What do you have to offer me?
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2019-06-09 10:55 by Sarah Denninger
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What do you have to offer me?

Today is our last day up here in Mackinaw City. We have had quite a blast here and we have enjoyed the quiet and peace that we were given. We've had a lot of drinks, lot of of exercise, and of course lots of time to chat along this journey. Tomorrow we will start making our way down to gross, humid, and very rainy Florida. Really I have quite enjoyed being able to have some time to myself. I've liked the cold weather and the ability to sit outside with the campfire and not feel like I was roasting myself to no end. 

Of course we will be back next year. We will once again visit the Enchanted knights store to buy more weapons and we will visit the wine store (that is also a beer store )to get more drinks and of course stay at the campground to have more campfires in the peace and quite. I honestly am already excited for the next year to come. A lot will be different at that time and I am sure that things will be settled down when that comes. I'm excited for what is coming our way and I only hope of bigger and better things. 

So I ask you guys to please check out my gallery to see if anything peaks your interest. I always have trips going on and I always try and share those experiences with you so that you can then decide where you want to go to next. I always recommend Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island just because it is one of my favorite places to visit. To some it may seem kind of bland and boring but for some the bland and boring is exactly what you need to get away from all the chaos. 

While we are up here exploring please help me out by clicking here to go to my gallery and see if anything interests you. If it does you can click the buy now button so that the piece can you be yours today! 


As always I appreicate you guys quite a lot and I always look forward to what is to come. The next trip I will be going to is in about ten days and that will be my trip to New Orleans. I have never been there before and I am so excited to finally see it with my own eyes. Of course I am mainly going there for a Twenty One Pilots concert so that will be the focus but I also want to explore and see what the great city has to offer. 

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