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Tomorrow at some point I will be on the road heading out to Tennessee. Truth be told I am pretty excited and can't wait to start on this adventure but at the same time, I am a little bit nervous about it. Its been a while since I have gone somewhere on my own and even though I have done it before I can't help but be aware of how long it has been. I'm sure it will pass once I am moving and heading out to my first destination. First stop will be outdoor climbing and I think that, on its own, is enough to make me feels the nervousness. First time doing any time of outdoor climbing and I am just jumping right into lead. Hopefully, I don't do anything too crazy or hurt myself on accident. 

But while I am gone I do have two things that you guys should know about. One, the 10% sale on all my artwork has ended and instead I have dropped the prices by half on most of my pieces. While I am gone for the week you will have a chance to get some amazing deals on some amazing pieces. 




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Adventure awaits!

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Today I got a chance to look at the campervan that I told you all about yesterday. TO be straight forward, there is a lot that needs to be done. When I Say a lot, I mean a lot. Cosmetically it needs quite a bit done to the inside and really that's not a big deal. It will take time, sure but it's manageable. For the other repairs, I am a little bit iffy on. First, there is a compression problem which isn't a good sign. It could be a minor issue or it could be an "it will eventually stop working and there's no way to fix it" issue and with the tools, we had there was no way to know with one visit. 

The AC needs some work because even with it on full blast it seems to not want to blow in any cold air and if I am going to have animals with me in this house on wheels then that is an obvious thing that needs to be fixed right away. Along with that, the gas gauge isn't working. It's one thing to have it be a quarter of a tank off on how much is left buts another entirely when you have no indication of how much is in the actual tank. 

So for right now, we are going to put a maybe on it. We need to really find someone who has a compression tester so that we can go back and see if that is something that can be fixed without any issue or if its a flat out no. Really I hope that it's minor and it can be fixed but I am trying to not get my hopes up. It is everything I need and yes, it needs maintenance but almost everything I have been interested in needs maintenance done on it. I'm just hoping for the best situation out of all the situations that are being shown to me. 

Fingers crossed people. 

I also have started a doggy sitting/walking business and I would appreciate anybody who can help out. Just click here to check it out

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There's some exciting news. I was browsing the interweb and I found a possible candidate for my potential home on wheels. Quite literally. It has everything I need in it. Ac, A place to sleep, a shower, a place to use the restroom, storage, and enough room for my kitty and I to live comfortably. I am so stoked about this. I messaged the seller and I am hoping that he will respond quickly. I want to be able to say that I finally am getting started on my dream. The first step is always the hardest to take and I finally am taking it. 

If he says yes and I like it right off the bat then I have one thing on my list that is done. Once I have it back at the house I can work at the gym and start doing some cosmetic repairs. Honestly, I am so pumped about it but I am trying to keep things at a minimum so that I don't get disappointed. After all, this has everything that I want and need to live in it. 

I'm pretty excited to see what this has in store and I can't wait to update you guys but for right now that is all I have. It's good news and because of that, I think I will have an amazing day. Cheers to the future and all that it holds!

To help out with expenses and to help me with my dream please take a look at my artwork. All of it is 10% off right now and I would love it if you guys would take a peek and tell me what you think. Just make sure to email me at so that I can send you an invoice with the proper discount. Things are looking so good right now. 

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Recently I have been thinking about getting a dog....ok it's not really recently, it has been more prominent in the past six months. Along with watching Bonnie and giving her all the love in the world I have had the chance to meet other people's dogs that come into the gym. For some reason dogs just love me. Every single one I meet ends up loving me right away and I love being able to give all the love to them. After all, they are such amazing pups. But of course, with me giving them love and talking to the owners I did have a realization that I really want a furry four-legged companion. Now there is nothing wrong with Spice, She is as loving as they come but a dog is a totally different kind of love than a cat. 

Bonnie taught me a lot about myself and she helped me see that I do love dogs and that I don't mind going on walks, cuddling, and so on. Everything that comes with a dog just seems right. Of course, I know that I will have a puppy so that is a whole other chapter and a whole other thing to tackle but that is totally ok. I am willing to put in the work and train this companion of mine. To be honest, I don't know when I will get the puppy or how it will happen but, I know that I need to start looking and narrowing down breeds so that I can pick the best dog for me. 

I'm excited, I'm nervous, but most of all I look forward to having this companion by my side. There are so many dreams that I wish to accomplish and there are so many places I want to explore, why not do that with two companions instead of one?

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2019-08-11 09:07 by Sarah Denninger
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Next week I will be on this long road trip. I will be going to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Tulsa Oklahoma. Two out of three places I have been to before but the third is brand new to me. Why am I driving so far in only a week? Well the reason is..because I want to. I want to drive to all these places and I want to have an amazing time. I want to experience everything each place has to offer and have a good time with everybody. I will be seeing my mom and her wife, some friends that I made through the gym I work at and of course an old best friend of mine from middle school. All of these people in my life are important and each one has different things to offer me. 

Sure I will be driving long hours and I will probably get very little sleep while I am away but that is also part of the fun. I get to experience life at its fullest and I get to be away from home for a little while. This will be a trip that will set the mood for Iceland. This will be the tester trip to see if I still enjoy going places on my own. 

For almost a year I have been with others on trips. I was either with my dad, my ex, or friends. This time I am going back on the road by myself. I am retaking something that I once cherished. To be honest, having other people with me is fun but I feel like I need this week for myself. I need some time to reset my mind and to think things through. I need to just let me thoughts go and invest in my time. So I am hoping that I will be able to video my thoughts while i am gone. Maybe do a vlog of some sort over the week where I give my feelings on being alone, driving long distance and what I learn while I am away. Sure I went by myself to New Orleans in June but it was only a day, if that. 

So this will be good for me and I am excited about it. 

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