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My part time job has been picking up and its been an interesting turn when it comes to getting used to being there. Really I think that things have slowed down a little for me and I am mostly unsure of how the summer is going to go. We have a lot of new people and a lot of them seem to be hard workers and that's a good sign but then I see the other half and I get a little concerned. Some of them have this idea of how work should be vs what it really is and I can see a few problems already arising down the road. Of course there isn’t really anything I can do about it. I’m a strong team member who knows what needs to get done and is there for speed and efficiency not for leading. 

Really I think it’s going to be fun but I can't stop those little voices in my head that keep telling me all the things that could go wrong or might go wrong. Of course I think anybody can agree that we all have those voices in your head that just know something isn’t right but sometimes it's best to just let things play out. 

This will probably be my last summer at this job and I love it very much but I know that things are coming to a close here in this area. So for me I will be mostly enjoying this time with everyone and just taking it all in as we do our best to make the summer fun. I’m excited to see what happens and I know that it will turn out good one way or another. It’s another adventure and another way for me to make some money. 

Here we come summer. 


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2018-05-16 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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There’s something great about being with personal trainers. For me I never thought that I would need one and I certainly never thought that it would make much of a difference. Yet I was proven wrong the other day. For me it was a crunch day and what that means is that I had to do both Running and go to 9Round. Reason being is that I missed the day I was supposed to go to the gym because of a terrible migraine that kept me in bed till four in the afternoon. I was really upset about that but I decided to go ahead and do both the next day. My fitness/health is always my priority. 

So I got up early in the morning, had some coffee and watched a little bit of the new Netflix Series "Lost In Space" which is pretty decent if you’re looking for something to watch. Around 9:30 A.m I got dressed, grabbed my water, and went to the gym. Once I got inside I saw that they were pretty busy. There were about five people all working out and one of them was just finishing up when I came in. So I got my wraps together, they took my gloves and I waited for the green light to come on so I could start the first round. 

Right from the get go I knew that It was going to be a tough day and the reason being is that I could feel the burn after 30 seconds of jumping rope. That was only round 1. As I moved through the rounds the trainers kept pushing me to keep going and were encouraging me the whole way. Of course it wasn’t just me, it was also the other people in the gym and they did a good job of making sure that we didn’t stop, that we kept going until we were done with all 9 Rounds. Right around round 8 I really needed that extra push and the trainer definitely gave it to me. She started chanting "I can do it, you can do it" and came over to help me out. She held the bag for me while I did some knee kicks and shin kicks. 

Keeping in mind that I was almost done I kept going. At Round 9 we had to do these wall sits and lean left and right with ten pound weights. That was for a whole 2 minutes. Towards the end the trainer was counting down and holding my feet since my legs were shaking. It was so difficult and I was sure that I was going to have to call it but she kept me there and told me to keep going. Once the buzzer went off I immediately went to my water and chugged it. The trainer congratulated me and told me that I was doing awesome and that I always give it my all. 

Sometimes you need that little bit of encouragement to keep going. The workout is hard but the way it helps your body and strengthens your muscles is worth every bit of the workout. Having a personal trainer is so nice and I really enjoy the personal touches they give. They help, remember your name, and know how to push your buttons just right. I’m so excited to see how this place shapes me and helps my fitness. 



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Its officially been a year since I started working at my part time job. I can definitely say quite a lot about working for this company but I think one thing that really stands out is that each time I come in I never know what to expect. Each time I work it’s always different and what I mean by that is the people I work with changes. Sometimes I get Dancer who always sings and knows how to crack a joke to make my day so much better or I’ll get T who is a go go go kind of person and always knows how to make customers day. She is literally as sweet as what we serve. 

We get all kinds of fun customers to and when you think you've seen it all something always happens to up that last crazy thing that someone did. It’s a cycle that never ends. Mostly though I love it when the room is filled with people who know how to have fun, can communicate, and can keep moving. Then you know it’s a party. We all know where we are at, what we are all doing, and giving our best service to those who come into our store. 

It really does teach you a lot and you get to grow with your team. I have seen all kinds of people come into this store and I am always learning new things which is a lot of fun. But mostly I just love being able to have such awesome managers who are flexible, reliable, and amazing all at one time. I couldn’t have asked for any better part time job and I can’t wait to see what this summer holds for us. 

We will be busy, it will get messy but, mostly we will all work together to all survive the next three months in the best way possible. 

Here we come summer 



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I can say that I loved my very first experience over at 9Round. In case you don’t know 9Round is a 30 minute kickboxing workout class. You pay monthly and they have personal trainers there to help push you to get the best possible workout and meet your goals. Personally I have always wanted to do a kickboxing class and when they said they were opening one near me I knew that I had to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. 

For as long as I can remember I have always been aware of people around me and I always felt like people were watching me. So for me this was a step that I knew that I needed to take and wanted to take. 

Once they announced that they were finally opening the gym I made sure to check their hours, give myself enough sleep and get up early in the morning to attend one of their morning classes. Once I was up I drove over, found the gym and walked in. Immediately I was greeted and directed to where I sign in and get my gloves. They asked me if I wanted white, pink or black gloves. I chose black because that is one of my colors. They had me write my name on them and then gave me a pair of wraps. After that I got my personal card to put on my key chain and then I got instructions on how to put the wraps on. 

Once I was ready to go they jumped right into the workout and started with the jump rope. Now I Haven’t done a jump rope since I was in middle school so it definitely took some getting used to. From there we did wall jumps, and some rounds on the bag. After that we moved to upper cuts and jabs. Then the legs which was a lunge/kick and jumping jacks. 

The entire experience was so awesome and after the first few rounds I totally forgot that there were other people there and just focused on doing the workouts. It was a little rough but I highly enjoyed it and I could feel myself getting the full body workout. I was sweating and I love it when I sweat a lot. I know that I am doing something to work my body and I know that I am doing what I can to make myself better and stronger. 

By the time it was over I felt complete and I knew right there that this was worth the money. Running and 9Round.

This is going to be one interesting experience and I can’t wait to see my results. 


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So I’m finally going to go to this new gym that just opened up near us. It’s over in Destin so I have to cross the bridge but I thought it may be worth that shot. See for a long time I have wanted to try kickboxing classes and do something that would not only get me out of the house but also be a fun way to strengthen my muscles. I’ve always wanted to learn kickboxing and it seemed like a fun was to destress after a day at work. SO I no warm having them do my schedule to where I open most days and when I get off I go straight to the gym and then head home. The weeks would alternate depending on how my schedule is. SO may twice a week I run and then I have two days off and two days at the new gym. It would be a nice change of pace and give me something extra to do at home. 

Really I also know that I it will be good for me socially. I don’t really get out much these days and I have been wanting go to get comfortable with people that I don’t just work with. I travel a lot so I’m used to meeting strangers but I haven’t really done that with people near where I live. Now that I’m an adult I’ve been so busy making plans to travel and make art pieces. 

I think I need this nice change of pace and some time working on other parts of my body and who knows maybe learn some defense moves. I definitely can say that I am excited to see what happens. I know it’s going to be a little bit painful and I know its going to be hard but I think I am ready to give it a real shot. 


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