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2019-10-18 11:38 by Sarah Denninger
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One of the things I looked forward to while I was in Iceland was getting a tattoo. With this in mind I planned accordingly. I decided to do the Blue Lagoon on the 12th so that I could get myself cleaned up, relaxed and ready for the next day which was the day of the tattoo. I had made a reservation for around 2'o clock which felt like a good time for me to get ready, have some coffee, write to you guys and then go in and get stabbed a bunch for the rest of the afternoon. The shop that I was going to go to was highly recommended and I was pumped because of the artwork that I had seen come out of that place. 

With all this hope in mind and excited to see what my options were I showed up at the shop smiling and ready to rock and roll. I got to the entrance and with a deep breath, I reached for the door and pulled. It didn't budge but I could see all these people there in the shop. Confused I looked around unsure of what was happening. Were they closed? 

No, no, no....no way. 

I pulled the door again. It didn't budge. Finally, someone noticed me and came over. She opened the door and I explained that I had an appointment today and showing her the message she said it was for Saturday. Confused I looked at the message realizing that it said that. I made the appointment for Sunday so why did this confirmation say Saturday? With my hopes stomped on and my happiness down, I told her that I must have misread and I left the shop feeling defeated. As I walked around town I decided to do some last-minute shopping and while I did I scrolled through the messages and saw that I had asked for Sunday so I did what I had to. I took a screenshot, sent them the photo, and then asked for my deposit back. 

In half an hour they asked me to come back to the shop. I showed up and was shown inside. Quickly she apologized and explained that she was waiting for me to come to the shop yesterday. I never miss an appointment. Ever. I was so upset by this mess up that I didn't have many words to give. She explained that they were always closed on Sundays so she had no idea who told me Sunday and that she was so sorry but she couldn't do the tattoo because they had a guy who was getting his entire back done that day. So, of course, that meant everyone was tattooing him that evening. 

After a few minutes, she then explained that if I ever came back to hit her up and she would give me the tattoo for free. As nice as that was I didn't really want that answer to be given to me. I just wanted to be in that chair. Defeated but understanding I told her I would let her know and left the shop. As I was leaving I watched them start to tattoo the guy through the window. I was so jealous. I had been itching for months to get another tattoo and this guy was getting one. 

That last day felt so dreary. Nothing really got my spirits up as I walked around town. I honestly just felt like going home and I was so glad that I was leaving the next day. It was the cherry on top and one that I didn't want. If I go back I am going to milk the crap out of that free tattoo offer. 


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