I Pulled my Own Shoot!
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2019-08-09 11:13 by Sarah Denninger
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I Pulled my Own Shoot!

As you guys probably know by now, I took my dad skydiving for the first time on the 4th of August. It was his birthday present and I can say that he absolutely loved the jump. Of course I couldn’t let him do it on his own soooo, I signed up as well. We both got videos and photos and I finally got the video uploaded onto YouTube. Of course I did not edit the video so all copyrights go to Skydive the Gulf and I put it in the description itself. So without further ado here is the video for you guys to watch. I honestly am still in that "holy ****" moment with myself because It really doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel like I jumped out of a plane at 120 mph. 

Yet I did and here is the video to prove that I did it all on my own. Enjoy you guys. Make sure to subscribe, like and follow along!


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