I will live my Dream
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2017-08-09 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
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I will live my Dream

There’s something about life that always amazes me. These days I’m a pretty big loner. I don’t really have friends to speak of and all the "friends" I do have are off in different states and have started new chapters to their lives. I always dreamed big when I was a kid. I went through a faze where I thought I was going to become a famous horseback rider. Then I had dreams about possibly making it in a soccer carrier. Later on I thought that I was going to get married to my first love and start a life with him. Then everything started to shift when we broke up. I was in high school and my mind was always shifting to different ideas and I started to feel like I didn’t belong in any category. 

(This picture is back from 2013)


When I was young I always thought that the rules never applied to me. You know, the basic rules about the universe. You pay taxes and to do that you have to have a job. To make the money you need to pay taxes, food, gas, or really anything you want in the world means selling your life away to a job that you may or may not enjoy. I always thought that the rules were lies my Dad told me to get me to listen, to behave and act accordingly. Well I learned the real truth about the world when I was in high school and started working. From the very first job I worked I hated it, I wanted out and I honestly thought it was so boring. I mean the world is just outside those doors and I wanted to run out there and never be seen again. 

(Photo was taken in 2014)


I went through a photography stage and I really wanted to pursue my life in that art. I wanted to make it real and live life doing something I loved. My dreams got quickly crushed as I realized that people were better than I was and they had more talent at creating worlds in pictures. They were loved, recognized and cherished. Me? I was side stepped, given some encouragement and then looked over. I tried to make it happen but I had no self-esteem and I certainly had no way of spreading the word around. It hurt, it sucked but I never gave up on taking pictures. 

(Photo taken in 2014)


Eighteen was the real turn around point for me. I started getting into a real work life, I had people who cared and were showing me the way to making a living. I was happier and I started to learn responsibility. I was growing in a world that had looked over me. I was started to get what my little brain imagined. Piece by piece things were coming together and even now, two years later, I am still figuring it out and working to getting somewhere I want to be. I’m so close to my dream and I can feel it on my fingertips. I can taste it on my tongue. I can see the world just beyond the horizon in my eyes. 

(Photos taken this year 2017)


It’s calling to me and yes I had hard times and lots of ups and downs but that has made me so much better at the things I enjoy. When I started photography I had no idea what I was doing, I was just shooting random pictures because I wanted to do that. Now I shoot what I believe is beautiful and inspiring to me. I want to take that around the world and share it. I want to show what I can do and I don’t want to give up my dream.

I will live my dream. 


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Hi Sarah! The photos you have posted are crazy beautiful! There will always be someone or some artist that you think is better. I've learned instead of it paining you or feeling less, you know embrace why you think the work is ahead of you and just enjoy it!! The earlier posts like the pier is amazing...and probably not constructed but just taken at a moment in time and you captured it!

I also agree with learning from a structured approach when you are ready to combine your inspiration with that. So that yourself is not lost in the process of learning. That may sound confusing. That's just what I have experienced and I still fall off but I fall back on that. I am an "everything person" ha ha! I unfortunately still have to reign myself in! Love your post and photos! I am newish to your blog but love to see your work! Take care, Kelly
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The thing about "experts" and "critics" is that they can only analyze and criticize based on only what has already been done. Doing anything new and different will rarely be recognized for what it is.

A few years before William Faulkner won the Nobel Prize in Literature, much of his work was out of print. Now he's considered one of the greats.

Citizen Kane used to be considered the greatest movie ever made, now Hitchcock's, Vertigo, is. The thing with Vertigo was that it completely bombed in the theaters. Critics hated it. It got so bad that at one point Hitchcock pulled it out of distribution entirely. Now it's considered the greatest.

There was a football player, Donnie Edwards, scouts all said he was too small to play, not strong enough, and so on, and they were right, except for the 12 years he played in the NFL and 2 pro bowls.

The most famous may be Tom Brady. A skinny kid who wasn't very athletic. When in college, they kept trying to replace him. When he did the combine and he took his shirt off for pictures and weigh in he was so skinny people were laughing. On his pro day for scouts he fell down while doing a skills test. He was drafted almost dead last by the New England Patriots. 17 years later at the age of 40 he's not only still the best player in the NFL, he's the greatest ever.

Every year there's a massive coverage of the NFL draft. Few of players pan out. Fewer taken at the top pan out. There's always someone coming up from the rear, someone that everyone overlooked, someone that everyone said was too small, too slow, too weak.

And in big games, for the most part star players on each side cancel each other out. The decisive question is, which team is going to have some unknown player have a big game that day, who's the unknown that's going to step up. There's always someone.

Whether art or sports, you have to trust who you are. The critics and experts don't know anything.

Linked to NFL films on youtube (with licensed copyright).
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And good luck!
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