We got Bit
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2019-06-10 13:13 by Sarah Denninger
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We got Bit

In the end we got pretty lucky. When we got to Mackinaw City we were told that the weather had been pretty bad up there. It had been rainy, nasty, cold, and windy and when we arrived it was the first time that had gotten good weather. We were pretty surprised by that considering that we normally go up to Michigan right after the first few days of the Lilac Festival. Every time we have been up there we have pretty good weather and we hardly have any issues doing what we like to do. It also helps us to have good weather since we like to camp out and of course if you are a person who tents a lot then you know that having rain come down upon you for the entire night or day is not a fun time. It means you pack up a muddy tent and if you are really unlucky then you are packing up your tent in the rain and wind. Needless to say I have done that once or twice and it was not a fun time in the slightest. 

SO of course we had a few days of amazing weather. It was sunny, in the high 60's/ low 70's and of course close to 0 humidity. The only issue we really had....the bugs. They are usually bad up there but this year they were horrid. I'm not sure if its always like that the first week of June but if it is, I can see what people come earlier or stay in hotels. I got bit all over my neck and shoulders and I can say that I am not to happy about it. Most of the bugs up there don't bite but unfortunately they also have mixtures of mosquitos which DO bite and they are not easy to run away from. 

One our last day we ended up going back to the island and we had some fun biking around the island and stopping to take pictures as we went. Its a nice place to take photos and its a lot of fun to just take a relaxing ride around and not really put in any real effort. After our adventuring on the island we returned the bikes and decided to go back to the mainland. Once we did we got dinner and realized that the forecast called for pouring rain all night long. The big question came after that. Do we stay in the tent, get ****ed up and listen as the campsite became drenched and muddy or do we pack up and start driving home. We decided to get everything packed up and head home. It honestly sounded better then waking up the next morning to only have our campsite be flooded. Of course we then have to pack up in the mud and rain and that was less then ideal. 

Unfortunately when it comes to camping, tenting, or even sleeping in a hammock you just never know what will happen. It can be really good or really bad depending on what Mother Nature decides to do. So our trip to Mackinaw has come to an end and I can say that it was another successful trip. I got some weapons, we got some fudge to split and I got some time outdoors by the campfire. 

Does it get any better then that? I don't think so. 

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