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One entire month of adventures lay ahead of me. Very Very soon I will be taking off to go to all different kinds of places so that I can expand myself as a human being. I’m craving the adventure and quite honestly I am feeling like I need to get away from home. It may not be perfect and quite honestly it may not be all butterfly’s and rainbows but I think this will be a good way to get myself ready to a life that I want to pursue. I will be going to all kinds of places and in the process I will be getting my inspiration from what I see and feel. I will be taking Spice with me as well and advertising our adventure as we go. 

I hope you all are ready for some cute pictures of Spice as she experiences a lot of her "firsts". She has never been on a trail, she hasn’t backpacked, she hasn’t been around so may sights and sounds and I want her to experience them and get her ready for the life that we are aiming for. I also am considering selling some of my photography and I hope some of you will be interested in purchasing some of my pictures. I won’t be doing that till the beginning of next month and it will be a first for me. I hope you guys are ready to bring your wallets and to put my pieces up on your walls. 

So with all of that being said, be ready for awesome YouTube videos, fun pictures, blog posts that tell you all the experiences I am having and lots of fun stuff that lay ahead. I cant wait for all of this and I hope you guys are pumped to follow my adventure. Life is too short to be stationary. It’s time to take those steps in the direction that I want to go and start my own path in life. 


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After our first day in the park we had decided that the next day we were going to get up and go run. It was about 70-80 degrees in the park and it was just beautiful. We thought that maybe we could do our long runs while we were there so that we would keep up with our half marathon training. It seemed like a really good idea and honestly I was excited about it. I had never ran in a park like that and I thought that the nice cool air would be a wonderful change. Turns out that we were wrong. 

When we started out on our runs it seemed to be a little more difficult than usual. My legs felt like led and I had a hard time breathing. It didn’t occur to me that we were on a higher elevation and what that would do to us physically. So of course I tried to push through it. I thought maybe this would be an interesting challenge and if I just kept going that I would eventually make it. About half way through I realized that I just don’t have the experience when it comes to running in higher elevation and when I reached three miles I had to stop and walk my way back to camp. My legs felt wobbly and I felt bad for giving up but at the same time I knew that if I overdid it that I might not make it all the way back to camp. 

Dad got to seven before he stopped and I honestly felt like a washout next to him. I wished I could have done more but the elevation was kicking my ass. On the other hand I also knew that we would be hiking and knowing that, I just set my mind towards the rest of the day. 

After we ran, showered and cooled off we took a look at the map they gave us and decided to do the shorter hiking routes. That way we could do more and explore. The area was filled with Lakes and each location had two or three different hiking trails that were about a half mile apart from one another. It was paradise to me. So many options and so many ways you can go. 

But first, we needed to get breakfast. So we went to Two Rivers and ordered ourselves some delicious food. The girl that was there remembered us and offered us a cup of her favorite coffee. She was really nice and as it turns out, she left Florida to come to Algonquin. I was surprised and quite honestly a little jealous. She had a cabin down the road from where she works and I can only imagine the things that she gets to see. I always wonder about how places would look if they were covered in snow and I can only imagine all the photograph opportunities. 

Once we were done with our food we made our way to our first hike. Let me tell you guys that I am so happy that I have a family member that loves doing outdoor activities like hiking and camping. We could spend an hour or two just walking around on a trail and enjoying the area. The first trail though was filled with surprises. The first one was a Garden Snake that I happened to hear rustling in the leaves. 

He was quite beautiful and as it happens he was the second Garden Snake that I happened to get a picture of in my photography career. So amazing and quite honestly beautiful. The colors on him were a nice shade and I couldn’t just let him go without taking his photo. On these trails we ran into a lot of interesting wildlife and some strange fungus. One of my favorite finds on the trail were these cool little mushrooms that my Dad pointed out to me. 

 Not too far from the mushrooms we came across one of the weirdest but coolest things I have ever seen. It was a caterpillar climbing up a spider web. Now I’m not sure if they do that all the time or if this guy was starving and just decided to use the web to get to his dinner faster but I can tell you that I wish I had a micro lenses because oh my god was it so cool to see. The picture I got of him makes it look like he’s just climbing up thin air but I swear, his climbing up a web. 

Really All I can is that the day was peaceful and so nice to see the change. There were falling leaves everywhere and it was so nice and secluded. A piece of the world away from civilization. If you guys ever get a chance to go to Canada I highly recommend going to Algonquin. Its beautiful and there are so many places to explore. I know I will be back and I know next time, next time I will get my picture of a moose. 



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From Niagara Falls to Toronto I can tell you that we had such an amazing time exploring the area. Of course two weeks is never enough time to do everything and anything but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it. 

From those two locations we made our way to Algonquin State Park. Its massive and my Dad had been there when he was a kid so of course we planned to go there last to have a few days where everything was calmer and quieter. There we could also do some hiking and just be a part of nature itself. Let me tell you that, the drive was beautiful but I sadly feel asleep due to us being us early almost every day. Plus my body wasn’t used to walking around so much. It’s not like we live in an area where you can camp, hike and run around all day. Sure you can go to the beach and walk around the neighborhood but it isn’t the same as being in an area you don’t know, where you have lots to do , or go hike all day and do it whenever you want and just manage your own time. Back home you have more responsibility and honestly nothing new ever happens back home. In nature there is always something to explore. 

So as a I slept my dad made progress on where we were going. After an hour nap I woke up to being in an area to get gas and coffee. My dad got a cup and we were off. The colors up there were beautiful. Almost like a new sight to my eyes. We were right in the middle of the fall colors making an appearance and I couldn’t stop myself from staring. Even when we entered the park it was just magnificent. There were all kinds of colors on the levees. Green, orange, yellow, even PINK. That never happens, ever and to see that I was so mind blown. I always imagine the world looking like a beautiful an exotic place and I wish it was so amazing and beautiful everywhere but we have made most places into cities and have clogged up the air. It was like my heart had started beating again and I was somewhere that made sense. I was amazed and I felt so at peace there. 

Once we got our campsite, bought wood and kindling and had set up everything we decided to go find food. When we were up there they were doing a lot of construction so there were times when we had to stop and wait our turn to go on the one road that they had given us access to and from there we got to see how much nature there was. A two lane road surrounded by forest. 

We arrived at this little inn called Two Rivers and it has a store to buy souvenirs. We ordered our food and checked out the photos that were up and for sale. Foxes, moose, wolves, owls, I mean it was amazing on how many different kinds of wildlife there was. 

That day we spent mostly just relaxing. It had been a little bit of a drive and up in Canada you can go only 60mph and the fines there are really high if you get caught speeding so we didn’t take that chance. 

I am telling you guys that this place was phenomenal and I had never seen anything so magical. I can’t wait to see how it looks in the winter. I imagine it’s a completely different sight that will take my breathe away. 


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Hey guys! So just making a quick extra post for ya'll! My next video on my trip to Canada is coming out tomorrow! Go check out my Youtube Channel and check out part 1 of the adventure and make sure to subscribe! 

Part 1 Down below!


Thank you guys for the support and the more people that subscribe and follow my channel then the better my chances will be to make this my full time job! Please go and follow whatever you can and help me make my dream as a full time traveler come true! 

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Day 7 was a rest day

ne of the last days that we spent in Toronto was going to the Science Center. The Science Center was huge and had four floors that you could explore. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the science center since I never did any good with science. I thought that it was mostly boring but I also knew that my Dad wanted to go back there. So of course we went. It was the only place where we had to actually drive to the place since there was no public transportation that had access to the science center. So we go there and enter in this big building. We walk down this hall with all kinds of information and once you’re through the hallway you come out to this big space filled with people in lab coats. They are all friendly and say hello to you immediately. I was slightly thrown off but, that’s ok, sometimes the unexpected is nice. 

AS we explored the areas we came to a lot of interactive games. One was about quick thinking and skills. You had to basically survive going up Mount Everest and make decisions based on what you would do in that situation. I died...twice...BUT my dad actually survived. goes to show that he is smarter sometimes. 

There was other cool stuff to that they had around. They had this machine that read your pulse and made colors based on how high or low your pulse is and if you get four people to participate then it shows all four colors. They also had a machine where you get to interrogate a friend of yours and then watch the video play back, once you watch the video you can see the indicators on if that friend  was lying or not and point it out to them. 

I think the cool part was the area where you could touch the walls and make different musical beats. The idea was to make a soundtrack that was nice to dance to and I really enjoyed the set up itself. It was just so darn cool. 

Really most of it was still in the process of being set up and we blazed through it. I thought maybe there was more to the area and I was very pleased that it was mostly interactive. Of course it had changed a lot since the last time my dad had been there but all in all we had a nice time. 

Afterwards we went to a nice place that we went to the day before. It was called Migilligans and they had a nice bar and wonderful food. The people there were wonderful and they remembered us from the day before. They served us wonderful beverages and introduced me to new types of vodka drinks and a coffee with a nice amount of rum. We even had a nice chat with the bartender and our waitress and she gave us some insight on where she had been and the wildlife she had seen. I loved that place a lot and I know that when I go back to Canada I will be paying that place a visit for sure. 

Most of the night was spent with us drinking and just kicking it back for the day. WE had ran that morning so we were having one of our last bad days before we had to head back home. Plus where we were going they didn't serve alcohol at the street corner where you could walk in and hey a bar! No next we were going to a state park so we really cracked down on food and beverages. 

It was a nice day well spent and I can tell you that both of us slept like rocks that night. 



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