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I love it when the government lies. I just love it. 

I love it, even more, when we all panic, shut down our schools, shut down beaches, parks, and even shut down airlines/countries. 

I love it when I can't even go to work or make money for possibly three months because that is how freaked out our state is. 

I love financial problems. 

I love being cooped up in a house away from social events and friends.

I love how this nation has reacted to this and continues to react. 

I love literally being cooped up because of lies. 

I love instilling fear in my neighbors, my mom, and all those who have immunity problems.

So much love. 



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Coronavirus has taken over everything. Quite literally. 

Yesterday was a friend's birthday so we went over to go sing him a happy birthday and to see him. My bf and I had been mostly just seeing each other and since my boyfriend is still working (he's in the health industry) he has it better than most of us who have to stay home. For me, it's almost normal but I am getting to that point where I want to go out and do things. I want to go to work. I want to make some money. I want to see people, talk to people, and get back into my healthy routine. I still exercise and I am still staying busy but this kind of busy is different then what I want. 

Just being in the same room as our friend and his girlfriend felt like a privilege and really it shouldn't feel that way. interaction with other humans is in our DNA. We want to talk to others, be around them, and have a conversation. This quarantine thing is good for some parts of the population but for some people with mental illness or are always on the go, this pause can be damaging. I'm finding ways to keep myself moving. I'm learning Spanish, doing puzzles again, cleaning my room, taking daily walks, watching Netflix, writing in my journal, and etc but, what bothers me is the after-effects of this quarantine. 

I can't get my mind off the fact that we're going to be hit hard by this financially. It doesn't matter if we get money from the government or not this is gonna hit a bunch of us hard no matter how we slice it. Some of us have bills to pay, some of us have mouths to feed, and some of us need that social interaction and movement. 

Do I think this is blown out of proportion, yes, I do. Do I understand why? In a way yes and in others no. I understand lowering the curve so that we can actually help our citizens who really need it but, doing so for more than a few weeks...well people will lose their minds. 

Just think, this technically isn't even the worst that's to come our way in terms of viruses. How will we act when the next big thing comes and its worse than this? 

Hopefully, we can think of a better plan because this is out of control. 

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Yesterday my gym closed. So now I officially don't have work until this craziness calms down. It is very sad and I am upset about the fact that we had to close down at all. I like my job and I really was hoping to get some more hours in before this happened. Sadly that was a bust. 

So I ask that you guys take a look at my art gallery by clicking here. Making a purchase will help me greatly at this time. We all are in a pickle and I know I'm not the only one who lost their job (for the time being) so I understand if you can't help me out. For those of you that can, I hope to hear from you and I appreciate the help. 

Thank you guys so much and I'm hoping to finish my Iceland podcast and start my Colombia one since we're now on lockdown. After all, you have to find the positives in all the negative. 

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Last night I had an experience. I went out on a run. I had been home for a few days and I was ready to get out and run as hard as I could, just to see what my time would be back in a place with little to no elevation. The weather was perfect as I started my way out. Now the sun had set and I was just doing a route that I knew pretty well. I knew where all the potholes were, I knew where the curve in the road started and ended, and I knew when to speed up and slow down in my run. So I got going. It was steady and it felt so good to just let out some energy. As I was running I saw this light thing on the road. I maneuvered so that I wouldn't hit it and guess what happened. 

I hit it

With my pinky toe. 

At first, I thought that was fine. Usually, I hit things, I maneuver quickly so I don't fall on my face and I keep going. Usually, a little faster to counteract the fact that I just slowed down some. I took three extra steps and I felt something pop. The pain was immediate and I stopped my watch. The feeling was not normal and I was sure that something was wrong. I limped into this driveway and sat down. I wear the five finger toe shoes so it was interesting getting the shoe off when your pinky toe is screaming in pain. I got the shoe off, turned my flashlight and I saw my toe was swollen. I couldn't tell though if it was because I just hit something or if it was from the running. I did some tests to see how it felt. I couldn't bend it a little and if I put pressure on it with my fingers it felt fine. Nothing was sticking up or felt out of place. 

So I put the shoe back on and stood up. I maneuvered my foot and there was one movement where I was in a huge amount of pain. Holy Shi*. I stopped and took the shoe off again. I looked at it and nothing was out of place. Again putting the shoe on I continued on my way. At first, it hurt but after a few strides the pain was put in the back of my mind and I managed the run. The tight turns I take on my runs became wide awkward turns but that was ok. I still got my three miles in so I felt good for getting some sweat on. 

Once I was back at my house I sat on the front porch and took my shoes off. The toe started slowly hurting again. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was broken and even now I think it is broken but I won't know for sure for a few more days. It's super swollen, it hurts in certain positions and I can barely wiggle it, if at all. Truth be told I have never broken anything before so for me, this is brand new territory. I'll let you all know how it is after a few days but for now all you need to know is that it hurts. Like really hurts so you best believe on this day off I will be having some anti-inflammatories and alcohol to help my out. 

What a wonderful way to welcome me back home. 

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I'm finishing up my podcast about Iceland. I just did my next video and it will be ready for you to listen to tomorrow morning! While you are waiting for this video I ask that you guys check out the last one! Thank you so much.

Make sure to help me out by purchasing my art pieces today! Click here to go check out what I have for sale! thank you guys so much!

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