside. The drive wasn't bad and we kept switching off on who would drive so that we both got appropriate breaks along the way. Once we got to the campground we went out and got some food which, to be honest, was not that great. The food was kind of meh and didnt have much flavor to speak of. On top of that we also found out that the town were in has two taxes. One for the restaurant and the other for the drinks. Not only was the shocking but we also discovered that if you go to a bar they will charge you course different taxes just to have a drink. We learned that in Kentucky it's better to just buy a bottle. 

From there we heading back to our campground where we entered our little cabin that we upgraded to since it was to cold to just camp out. Once we got into the cabin we had a little visitor arrive. She was a little cat that immediately came to us and started seeking warmth and shelter. So we excepted her into our cabin. Once we got settled D decided to try and plug in a third heater and proceeded to trip out the entire cabin. From there things took a turn for the worse. We tried to flip the breaker twice and unfortunately the cabin didn't come back to life. It was unfortunate endeavor that I am sure nobody wants to have happen. From there we called the lady and she then sent out somebody to give us a key to another cabin. We then decided to take the kitty with us on this trip since it was way to cold to let the cat stay outside. 

Turns out we got upgraded to a deluxe cabin that had two and a half baths, a kitchen, living room, a queen size bank bed, and of course a master room. Outside they provided a girl along with a picnic table to eat outside if the weather provides it. Once we moved into this cabin we turned on the heat and warmed ourselves up. Our new furry friend proceeded to follow us everywhere and we did a little bit of a photo shoot with her to make sure that we had the moment to look back on. 

I will say that the experience was quite wonderful and we had decides to take extra measures with our new friend just in case. We didn't know if she belonged to somebody or if she was a stray. She didn't have an ear tip cut so I knew she wasn't a tnr and she was friendly enough to pick up so I knew she wasn't feral. From there we looked for a microchip which she didn't have either. So we decided that in the morning we would ask the desk if they knew her and if they didn't we were gonna take her to a no kill shelter where we were more then positive she would be adopted quickly. 

After a nights rest, packing and talking with the front desk I'm happy to report that she belonged to the people who run the campground. They were glad she was safe and warm for the night. 

More to come. Next up Mammoth Cave National Park 

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