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2017-07-22 07:05 by Sarah Denninger
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Book Lover

I had a thing for reading lots and lots of books when I was younger. I remember always going to the book store and buying as many as five books at a time because of how quickly I went through a stack. Every day that I went to school there was a book with me and most days you didnt get to read a single page but if you timeed it perfecting you could get through a few chapters. You just had to know all the ins and outs of reading a book while your running around school and in class. So as the years went by the books got bigger and bigger and longer each time I went to the store. I honestly loved the Twilight series and read all of them in middle school. I even had them in the corner of my desk and was sneaking a little read inbetween my teachers lectures. I dont know how many times my teachers all told me to put the books away. 

AS time went on I started thinking about expanding my book collection and I had high hopes for one day having a huge library. I even have my own custom made book press. It has my name on the press and if I decide to keep a book for my library I take the front page and stamp my name into the book itself. Its pretty cool and I love having one. It makes book ownership feel more real. In todays age I have managed to decrease my books due to the fact that they take a lot of space and I am always donating my things away. I do want to move away someday and that may be with a lighter amount of items. I dont want to be weighed down too much with my journey through the U.S and books are the last thing on my mind. 

I love books a lot and I love the worlds peopel create thorough them. Honestly, I miss being able to read all the time and I miss the need to have a book in my hands. At one point I even brought books out to dinner with us because I was so into where I was in the book. Sometimes I would read passages I found interesting out loud while we drove and my dad would just listen. Other times I read silently as we traveled from one state to the next. It has helped me to imagine places and to create new worlds through my art. 

If your a book lover, never stop loving the books you read. The worlds within truly are magical. 

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I traveled to here from a link on Karl's site. Below are links to an interview with David Foster Wallace, . Those two interviews occurred to me while reading your post. Perhaps, even likely, they'll mean little to you, but hopefully not.

David Foster Wallace

Richard Ford:

Philip Roth
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