Omega Mart
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2023-01-24 11:43 by Sarah Denninger
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Omega Mart

While Lylah and I were in Vegas we got to visit this place called Omega Mart. It's an interactive art installation and it is absolutely wild. When you first enter it literally looks like a supermarket and everything in the store is for sale. They even have real drinks that you can get and their products are all joke based (of course). For Example, a bottle of bleach will say "this bleach is for Karrrlllllll" on the bottle. Or you'll see some candy that has a reference to a banana or some fruit making fun of the fact that it is fruit. 

As you walk around the Omega Mart you start to realize that there are passageways. There is a secret door in one of the "freezers" and when you walk through it leads you to another room that is 100% made for people on shrooms. When I walked through I was completely entranced. The colors are vivid and the walls are all different textures. J and I (J is my friend that came to visit) walked through this exhibit and I went crazy, toughing everything and anything I could. I even found a few secret passageways and doors that were hidden in plain sight. For an hour we walked around touching everything and just enjoying our time. 


But then we realized that were missing something. There were people with little cards walking around going up to these red modules and doing some sort of game. In moments we were back up in the front getting this little card. Now the card is $3 and you only need one for your whole party. So we got the card, went to the first module, and started out with "employee training". It has you do a scavenger hunt of sorts and you had to complete the first task to then move on to the next. As you progress you start to learn that there is a secret in this game. The first thing it tells you is that you are working for an organization called Dramcorp. It's based on the idea that we can "level up" so to speak and take our entire beings and enter into a new self-awareness where we no longer need bodies to survive. We can come and go as we please and we will live forever. Imagine a hologram that doesn't need to have any power to work. That is the next "level up" of humankind. As you go through the game you get access to the "employee's computers" and you start to read up on what they were doing. You also get to watch video conferences and go over diagrams and learn that the head of the company has disappeared. While you are completing tasks you get a message to see if you want to join to resistance and of course, we did. So then you're set forth on a new set of tasks to "expose" Dramcorp. 

It's quite fun but the hunt to finish the tasks was too short in my opinion. We did this in probably 20 minutes total and after that, you can do whatever you want and just kind of enjoy the exhibit. After some time of running around, reading more info, and trying to learn more we eventually got tired. The exhibit is just so full of information that my brain got fried by the time we were three hours in on running around. 

Once we were done we got souvenirs and then went to the bar that they have in Omega Mart and had one drink. Honestly, it was amazing. I had never been to an interactive art installation before but being a part of that was worth it. If you are ever in Vegas check it out. 


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