Getting things done
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2019-10-15 19:56 by Sarah Denninger
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Getting things done

Sorry for the late post, things have been hectic today. I slept for about ten hours and then I spent most of my time getting the laundry done, downloading and transferring files, running, showering, eating, and just putting away files that I have had sitting around for the two weeks I have been gone. Truly today was one of those productive days that we all have to do when we get back from a long vacation and now that it is done I will finally be able to rest and spend some time with someone special. 

There are many stories to tell and so many things to do. Soon I will have a video up telling you guys everything I learned and all that you need to know so that you guys can have a wonderful experience over in Iceland (if you choose to visit) and I may even do a trial run with my Northern Lights photos. Im not sure how they will turn out on paper but it might be worth a shot. If anyone is interested in purchasing them please let me know and if the trial run works out I will hit those people up so you can get your very own copy before anybody else. 

I'm excited to share more but for now, I am going to head out and take some time away. Thank you all so much for following me, for supporting me and for continuing to follow along on this journey of mine. I ask that you guys take a look at my art gallery. I have eighteen pieces that are waiting for new homes and I am hoping to say goodbye to more and more of them at the moment. Every piece you guys purchase will help me to recoup my funds and get set for the next trip. 

Where do you guys think I should go next year? 

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