You break the rules, got caught, now you pay the price
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2019-10-21 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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You break the rules, got caught, now you pay the price

I'm sure that some of you are wondering about the Ticket I got while I was in Iceland. It is not a proud moment and one that I will not be doing a second time. 

While I was in Iceland I stopped at what looked a lot o like a rest stop but one of those fancy ones that had a Quiznos, a little grocery store, and a shopping area full of souvenirs. While I was there I got some food, a blanket, and of course some trinkets for people back home. I paid at the counter, had some issues with the lady at the counter understanding me, ate my food and left. It was a pretty chill day and when I got to my destination I spent the day relaxing and going from place to place in a slow fashion. I wasn't in any rush that day and when I got to the campground I settled in and in an attempt to do my laundry started to get all my stuff together and then I realized that I was missing my debit card. 

Trying to stay calm and understand that it was lost I started digging in my stuff. I started with my clothes and when I couldn't find anything in the pockets I started frantically digging in all the corners and dark places of the van. Nowhere to be found. Sitting my van and processing the fact that I lost my debit card I pulled up my transactions. Of course, it was in Icelandic so I couldn't understand anything that I purchased and I guessed that it was at the little stop that I was at earlier that day. Looking up how far it was to drive back I decided that I would see how I felt in the morning and then go from there to get it back. It was only one hour and with that in mind, I went to bed and proceeded to think carefully about it. 

The next day rolled around and I decided to go get it. SO with a mission in mind, I quickly packed up and proceeded to head out. Without thinking about it I headed out and with only fourteen minutes left on the time....the lights came on. I was going at least ten over and with a heavy heart I pulled over. 

Now here is where things get weird. The cop comes up to the window, says that I was going to fast and that I needed to get out of the car and get in the back of his police vehicle. It was super windy out so he even added a "Please" to what he was saying. Trying to explain to him why I was speeding he just gave me this look and I knew...there was no arguing with him. I had no choice. 

I have never gotten a ticket, never. So my heart was beating out of my chest. I felt like I was going to jail. 

I got in the back of the car and he let me know that he was recording. I acknowledged that and he proceeded to tell me how much I should be paying but since I got in the back of the police car he was going to give me a "discount". Not sure how to feel but happy that it was reduced I handed him my license, my Discover card and he ran it. It was declined. Thirty seconds later I got a message about a weird charge and if I was aware of it and if they should proceed. Guys, it was a $300 ticket. Oh yea, you read that right. 

The good news is that the points won't go to my license at all but I can tell you that the charge was not a fun one to pay. Once I got myself settled down I did some research. As it turns out in the last year they had a little over three million dollars in speeding tickets not paid so the answer...raise the charge on speeding and make people pay it right then and there. 

I learned a hard lesson and decided that I was not going to get caught a second time or really ever again. I paid the dues and it's now over. I was happy with that. 

So don't speed in Iceland. They really do mean no funny business. 

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