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So there is something that My father and I both found amusing. I’m sure he's already written an article about it and most of you that are reading this have read it. In case you are unaware of what’s going on let me just say that there is this guy on twitter who started tweeting on my page about how my father "hates Jews". It’s really ironic considering that he has dated a Jew and is good friends with her to this day. He then went on to say that I should look deeper into his article and how it states that "Jews are no allowed to live as people".....

Ya'll I can't even begin to state how much I wanted to dig into this guy and give him some education on who my Dad is and what he does. 

Yes, he has opinions and yes not everyone is going to agree with him. That is totally ok and honestly it's expected. We live in a world where nine times out of ten you’re going to have someone who is going to argue with you to all high heavens no matter how much you try to get them to see your side. 

Most of my life I grew up listening to what my dad blogs about and I learned quite a bit about the world and what happens in it every day. I was the kid at school who talked about it to her friends because I thought it was important. I thought that we needed to know. Of course my friends didn't care about politics so it made me seem like the weird kid and maybe I was. For me though it taught me that there are people out there who really do their research, who listen to what is happening and find ways to share it with others. My dad had made some things simpler for others to understand and has helped numerous people when it comes to saving money, knowing how to do stocks, what political matters are actually going on, what the laws really mean, and so much more. I know I’m his kid so I come across as very biased but also understand that I have talked with some people on his blog. That I have seen that change. That it even has helped me and my friends (a younger generation who wasn't really taught much on politics or the laws of our world) how to do certain things. 

If you can't read in between the lines, be open minded and consider his opinions in any shape, way, or form then you have no business on his blog or his twitter for that matter. So take that ignorance and that close minded self and go rot under a rock for all I care. 


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Yesterday I attended a service for a friend of mine. Her father passed away very suddenly and I wanted to be there to support her in this tough time. Once I was at the service I said my condolences and gave her some flowers I had purchased. I think i was the only one who brought flowers. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to bring to something like this. All I knew was that I wanted to be there and say some words to this man who I wish I got to know. Getting to her I gave her a big hug and told her how sorry I was. Of course the words "I’m sorry" never do any justice in these sort of situations. Especially when its someone who you know is in more hurt and brokenness then you can understand. 

After saying hello and hugging her we made our way inside the church. Let me just say that it was a beautiful service and I cried quite a lot. I don’t really believe in God or a higher power but I did think that it was a wonderful way to show who he was. Of course there was this moment when the priest started talking about how life is all about the little moments and how beautiful life is. He gave us all these little details that we all do and take for granted. It really got to me and I understood what he was saying. It clicked somewhere in my mind. 

My heart hurts for my friend and I hope that her and her family know that they are very loved and that they will get through this tough time. I didn’t know the man personally but I did know that he loved his daughter, my friend, and because of that I knew that he was something special. 

Take time for others, tell them you love them, make time for little moments and most important...don’t forget to be who YOU want to be. 


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I am so sore. My body is like a rock and I feel like everything from my waist down is going to fall off anytime. I had leg day and arm day and both did a pretty good amount to my body. BY the time you read this I will be resting and probably not moving until I absolutely have too. I knew that changing my workout routine was going to rough on me but this is something else that I am experiencing. Right now I am getting ready for when the kickboxing place opens. Right now they are under construction and I have been so anxious to start this new workout that I just decided to get moving on my own. I am struggling with myself and my self-love lately so I feel like I need this to boost myself and give myself something to keep me going. 

So far I have leg day, arm day, yoga, and 1 rest day during the week. Throughout the week I mix it up to my schedule and I act accordingly. I’m now having small amount of breakfast to see how it changes things and if it will change my metabolism. I am trying to figure this out since so that when I start traveling I don’t get too crazy with it or lose too much control. I need to know how much I eat and when. I need better habits to make a better life style. 

Right now I can say that I am hurting really bad but I know that because of that it is working. Something I am doing is starting the change and that’s all I can ask for. Right now we start with one day at a time and gradually keep adding it on and on on on. I really think that this will work and I am glad that I suddenly decided to try this out and give it a real try. 

Let’s see what happens. 


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Within the next few days I will back in the chair getting my next tattoo done. I am so excited to have this on my body and to be able to not only show off a part of my childhood but also have a representation of who I am. Pinball has always been a part of my family and I love everything about the pinball community. Not only are the games fantastic but the art is something that always make appreciate how beautiful pinball can also be. Thrilling, exciting, maddening, action packed and maybe some curing all comes with playing the games themselves and of course with this tattoo that will also be represented. If you know pinball you will definitely recognize the games I’m getting on my body. 

Basically I grew up with four pinball machines and the names of them are Star Wars Episode 1, No Fear, Safe Cracker, and of course Revenge from Mars. Basically my entire childhood was based around those games and I played for days on end to try and beat the high scores. It wasn’t till I was in middle school that I actually had made it into the top three on our games. It was a lot of practice but it was so worth it. Now in adulthood I am the Grand Champion on a few of them in our collection. 

Really it’s a family tradition and I play to follow up on that. So of course the love of being given something unique and fun that not many people have experienced into my adult life is quite amazing and if I have children then I will definitely pass it on and make sure that it lives through this family. Some things just have to be passed onward. Two more days and I will have my half sleeves. 

I can’t wait! 


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2018-03-12 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Working a Double is exhausting. Its been about four months or so since the slow season started and it is now officially ending. Last night I was at my part time job and since there is so few staff at this time I had to pull a double. Now that is totally fine by me. I was able to bring me a snack, I had coffee, good staff and a pretty nice day. IN general I would say that it was a nice way to spend my Sunday and I do need the paycheck. But there is also something about working a double after a long period of time where you work 6 to 8 hours and then just go home vs working the entire open to close and nothing else shift. 

By the time we were an hour away from closing I was pretty irritated and I really was thinking about the big pot of chili that was waiting for me at home. I wanted to eat and sit down so bad. I could only tolerate so much and I was at the end of my thin strong. It went from being a fun day to being an exhausting day by the time we had thirty minutes left. We had two big groups come in and I was dreading having to redo most of what we had already done. I just wanted to sleep but of course I toughed it out to the best of my abilities. Really that's all you can do sometimes. 

When we finally did close I tell you that it was quite the victory. I was so excited to go and get back in my own bed after a nice hot meal. Just getting to my car after we had finished was enough to give me that extra boost. 

There are gonne be many exhausting days coming up and I can tell you it’s going to be a long few months. I look forward to what can or will happen. For now I will just ride it out as best as I can. 


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