Do you love Fantasia 2000? Come take a look!
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2018-03-11 10:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Do you love Fantasia 2000? Come take a look!

I have a few favorite scenes from Fantasia that I wish I could recreate in my artwork. I wish I could recreate the scene at the end flawlessly. Mother nature is represented so beautifully there and I have always loved that scene. From Childhood to Adulthood I have always found that piece to be the most interesting.It not only represents life and death but it also represents friendship and love. For me I think that will always be my number one when it comes to the order of the scenes. Of course watching from the time I was a little girl to adulthood has really given me an appreciation for the movie and all that was put into it. So of course I expressed my feelings towards this movie by having this piece done.


This piece is represented from the opening part of Fantasia 2000. The butterflies are so simplistically beautiful that I wanted to try and recreate them. Of course I don’t have that much artistic ability but I think I did a pretty ok job. If you feel like you need some fantasy from the movie represented in your home...well this is the piece for you! 

If your interested please email me at: 


Thank you so much!


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