Day by day as they say
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2019-05-28 11:47 by Sarah Denninger
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Day by day as they say

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I got to go out and climb in my gym and I felt super pumped about it. Not only was I able to work the routes but I was also able to push myself and focus on routes for longer periods of time. I didn't feel discouraged and I felt like I could have climbed longer then I normally do. It was nice to finally feel like my normal self again. 

Slowly but surely I have been making my way back to my routine. Iv'e been slowly making my way back to my pieces and I have been making my way back to my normal workout routine. Its not a lot but those little steps mean the world to me. Sometimes you hit some pretty tough spots in your life and it can be hard to come back to the routine that you worked on for so long. It can be challenging to keep things where you want them to be but sometimes we need that challenge, that push to make things work out and be bigger and better then the troubles we face. 

I personally feel like Iv'e been doing pretty good these past two weeks. Iv'e been letting my feelings play out and iv'e been embracing the issues that I have realizing and knowing that there are things I need to work on personally and as the days tick by I have made the progress ever so slowly. It's baby steps but sometimes that's all you need to get to where you need to be. 

As always I appreciate you guys for following supporting and loving what I do. I am working hard to keep things moving and to stay motivated so that I can bring you guys new art pieces. I have so many ideas and I am working to getting them on canvas so you guys can purchase them. For now though take a look at what I have for sale! I have a little over twenty pieces for sale and some of them have lowered quite a lot in price. So please consider purchasing these pieces and helping me clear out my artwork. 


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