These last few days
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2019-10-09 16:17 by Sarah Denninger
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These last few days

It's getting around that time. The time when I will be heading back to the United States. I have about four days left. I do have plans for those four days but they are mild compared to what I have done on this journey. Really I am more excited to just relax and take it easy before I make my journey home. I love driving and I love seeing new things but for the time being, I Just want to sit still, sit back and take the rest of my journey in. Luckily it seems that the weather will stay clear for the rest of the time I am here and hopefully, it will even stay that way until I am on the plane heading home. 

I can't wait for regular showers, regular running schedule, work, money, and my own bed. Of course, it may seem weird to be excited about these things but Iceland has been a lot. Not in a bad way necessarily but in a way that you just need a break from. Not only that but it is slightly more expensive here then I like and the people here are a hit or miss when it comes to being friendly. 

If I ever come back it will be for a shorter period of time and probably with a more defined agenda then this trip. Iceland has been cool but it's not somewhere I would stay for much longer then I plan.

On my list, I plan to go to the climbing gym that they have in town, enjoy the blue lagoon, and of course get my tattoo. I have at least one day that I will just walk around and get the last bit of souviners that I want to get before I leave. 

Cheers to the next few days of checking out the town before I leave for home. 

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