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So the slow season is officially here and because of that I can already see the difference in the work hours. My part time job only has me working about 12-20 hours a week and because of that we have made a last minute decision to go somewhere and have some fun. At first I thought Disney would be a fun time but ultimately the prices have gone up and to do Disney and Universal it would cost around $1,000 to do both and that’s just for tickets. I mean really, that’s just too much to ask from anybody. What a sad thing it is for something that used to be reasonable to be a ridiculous price years later. 

In any case we scratched the idea of Disney and decided that skiing would be a more interesting thing to consider. After all I had never been skiing and my Dad hadn’t been for years. We had tried to go the year before but we were a month late and it got warm before I intended trip. Without much thought we decided to go ahead and plan a trip to Gatlinburg to do some skiing and snowboarding. The fun is that I have to attend an hour class to learn how to snowboard. I’m sure that it will be quite an insight but I honestly am really excited to give this new sport a try. 

Who knows, maybe I will be good at it. 

Of course I am really excited to just get away from home for a while. When I stay still for too long I get antsy and irritable. I become someone who is bored, tired, and just fidgety. Anything I do is hard to concentrate on and I really do find that most things are a chore. 

Now that will be cured when we go on our short vacation away from home. Not only that but its something new and exciting for me to do. 

What about you guys? Do you enjoy skiing or snowboarding? 


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Just recently I decided to start using this interesting app called LetGo. The app is basically used to sell the stuff that you no longer want at a price that is affordable and hopefully sell right away. For a while I wasn’t sure how I felt about using such an app and because of that it took some time for me to actually use it. For years I had been putting myself into the goodwill drop off without thinking about its possible value. This app changed that possibility. Now I can get back some of the money I spent on the things that I own and hopefully put the money towards a better use. 

I started using the app and right away I put up five things and made them all super low prices. In reality I know these belongings aren’t worth much because they are used and they are a little banged up and need some restoration. Right off the bat I had someone messaging me and wanting to stop by and purchase my produce. You guys it was so easy that it was unreal. I didn’t have to do much in terms of conversation and it was all so straight forward. They even have pre-programmed option for what to send in the message. So they have things like "yes that’s negotiable", "is this negotiable" and so on. 

This really opened up my eyes when it came to how I will move forward with getting rid of certain belongings. If I can make some of my money back and actually make someone happy when I do it then I am all for an app that supports that. I love that there is something I can use and of course I know they might want me to pay eventually (especially if it stays successful) but while its free, I’m going to use it. 

Do you use the let LetGo App??


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So for new years I made a few new years resolutions. A few of them that are for my adventures and a few for myself and my body. One of them is to run 6 or more miles once or twice a month. This way I keep up the cardio and so I can also give myself some extra time outside. When I am home I have a tendency to not leave the house and to just keep myself inside most of the day so fore me I have had to make some changes in the way I manage myself and my daily life. Really a lot of it has to do with saving money and with planning what I want to do when I go out of town. 

Its unhealthy for me to be inside all day but most of the time I cant help it. It has become part of me and its really frustrating when you are trying to break a really bad habit and yes I consider this a habit. For me it really has come to making a list of things I need to do and constantly reminding myself that I have to do it. That I have to get up a move. 

By making these resolutions and making them small enough that I can manage them has made a difference and were only ten days in 2018. I can already see the difference in myself and I feel better after I do a new exercise or when I take time for myself. One of my other resolutions is to take ten to twenty minutes to myself everyday. I can stretch, do some kind of exercise, or just meditate. Any of those help me and I can see my body becoming healthier. Everyday I have been doing a exercise and really focusing on loving myself. 

Sometimes to break habits you have to be consistent and so far it is working. 

What are some of your resolutions and are you keeping up with them so far? 

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2018-01-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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There is a first for everything. Just yesterday I had an experience that pushed myself to be very direct and of course in this situation it called for being very straight forward with what I had to say. 

SO of course I am doing my usual business and going through my day activities. I’m writing, editing, drinking coffee, advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and on my blog. In the middle of all this there is someone who is messaging me on my Facebook page. Someone that has never posted a picture of himself and someone I hardly talk to. So of course he messages me and we start having a normal conversation. In the middle of writing on my blog he messages me this message 

"jw but are you single?"

I sat there for a full two minutes wondering how to respond to that. I honestly wasnt sure what anyone would just suddenly ask that and I honestly was feeling very conflicted about it. Ive been asked the question before but not so quickly in a conversation and not when I am trying to focus on myself, plus I dont know this guy and I will only date someone who pushes my buttons in just the right way. 

So I respond to him 

"Why would you ask that?" 

Now of course I know the answer to this question but I wanted him to tell me. 

"Well I’m looking for a stable relationship and on FB it says your single soooo"

Ya'll I nearly chocked on my espresso. Like excuse me but no. What gives you any thought that you have a chance with me when 1)I hardly know you and 2) you’re going off of facebook and my relationship status and 3) I even saw that you just got out of a relationship by stalking your own facebook so of course this is a rebound relationship your looking for so obviously hell no. 

I reply to him: "lol no thanks. I’m not looking for a relationship"

He replies: "What are you looking for?" 

I reply: "It shouldn’t matter what I am looking for, im just not interested. Go ask someone else that is single or get a dating app. I appreciate the thought In any case I hope you have a good day" 

I’m not a mean person and I do mean that I appreciate the thought but I have a lot to juggle and you just aren’t someone that pushes my buttons. Sorry not sorry man. 



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I have a hard time with being bored and sitting still. I already know this and have for years but it really hit me when I was at work from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. I had to get up super early, drink half an espresso, a full cup of coffee, get ready and drive to work before the sun was up. By the time I got in the store I was wondering if it would be rude to just fall asleep in my car and not walk in. I was pretty tired and I knew that the day was going to be long and full of boring events. So of course I did my best and got into work. I had to be in early because of inventory and just like every other inventory I have done it was long and the numbers were building on top of each other. I had to count everything on the floor of the store and highlight all the price tags. By doing that it took twice as long and by the time 10 a.m rolled around I was only 3/4th of the way done with my list. 

So I took my break, went to Panera and got some breakfast and of course another cup of coffee. I felt exhausted and I still had to work from 11-5. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to pass the time. 

Once I had my hour break I came back and got a set of instructions from my manager. I was to finish the counting stuff on the floor and from there count the boxes, and papers in the back stock. My brain was hurting and I could feel myself dragging but I somehow managed to do all of that and pass the time. Once 4 p.m rolled around I knew that I was ready to pass out so I canceled on dinner with my dad and decided that once I got off I was going to go home, eat some leftovers and then pass out early. Inventory always drags me down and I have done plenty to know how I feel once it’s over. Of course once 5 rolls around I ended up getting into drilling myself on the ice cream flavors and what they had in them and one of the managers that was closing suddenly came in the store and heard me. 

Let’s just say when I left the store I was slightly embarrassed and I felt like I could sleep for two days.

I just hope I don’t have to inventory again for a long time. 


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