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The race is tomorrow. Six months I have been training and it’s finally here. IN a strange way it doesn’t feel real and quite honestly I feel really nervous. I have thirteen miles to run and when that’s over I have the rest of the day to drink, eat, and relax. Then I get up the next day I am out of town and on my own for an entire month. 

Really though this is all about the race. To be honest I never saw this being real. At first I thought that maybe I would back out at the last second and call it quits. At the time I was working at Whole Foods and I was doing 20-40 hours a week and most of my shifts were closing. So I would get off around 10p.m, go home and run. By the time I would be done running it would be almost 11:30 and by the time I showered and sat down it would be well past midnight. For a while that was fine and I was getting the miles in but I soon realized how that wasn’t going to fly when I left that job. 

When I started working at Kilwins I remember how nervous I was about this whole experience. This was a new store, new people and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make this balance of a part time job, my blogging (and YouTube) job and the training work in a way where I didn’t feel like I had exhausted everything out of me. Yet I always manage to get surprised. The people at Kilwins are just so supportive and awesome. They are nice and always tell me that its not really about them, it’s about you and what you are wanting. They have supported me and this whole process the entire way and they still are rooting for me as I make my transitions to traveling being my full time job. 

This has been one crazy journey and I am so glad that I decided to do this half marathon. It has taught me a lot about myself and I couldn’t have done it at a better time. 

So wish me luck on this race tomorrow and just in case you all were wondering, yes I am going to be making videos while I am gone so, go Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my adventures! I got a lot planned for this month off and I want to share that experience with you guys. 

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Four more days. Four more days and then all this training, running and stress will be put behind me. The past six months have been a crazy roller-costar when it comes to my training and I have to say, it has been very rewarding to me. I never expected to ever get passed four miles and to be able to get all the way to ten is such an amazing feeling. Most people my age don’t like to do much of anything when it comes to exercise and if it weren’t for the influence of my father then I would have never gotten into this sport. 

Of course I am one of those people who were very fortunate with the way I grew up. I was always able to play soccer, I had access to horseback riding, I did some water sports like skiing and wakeboarding. So I have been athletic most of my life. I may not be very good when it comes to my ability to do most things but I still enjoy the exercise. 

I am very happy that I have this chance to run these thirteen miles at my age. I feel like I am finally accomplishing something for myself and my setting this standard and by pushing myself I feel like I can show the world that you can literally do anything as long as you want it bad enough. 

So yes my followers, the race is soon and once it’s over I will be releasing a few different things to talk about this race itself. I want to share what happened, what it was like, the challenges I faced and a few other things with you guys. Wish my luck at the race and I will see you all at the finish line!  


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My feet hurt and for the first time in months I got another blister. I’m telling you guys, it sucks so bad but I can’t complain with what made that blister. I have now ran ten miles. Ten miles is so strange and honestly I was really working this time. I felt it in my heart and legs but my lungs felt fine. For a while I was running and able to do little dances while running. Mostly by using my hands to exaggerate certain parts of the songs I was listening to. It was quite dramatic but also a nice way to spend my time. Trying to make it more fun. 

Then a wonderful thing happened. It rained. Yes It rained while I was running and I think it made the run much easier. I was able to keep up my nine minute pace most of the way and I felt pretty good through most of it. When I got to around seven miles, I began to feel a little drained. I have been working non-stop since I have gotten back from Canada and even though its good it also is a lot of time and energy to give out. I did a eight hour shift before I did the ten miles but, that was really my only option. 

Sometimes you gotta do things at crazy times of the day. 

Once the ten miles were finally finished I felt like my body had become a stone block. I walked it out a bit and by the time I got to the end of my driveway to do the loop, I was feeling the pain on my feet. The adrenaline was gone and exhausted but also pride was there. There’s just something in being able to do a run like that. I can tell you guys I have come such a long way and I hope I do good on this half marathon. We are so close.

Stay tuned with my updates as we get closer and closer to the race. After the race is done I will report how it went. Until then fellow runners and followers


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So as some of you may or may not know I have twenty two one days left until my Half Marathon race. It feels like this past six months has flown by. Its nuts. When I started I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the thirteen miles, I mean I could barely do five and I was always doing three miles on a regular basis. For me it seemed like maybe I took on more than I could chew and yet I persisted. I changed how many miles I was running on a every other day basis and I steadily started going up. I went from three to four, to then five and from there I lingered a little. I wasn’t sure if I could do more than five. I had a hard time keeping pace and I honestly felt like maybe it was too long for me. I had a hard time concentrating and I had a hard time pushing myself to move onward. 

Then my neighbor stepped in and for a while she became my push to go run in the mornings. We had a nice time and sure it was super early in the morning but it was so rewarding to have someone to push and to encourage. It lit something in me and from there I just took off. I went from five to six miles and six was a whole new territory for me. I wasn’t sure how I would respond to doing six miles but I managed to finish and I was so excited. When I got in the shower I was yelling "Fu** Yes! I did it!" It just didn’t seem possible and after it had all settled and I was washing away the sweat from how hard I worked, it became a reality that it was happening. 

After I accomplished six I started setting myself up to go further. ON a regular basis I would run four miles and on the weekend I would do one long run. I maneuvered to times that seemed a little late for most people but I knew that if I didn’t do it on the day that I had planned that I would progress at all. So I kept going. Quickly it went from six miles to nine miles and I remember how I felt when I cross my home made finish line after my watch went off saying nine miles. I felt like I could do the thirteen. I felt so good and my body felt like it was on the best high it had ever been on. I wasn’t shaking, I wasn’t dieing to catch my breath, but I was overjoyed with the realization that I didn’t stop and I made it all the way. 

I know I can do thirteen now, I just have to push myself to do the race and finish. I hope you guys will continue to support me and I hope that the race turns out to be amazing. I need to do this race not only for myself but as a start to a new chapter in my life. 

Do you guys have any goals you’re trying to accomplish? 


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So the past three weeks has been a roller-coaster ride when it comes to my half marathon Training. At this point and time I have reached the nine mile marker and I can happily say that I can run the nine miles. It was hard to concentrate after a while but I managed to find ways to keep myself going. While I was running I was looking at the houses in the neighborhoods I was running in. I was seeing who had boarded up and who hadn’t. Not too surprisingly there were very few houses who had boarded up. There was even one that had Irma spray-painted on the front door. Kind of dramatic but that’s ok. Really it seemed to make the run more interesting and made me think of the type of people who lived there. 

As I was running I also noticed that there were a lot of For Sale signs up all of the sudden. It made me wonder if people were just putting them up because they knew their house wouldn’t exist anymore when the hurricane passed or if it was one of those "were tired of Florida" things and they just hadn’t found anybody to buy the house yet. In any case there were quite a bit of people who had the for sale signs up. So of course I took all of this in while I was running my nine mile trek. There were even people that kept coming out on the streets and I had to move to avoid hitting them. I was on a path and I was going to finish one way or the other. 

AS I kept going on my nine mile trek I think I forgot about how much further I had. I just kept thinking about the areas I was running in as foreign lands. Lands that I conquered as I finished up a certain area. I think in the end that was what kept me going. Just thinking about sections of the run as me conquering lands. It kept my mind busy and I would find myself smiling at random times. I think it was the idea that I was beating my imaginary enemies that kept me going through it all and made the run that much better. 

That with the winds that were cooling me down while I ran I felt pretty confident in doing the nine miles and once I was done I realized how I felt about this training and how i was glad that I switched my program to the way it is now. If I hadn’t I probably would still be at five miles. Now five miles looks like an easy task compared to the nine. The real challenge will be knowing if I can run nine miles while were in Canada. 

It really is awesome to progress. 


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