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I can most definitely say that going through someone else's life is a strange feeling that I am not 100% for or against. While going through grandmas stuff I ended up having so many questions and no answers for them. As I dug through her belongings trying to figure out what I wanted and didn't want I realized just how little I really knew about the family. Grandmas maiden name was hickey and there are so many pictures of her family laying around. To be honest I know none of them and it hit me hard when I was going through all the old photos. They were black and white and there were hundreds of them laying around. Some were stuffed in boxes. Others in some photo albums. They were everywhere you looked and it just baffled me. 

Of course there also were photos of the other side of the family. The gibbons and I also don't know any of them. There are huge photos in frames and luckily some have names on the bottom but there are so many that just say Gibbons and of course that doesn't help me in any way. It's mind blowing to see it all in front of me. A time that I will never see for myself. A time when photos were only just being taken. A time when life was completely different for men and women alike. 

So I'm coming home with hundreds of photos that I get to scrapbook and make sure that they are taken care of and preserved. Of course I don't know a majority of who they are but I still think they are fascinating to look at and to have. They were a time I don't know. A time that I may never know about or what was happening or who the people are but .That doesn't mean I was going to let them get thrown to the waste side .

The times may have changed and nobody else may have wanted them but, I don't mind taking them in and keeping them alive. After all its part of the family history.


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We're up here in Michigan finally going through the rest of Grandmas stuff and I can say that it's been weird. I'm going through a life that I didn't know very well. A life that I only saw from a distance. A life that has generations of people behind it. I'm finding so many old photos stored away and some have names on the back but others do not. There are so many people I don't know. There's a lot of history that I'm having trouble putting together and I'm surprised on how little I know about my own family. 

There are a few people I know from dad and there are a few pictures of them that I am more then happy to have because I not only know who they are but I know some of their history. But there are pictures around here that belong to the only person left in my grandmas line. One of my aunts. She probably knows who all these people are and I'm baffled by the fact that she didn't take any of the photos. Now I don't know if she cares or if she just didn't want to remember the past but, I think it's sad to leave these all behind. So many of them are on cardboard. So many are black and white. So many have been left in drawers and to the dust. 

It's crazy how things like this happens when someone passes and it makes me sad to think that one day this could what happens to all the pictures I have saved. 

I guess by then though it won't really matter because I'll be gone and my grandkids and kids will be shuffling through just like I am now. What a crazy world this truly is. 

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I will say that traveling with someone is very different and weird to get used to. For years ivie been traveling alone or with my dad so for me to travel with anybody, let alone someone I am in a relationship with, is a huge adjustment for me. Iv'e learned a lot as a solo traveler. I've learned how to keep track of my money. I've learned how to change plans at the last second. Ivie learned how to pack and bring things that are actually useful to me. I have learned quickly how the world works and I have done all of this mostly on my own. Waiting for others has caused my traveling to be a hassle and it honestly is something I couldn't stand. 

So when me and the bf went on this trip to Tampa I can say that it was something that I wasn't expecting. It was difficult and really with the two of us I was hoping for something other then what I got but I also know that we are two very different people and that is ok. 

The entire trip was overall amazing. I really enjoyed my time with him and I really enjoyed the moments we had. It was an insight to what I was missing. It was an insight to what human connection is like and what sharing an experience with someone you like is really like. I'm not gonna lie, I did have moments where I was unsure if I was compatible and I did have moments where I was thinking about what the differences would be like if I took that trip alone but, I am glad I didn't. I'm glad I took it with him. I'm glad I got have an experience like that with someone that I genuinely care for. It made me see another side of myself. 

Traveling can be shared in all ways. Now iim not saying I wont give up my solo traveling because I wont but now I have a small speck of what traveling with someone that is as amazing as he is, can really be like. 

Who knows. Maybe this is a start to something bigger. Only time will tell. 

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Last night we saw twenty one pilots in Tampa. It was one of those experiences that I know I will never forget. For me it was just as good as the first time I saw them almost three years ago but for the bf it was one of those first time experiences. 

We were seated on the third floor, all the way towards the ceiling and we waited patiently as two other bands played. I didn't realize that they has two opening acts so I was quite surprised when I saw them come out. Now I didn't think they were honestly all that good and was slightly dissapointed because one of the bands we got to listen to was a band that I grew up with. They had many issues and in the end we could barely understand them while they performed so we just kind of sat back and watched them as they did their performance .

After that twenty one pilots graced us with their presence .honestly it was so awesome .knowing the music, seeing them (even if it from really far away) and just being able to say that we saw them, all of it was glorious. Of course the bf didn't know to much of the music but he tried his best to get into the groove and stay with it .

The Co cert was about four hours long which I can tell you was not only 1) unexpected but also 2)amazing .So much time to hear a band that I love and cherish. So much time to see them do flips and talk about their pasts. So much time to live the dream and enjoy ourselves .

Once the concert was over we both were in a slight moment of awe. It wasn't until we got outside the arena that we talked about the performance and shared our thoughts. We both thought it was amazing but we both wanted to go to another one and be in the pit. So....that is something were looking into. 

There may be another concert on our future 

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So for a few months now I have been asking for something new at my work. What it came down to was asking to either make fudge or to dip chocolate. Ultimately I decided to ask to be taught to start chocolatiering. For a while it seemed like it wasn't going to happen. Mostly because it was one of those things where I was always out traveling so they thought it wouldn't be worth the time to teach me if I wasn't going to be there. Totally understandable but I kept asking anyway because I knew that I wanted to learn and I was getting antsy about my job. I don't mind doing what I do and I like working at a chocolate, fudge and ice cream shop but there are times when it gets to be really difficult to give the upmost best customer service. Especially when your always doing the same thing all the time. 

After months and months of asking I finally got what I wanted. I am going to learn to do one of the most difficult things in the Kilwins store. I am going to learn how to dip chocolates, make them look beautiful, and then present them for people to purchase and buy. Really its a lot of information, its a lot of hard work and a lot of time to learn to do this but I also know that I am ready to take it on. 

Its one of those things where I get a chance to not only do something new but I also get to move around the store more which is quite wonderful. I get more opening shifts and I get the rest of my day to do what I need to do. So wish me luck guys cause by the time your reading this I will be learning everything and anything there is to know about dipping chocolate. 

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