Were almost there
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2019-06-26 10:53 by Sarah Denninger
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Were almost there

The big project for Immamuel Church is happening soon. I'm meeting up with a friend of mine who is also a part of the church to talk about the sketches that I gave him. There are two different ones and each one has a similar set of pace for them but also two different pallets and two different looks. I'm pretty excited about it and I am hoping that things will work out for the best when this piece is finished. Of course I will probably buy enough for two sets and choose form each of them which one I like more but I am still excited about the process. 

I'm not sure what will happen when I put the paint down and what they will look like when they are dried but I am still hopeful that they will turn out to be amazing. 

While you guys are waiting for the final results of this project I will ask that you guys check out the five pieces that went on a super sale yesterday. All of them are anywhere between 30-50% off and that is a huge drop when it comes to my prices. It means that you now can get these piece for optimal prices. How exciting is that?!

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]


If you want to see all five that are for sale click here to go check them out! 

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