Climbing outside
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Climbing outside

Today we are going to finally climb. Yesterday we were supposed to do a couple of hours of teaching along with climbing but unfortunately we got stuck with mostly driving instead. Not exactly my cup of tea when a four and a half hour drive turns into what feels like another six hour drive. So of course, by the time we got to our destination I was pretty tired and it was already getting a little to dark to do any kind of climbing . 

So of course we are now having some coffee, getting ready for the day and trying to wake up. I feel pretty tired and a little cranky so getting me on the wall to climb will be quite the task in its own way. I honestly don't know how it's going to go with it not only being a little warm but with me also not really knowing what I am doing. I'm pretty sure that my anxiety might get to me before the climb does. 

But I'm down to see what I can do, give it a shot and see if I like it or not. Hopefully I don't die or break anything or hurt my partner in the process. I might need some prayers for the day considering how I think this might go. I'm hopeful but anxious. 

I also hope I dont get hurt since I drive a stick shift and hurting my ankle or foot would be a very bad thing to do. Very bad. So yes I might need a few prayers for today. 

Here we gooooooo. 

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