Climbing in Alabama
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2019-11-11 13:56 by Sarah Denninger
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Climbing in Alabama

I just got back from an outdoor climbing trip up in Alabama. Now I have never actually stayed in Alabama. Usually, I just drive through and never look back. Mostly because Alabama is one of those states where you hear all the crazy stories. Incest, people doing all kinds of drugs, more bad places then you can count, and so on. So of course, I just drive through as quickly as I can and don't think twice. So for the first time, I actually stayed in the state itself. For us climbers its one of the closest places that you can find bouldering and sport climbing. 

The weather up there was perfect. A nice chilly 30 to 60 degrees and I loved every second of it. While we were enjoying the cold I even got to try a new kind of photography. Climbing photography. Usually, I do Landscapes, sunsets, pets, some people portraits, and my favorite star photography. But this time around I got to take pictures of my friends as they climbed. I'm really excited to edit these photos and share them with the group itself. I think that I got some good shots and I am pumped to have them be shared around and given to others. 


Not only is it good for me but it will also help my friends to remember this trip for a lifetime. I can't wait for the next trip and I can't wait to do more climbing and invest in this sport more and more. It was so much fun. So stay tuned for these photos. You may even enjoy them yourselves and want to hire me to come to take some photos for you. For now, though, enjoy some pictures I edited from a hike my boyfriend and I did before we joined the others. 

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