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2019-07-20 06:22 by Sarah Denninger
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As I sit here eating my cheesecake this morning I am writing this article to remind you guys that I am making the trek to Atlanta to go...climbing! Of course its not just me but there are others joining me but they are all driving together. How exciting! Adventure it so exciting...of course im also tired af right now but I know that once I am on the road that things will get better and that I will wake up pretty quickly. 

While we are on the road to the big ATL please check out my artwork and see if any of it peaks your interest. Click here to go check it out now! 

And of course here are some of my favorite pieces that are for sale right now. 


[[Gallery image missing or removed]]



Ill inform you of what happened when we return! WISH US LUCK IN SENDING IT

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