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2020-02-15 14:31 by Sarah Denninger
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This is my first-time dog sitting a chocolate lab puppy and let me tell you, it is a lot at the moment. The chocolate lab's name is Cooper and when I initially got asked to sit him I was super excited and more than happy to do it. For me it sounded like a win-win situation when it came to sitting a puppy and getting paid for it. So I said yes and we went about the needs for him and what they do when it comes to Cooper specifically. Now Cooper passed his training. He does do basic training. He comes to you when called, he will sit, if you tell him to wait to eat the food he will, and he does this cute command called Touch where he touches his nose to your hand. The downside is his biting. 

He has an issue with not understanding that your hands are not toys. If you try to grab him or if you take a toy away from him he will whip his head around and try to bite you in response and those puppy teeth are no joke. They hurt so bad. He already got me multiple times and he has no sense of when to stop biting. He also wants to tear into anything you leave laying around. Shirts, shoes, blankets, socks, he will try and eat it. It's a little bit of a hassle but I am working with him to make him understand that biting is bad. 


Of course, I am happy that I got the chance to sit him but I will be glad when this one is said and done. My hands can only take so much more of his teething. Adorable but deadly is what I would say for him. Hopefully, if they want me to sit him again, they will have the biting under control. We shall see with time. 

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I am so sorry that I haven't been posting as usual. I have been pretty busy and I just went on a trip to my dad's new place. I went up there to take a mini-vacation with my boyfriend and we had a really good time. We got away from home, got to see the cities around where my dad lives, and get outside in the fresh air for a few days. We both needed it and we both were happy to just be together. WE also got to meet up with our group from the gym and do some outdoor climbing. It was quite wonderful to have some chill time with our usual group but not be around them too much that it ruined the vacation. It also gave me an idea of where I can go climb for when I come back to my dad's place in April. 


I have a few friends that live in Nashville and they all climb together and take photos as they climb. The photo up above is one that my friend took of me on a 5.10C called Diamond Cutter. The name of the route was very fitting seeing as I cut my hand up pretty good about a third of the way up. Sadly I did not send the route but it was fun to try it and see if I could even start it. Now I am not going to say where my dad lives exactly just because I have no idea if he has talked about it in his blog and I personally just don't feel like reveling such a thing so I will leave it up to him on if he wants to tell you guys. Personally I think it's a great place for him and I'm excited to make trips up there and to be able to have a nice place to stay while I get outdoors and some more climbing experience under my belt. 

The place that went to was Foster falls and it is near the park Fall Creek Falls. If you are long time readers then you remember when I posted about my adventure there and what happened in that beautiful park. If you don't remember or if you have never read the story then you should click here to go read the first part of the story. Its quite the story and taught me a lot about myself and what to do and not do when your adventuring with camera gear. 


Part 2 is here




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One of the biggest things I have learned so far about pet sitting is that not all pets like the camera. I definitely experienced that on this most recent dog sitting trip. In the apartment were four animals. There was Mila the little four-month-old puppy, Pumpkin who was a beautiful orange calico, Katie who was the sister of Pumpkin and had more of a grey calico color, and Piper who was a rare albino bunny rabbit that loved to come and go as she pleased. When it came to Mila and Katie they didn't really care about the camera and would just sit there and stare at you while you snapped away. For photos, it was a nice experience, even if Katie did growl at you most of the time. 

Pumpkin, on the other hand, wanted no business with the camera at all. She was difficult to track down and whenever you got it out she knew exactly what it was and right after the first click she would run off and wouldn't stop running until you put the camera down. Fortunately, I was able to get photos of her when she went out on the balcony and had nowhere to go. Now I normally would never corner an animal in such a way but Pumpkin only stared at me upset that she got caught in such a way and let me take a few photos. Sometimes you have to wait for the chance to capture them when they least expect it. 


Piper, on the other hand, was a halfway kind of animal. She didn't mind the camera but she also seemed to not give a single F***. If you didn't get the capture in time then that was that. You lost, too bad so sad. She moved around a lot and when she sat still you had about five minutes to capture the image before she hopped away to go eat something or go back in her cage. She really didn't seem to care too much about what you had in mind.

Sometimes capturing animals takes a bit of work. You have to be ready to get them when they do something you least expect and having your camera on you at all times is a must. The photos of all these precious animals have helped me get hired over the past three months and it really has helped with my photography skills. Animals move and that gives me a chance to capture them as they leap, jump, yawn, stretch, and run. Photography is an art and I am in love with it. The fact that I get to capture animals while doing it is just a plus. 

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I just want to share some photos from my most recent dog sitting experience. It wasn't just a dog at this place but there were cats and even an amazing bunny all in one apartment. Here are the photos that I captured there. 

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Right now I am pet sitting four animals. Normally I pet sit one or two but for this particular case, there are four animals in this tiny apartment. There is a dog named Mila who I am mainly taking care of. She is about 5 months old and she is still learning the basics of training. She has this thing about letting her off the leash. Once you do she thinks that you will play a game of chase and take off. So off-leash walking is out of the question. Even in the doggy park, she is hard to track down. She won't let you get near her and will think that you are literally chasing her for fun when really you are just trying to get her inside. Super sweet but man is she difficult. 


Besides Mila, there are two cats in the apartment. They came from the same litter and they are sisters. Katie and Pumpkin. When I look at them they remind me of Spice because of their colors. Pumpkin is more orange and Katie is more of a light grey color. Pumpkin loves people and will just come up to you and love you. Katie, on the other hand, does not like people and just wants to sit there and stare at you while she growls away at how close you are to her. She is friendly but you need to keep your distance. 


Last but not least is a rabbit. Yes, a Rabbit. I don't remember the name but I can say that this rabbit is a little nicer then mine was. Very calm and is ok with being in the cage most of the time. I let him out to let him roam and to get some space and it also allows me to clean out the cage which is pretty minimal. She uses puppy pads which are extremely useful. I just pick them up, toss them and put new ones down. Then I vacuum and everything is all set. 

I'm sure I will get pictures of Pumpkin and the Rabbit before I leave, they both are just difficult to get photos of because they are shy of the camera but once I have them I will share them with you guys. This place is crazy but its a nice change of pace. 


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