Two Stories that are equal
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2019-10-20 13:45 by Sarah Denninger
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Two Stories that are equal

Its been about a week since I Have been home. Its been a slow transition back to my normal routine but now that I have finally gotten things straightened out and had some time to get back in the groove I can start posting regularly again. So I apologize that you haven't been getting your daily dose of my stories. I will now resume as usual. 

A few days before I had to leave for home I met someone at this campground that I happened to pick out. I was coming out of the lady's room when I ran into one of the campground kitties. She was blonde, around 5'4 and had a whole face of makeup on. She was pretty and seemed pretty sweet. She came around the corner as the cat climbed up on my shoulder and started loving on me. Soon she was helping me get the cat off my back and we were chatting about him. She was worried that he was all alone and didn't know if he had found someone else to love him. It was pretty cold out and we were both just standing there with this ball of fur chatting away. 

Honestly, it was so nice to talk to someone. Within half an hour we were sharing stories. Her and I had a rough time in Iceland. I almost died on the side of a canyon, had one hike that fell through due to me turning back too early, and got a ticket all within a three day period. She was giving me this look that said everything. She felt for me and soon we were back at her van and she was telling me about her time in Iceland. 

She told me that she had some issues with booking through Air B and B and thought that she for sure was kissing at least $200 goodbye because of some issues with the people she went through. She lost her bag on the way here so she didn't have anything to charge her devices with and she was all alone just like me. Not only that but the buses were late when she got there and was standing in the cold waiting for the bus for at least an hour before she finally got a form of transportation. Both of our stories were stories that I feel like only happen to people that really aren't trying to find any kind of trouble. Its people that just want to enjoy themselves and really get into the place that they are at. 

At the same time, they make for some pretty amazing and intense stories and of course, I get the pleasure of sharing them with you wonderful people. 

Really what I learned from both of our stories is that things happen to all of us and that you really should be weary of trusting Air B&B when you are in a foreign country. I learned that not everything is as it seems and that you really should be ready to have to lose some money no matter what the outcome is.  Both of our stories are experiences that we will live with and pass on to others which is great because maybe it would help others to not make the same mistakes but at the same time we did have them happen to us so we do have to live with them for the rest of our lives, good or bad. 

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