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2019-10-01 09:15 by Sarah Denninger
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Today is Day 3 in Iceland and do I have some stories to tell you all. So as you may or may not know I came to Iceland to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Just like last year I was pumped for the adventure and seeing a new country. This one, of course, was a little bit different circumstances though. See When I had booked this flight to Iceland I was with my ex at the time and this trip was supposed to be to celebrate both of our birthdays as well as celebrate our one year anniversary. Of course, that didn't work out and I ended up leaving him. Well even though I left him I didn't leave the idea of seeing another beautiful country. So I bought my ticket from him, paid for the campervan and was on my way. Even though this trip was supposed to be with someone else at my side I was perfectly ok with going on a trip y myself. I am one of those rare people who just don't have time to wait for others and will literally go anywhere by myself. Well, almost anywhere. Some places are not worth the risk but when it comes to Iceland or New Zealand hell yes I'm going. So The time arrives, I get to the airport and I give the lady my luggage. We chat for a bit and after we are done my Dad and I head off to the bar where I decide to have a few drinks before I take off. Of course, we are chatting about what I want to do, what I want to see, the new drone I got, and ect. It's about a thirty-minute chat and in that time I basically inhale two drinks. By the time we say goodbye and I am through the security I have a nice buzz. Of course, the entire time that I am going through this process of flying, getting off, going through security, and everything I am wondering what this trip will be like. I wonder what the differences will be between Iceland and New Zealand. Even the differences between Iceland and the U.S. There is so much to see and do and I have no idea what I am going to do while I am there. All I know is that the last four days I have planned, everything else I do not. Finally, after almost a full day of flying, I land in Iceland and when I get off and through the maze of hallways and people I get to the other side to see that there isn't anybody there for the mini campers. Immediately I feel this weird feeling in my stomach. I go up to the desk and ask for some assistance. Both ladies seemed confused by the name and give me this look of "what is that?" and for a little bit, I fumble around trying to figure out what to say to them or how to describe the company that I barely knew. Eventually, they found a number and after talking a little bit they send someone to the airport with the campervan. It is super small but I honestly was ok with it. I Don't need the luxury to be able to enjoy myself. So we go through the process of learning about the camper. He tells me where everything is. The fire extinguisher, the burner, my ice chest, the power outlet, where the maps are, the linens, and etc. TO be perfectly honest I was pretty done halfway through. I was exhausted from flying and I was running on three hours of sleep and one cup of coffee. I just wanted to get in the van and start on my journey. Finally, after what feels like forever we get in the van and start the paperwork so I can take off in this van. He goes over prices, he goes over how much I owe, and finally, he takes off the second driver. I hand him my card annnnnd bam, the card is declined. Without hesitation I panic. NO way. The card I was going to use for this transaction was declined. Holy mother of balls. He tries a few more times but the reader says that the card number is invalid. Of course, I'm not really thinking and I'm freaking out. After a few minutes, I go into the airport and I charge my Eglin Card to get the money out so I can pay. This whole process takes about thirty minutes. Of course, something would go wrong right off the bat. Why wouldn't it? With money in hand, I go back to the van and I hand it to him and as it turns out I was missing the last $100 so we charge my eglin credit card. That one goes through. To be honest, I'm frustrated at this point and a little lost. I was supposed to have that money so that I could get a tattoo and I just spent the cash I had to pay off this van. What a rip off. After a second in the car to myself and trying to calm down I begin driving. It wasn't until later that I realized what little this an had to offer.
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