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Every Year when we go up to Mackinaw Island we make sure to stay at a campground in Mackinac City. We go to the same one and we always love it. There are a ton of bugs but not too man bite. The weather is incredible and something to be recognized. The people are nice and seem to enjoy what time they have to chat with those of us who visit. Lastly, it’s just so calming. They have just enough to do in the area that you’re not worried about what to do for a few days. If getting drunk for the day is your plan then you can do that in a safe environment with a wonderful view of the water. When you go into town there are a few little shops that you can explore. They have a tiny plaza that has a movie theater, several fudge locations, haunted house, music, and some places to eat. One of my favorite shops is a weapons shop called Enchanted Knights. They have all forms of items that I enjoy. From sculptures of fairies and gargoyles to t-shirts with graphics on them. There’s also some necklaces with your astrology sign and wands from harry potter world that you can purchase. In the corner of the store though is my favorite section. Weapons. They have swords, knives, Zippos, arrows, Lord of the Rings crafted items, and throwing stars. 

The first time I discovered this little place of wondrously dangerous items I became entranced in the idea of owning swords. So I of course asked the guy about what was real and what was fake. He quickly gave me an answer with a smile and a clear description of everything I wanted to know. He gave demonstrations of certain ways people of the past used to fight with certain weapons that had a history. He told you how to hold the weapon in the correct fashion. He even sounded like a person who just was generally interested and cared about his job. No rather, someone who loved their job. Once we went through an hour of shopping I had made a decision on my first weapon. A sword and I got one that was of course, functional. I’m not going to own a weapon that doesn’t work. For weeks I messed around with it and carried it around when nobody was looking. I enjoyed the feel of it in my hands and I enjoyed showing it to people and educating them on what weaponry looked like when it was real. People were interested and it made a good conversation starter. 

So of course ive continued to go to him for the past three years and this past year I got to buy a little more than normal. We got very deep about functionality for when I travel. I like to be safe in those situations and so with his enthusiasm he lead me in the direction I wanted to go. I really do enjoy being able to see him and have him help me make my collection expand. Ever year he steps it up and surprises me with something I hadn’t seen yet. He always remembers me and treats me like I am a local who isn’t there once a year but all the time. It’s awesome to have someone remember what you like, who you are, and be respectful of you as a human. 

I can’t wait to see what this guy has for me next year. Until then my friend. 


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Your probably here because of the title of the post. I imagine most of your reactions are with one eyebrow raised and a mindset of politics in place. I'm sure you had this argument ready to put down for everyone to see and to go nuts on your opinions about this subject but, let me start off by saying that this is not a story with my opinion on marijuana. This is a story about my first night in my hotel in Boston. I didn’t put it in my original post because I thought it deserved a separate post. I mean, it was quite the spectacle and When everything happened I thought I was gonna be running out in my underwear with the hotel burning down. Let me start from the beginning though so you can understand and imagine what happened.

So after a long first day in Boston I had made it back to the hotel around 10 -11 p.m and I was pretty exhausted. I took a shower, changed into some sleepwear, turned on the television and ended up watching some reality TV show where they complained about their husbands and each other. The episode was about all these women going to camp to "solve their problems" and "work together". Yea ok. They all pretty much hated each other and wanted to rip each others throats out while they were attempting to put up their tents. It was quite amusing to watch them try and set up camp since I knew what you had to do due to experience in this field. They were doing everything all wrong and it ended up taking them an hour to put up one tent. Needless to say I got a good laugh in by the time the commercial was up.

Once there was a break I decided to go get some snacks. I was craving something sweet and I happened to want a bottle of water. Putting on my sandals and grabbing my key with my wallet, I headed out my room and down to the fifth floor where the vending machine was. I waited patiently while the guy in front of me bought his stuff. I stepped up, bought my snacks and water and went back to the sixth floor where I was staying. At the time I didn’t smell anything and it was pretty quiet in the hotel. Entering my room I ate my snacks, drank some water and then proceeded to go to bed.

Imagine the fire alarm at a school going off. Its loud, repetitive, and gives you a headache if your listening to it enough. Well at 3 a.m I get woken up with a loud and repetitive message saying "Warning, If the alarm goes off on your floor, please evacuate the building immediately". Half asleep and confused I got out of my bed as soon as the alarm started blaring through my ears. Within a minute I had realized what was happening and managed to throw on jeans , a shirt, and grabbed my essentials before opening the door. Nobody was outside. Not a single soul. Just the alarm making some music. I stood there frozen to the spot unsure of what to. The door next to mine opened and a women stepped out in her pajamas looking around sleepy eyed and one by one others stepped out. Nobody made any drastic movements to the staircase but we were all thinking if we should.

An officer comes around the corner and tells us that its ok and to stay where we are. There wasn’t a fire but there was something going on. They just didn’t know what it was. Standing there patiently I watched as the officer went to the doors and started knocking, asking the people inside to step outside. One by one she went and opened the doors. It became evident that they were searching for a source and I got to witness it all. The officer goes to the end of the hallway and all I hear is the door slamming. I turn my head and there's a couple with a backpack and running in a blind direction to get out of the supposed "burning building".  The officer notices them and catches them as they are trying to leave.

"Where you going?"

"The alarms going off, are we suppose-"

"No stay in your rooms, there's no fire"

The couple looks very much in distress. They look at one another and proceed to creep back into the room. The officer turns and goes to the elevator. The couple then comes storming back out and goes to the stares in a bolt. The officer, missing this scene, comes back and starts opening doors on the other side of the hallway. The alarm is still going off and I'm starting to get a headache. The residence that are in the building are all still standing in their doorways. The officer gets to the end of the hallway and is having issue getting one door open. Either she cant hear the people inside or they locked the door. One way or the other the officer was trying super hard to get it to open up. During the commotion the couple reappears and seems to be in a better state of mind. The officer sees them. 

"Where did you go?"

"we just went down and outside for a bit, to get some fresh air"

The officer tells all of us then to go back into our rooms and I'm thanking the heavens that I can go back to bed. I turn and the door is just shut when I hear "do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

"It smells like marijuana"

Instantly I stop in my tracks. I think about the couple and their odd behavior. All of it suddenly made sense. They were getting rid of the evidence. I smiled. Those little liars but they got away with it. Nobody got arrested and nobody got escorted out of the building. Sometimes people can be smart even in the most drastic situations. 


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I went to a wedding a few years ago. It was for a friend’s sister and I had ended up taking a mutual friend with me. We got along pretty well and it just so happened that the wedding was on a weekend where she could get away with a small trip. So, with some coordination, hope and some nerves we met up quickly. We were so pumped to go together on this trip. It was just the two of us in the car and on the road and I love me a good road trip. We had decided to stop in Florala to take some pictures and relax for a bit. It had been a few hours on the road and we wanted to make it fun and exciting. So, we stopped. We walked the railroad tracks and went up on the dock they have on the lake. I told her some of my backstory with the place and how I knew about this little town. To this day it is still an interesting area to me. I like the areas where it’s been partially collapsed and left behind railroad. Both make for create locations for photos and if you are into a few minute stop then it’s perfect. 

With some photos, stretching and story sharing we then piled back in the car and decided to jam out to twenty one pilots and do dreads. Mostly it was just that the music was loud and a little bit of conversation arose here and there. We had even made a pit stop at a gas station for her to smoke her cig and to get some cute little snacks. It was quite the show and honestly a little different from the usual routine. It wasn’t bad but it was odd for me. With that stop made we got back in the car and made our way to the destination that my GPS had picked out. We get close to our destination and it turns out that it’s in the middle of the mountain and there are no houses in sights. No cabins. Just random places that are mostly dark and mysterious. We also happened to have no cell service so with lightning speed we drove up and down the road until my friend, Taya's phone got the location. It was almost a half an hour the other way. The heaviness of the situation was now gone and we quickly got to a Wal-Mart and met up there. Then we were lead to the cabin where we would be staying for the next night or two.


Let’s just say that there was a lot of drama for sure and we all ended up getting on edge. Nobody slept due to a loud snorer, everyone was crazy drunk, there was a breakdown, crying, love triangles and so much that it’s hard to keep track of it all in that little three day weekend. But let me just tell you how happy this wedding made me. Honestly, this wedding was off the charts fun. I went through an embarrassing time then where I caught the bouquet and the tradition is that the person who catches it gets a lap dance from the guy who gets the garter when they throw it and the guy has to put it on the girl who is getting the lap dances leg and the higher the girdle is the better the marriage will be. The pressure was on and I tried to get out of it. Trust me I TRIED so hard to get them to let me back out but tradition was tradition and the mother of the bride was scary! So I had no choice, I sat in that chair and the guy walked up. Quickly he apologized and without much delay I took his drink and poured the rest of it down my throat. 

I got quite the reaction from the crowd but if I was gonna make anyone happy on this trip it was going to be my old friend’s sister. The crowd laughed and was in shock but let it go when i let the guy put the girdle all the way up my leg. I had shorts on and I didn’t give a flying **** if he went that high. I just didn’t want to get murdered by this women staring at me. So quickly we did the ceremony and I got a buzz from chugging moonshine. I then had to take a picture that is probably embarrassing but I don’t really care. Looking back on it, it was an awesome wedding. People danced until they couldn’t anymore and nobody cared how bad you were at it, they all joined in and made fools of themselves with you. It was glamourous and quite beautiful.

So far, no other wedding has matched that one, maybe someday. 



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I took a risk in April. It was a last minute decision to go to a podcast show one month after my previous trip. I wasn't sure if work was going to let me take off but I decided to go for it anyway and explain that I had already bought tickets. Truthfully I was nervous and didn't buy them straight away. First I had to figure out expenses and that was quickly adding up as I looked at flights. For a ticket at this time it was going to be around $400 just to get there. Talk about crazy. 

So with determination I kept searching. I looked at so many sights and did the match as I went. I had even asked my dad if he would be interested in going since he also liked listening to the podcast with me. I gave him a few days to think about it and I had hoped he would say yes. I hadn’t been to a big city by myself and I was nervous about this new system in my experiences. I tried to tell myself that he would go with me and that things would be better then I feared. Turns out, it was what I feared. He said no since we had just gone on a trip and it just so happened one of his favorite bands was doing a show not to long after the podcast and that's was what he wanted to spend his money on instead. 

Feeling saddened I kept my head up and hoped that I would gain some courage and for a bit I had convinced myself I was going to go do this trip and it was easier then I was fearing. Yet work had stopped me and I got left with the idea of me spending more then what it was worth. Letting it go I sat on it for a few days trying to convince myself it wasn't worth the trouble. 

Then a new episode came out and I threw myself back into the search. I only have one life and missing this would be a terrible decision on my part. I decided to use expedia and I found a way to spend less. Picking a cheap hotel, plus a plane ticket there and back I realized that it was better to fly out if Atlanta then where I'm from. Formulating a plan I sent a text to someone I hold dear to my heart and asked if they could help me on this trip by letting me stay with them. They had just moved there and I wasn’t sure what they would say. I was scared that it was too late to ask and it would fall through. My spending for this trip easily could have been doubled but thanks to an ok, I got a place to put my car and to sleep for a night. 

With everything in place I saved my cash, prepared my quickly beating heart and set out to Atlanta. It had been a while since I had been alone on a trip and it was so exhilarating to be driving once more to a far off city. It made my heart smile. With much communication and determination I arrived later than expected. Yet I was OK. I had made it to the first stop. With much tiredness in me, I quickly made my way to the bed and fell asleep for the night after a wonderful welcome from my hosts. It felt like ages and unfortunately we didn't have much time while I was there. 

The next day came quickly and we were on our way to the airport. My stomach was doing flips the whole way and the excitement was pouring over. I hadn't flown by myself before and I hadn't been on a plane since I was in middle school. I was ready to experience it again. With butterflies in my stomach I made haste to my boarding station which just so happened to be all the way at the end and the very last terminal. I let out the breath I was holding and met two strangers with their child. They were sweet and we're telling me about visiting family in Boston. They didn't expect the heat and humidity in Atlanta but had enjoyed the time away. They now we're going to their mothers and we're excited for the sudden snow there but also not happy about the cold. 

Sadly we didn't get too long to talk and we had to board the plane. Quickly settling in, I got to experience that feeling of takeoff. I remember being jealous of the person at the window. I wanted so badly to see it with my own eyes but I sadly got the aile seat. So I had to look over shoulders and I definitely got looks. With only a two hour flight my excitement was quickly cut off. Once we had landed I felt myself smiling and this caught the attention of three other souls across from me. We talked about snow and how for their friend it was her first time. To them if was ridiculous to hear her saying how pretty it was and how she was excited. Little did she understand the coldness it would bring to her warm skin. 

With all of us waiting we said our goodbyes and we're off the plane moments later. I quickly found my way outside and it was now 40 degrees. It was snowing and cold. It was like nothing I had seen. White everywhere I looked and people putting their heads down and trudging on. They probably have seen it all their lives but to me, it was a new paradise. After half an hour I met my driver. He was from Boston and was learning an ancient language to go to his home country. Very kind man who was loyal to the job and loved his wife very much. He knew Boston well and told me its history as we drove downtown. He gave advice for me to go see certain things and to enjoy my time, although he wasn't sure if I would with all the snow around. With much exuberance I told him I would enjoy it either way. He then said his goodbyes and left me to myself at the hotel that was a mile from the convention. Heading inside I checked in. Got my key and heading up to the sixth floor. Once inside I realized why it was cheap. Just the basics inside. A heater, a shower, TV, and a toilet. All you need in a tiny space. 

In the little time I had I headed out to look around. With a little bounce in my step I hit all the places I could walk to and got some dinner. They had a wonderful Raman shop that sold real Raman bowls with large salads. They seemed interested in me and my appearance as I was wearing a heavier jacket then people who were used to the cold and snow. They seemed to like watching me for a bit and then they would move on. Once I was done I walked to the town and meet two women who were taking photos. Smiling I said hello and without much thought we started talking. Quickly I gotta asked the question "are you here by yourself?" And with a smile I answered in a way they weren't expecting. 

"Why of course" and both ladies eyes got wide and a smile broke out on their faces. "I wish I could do that" and the other girl nodded and looked at her friend "we've been wanting to travel, it's funny we were talking about it a few days ago" and with those words we jumped to quick conversation about my traveling and I saw the sparkle in their eyes. I was inspiring. I was an example of a new generation unfolding. It made them nod and say "I want to do that" and that reaction was just the beginning. Once the girls had left I ran into an older lady with her new puppy. He didn't have booties yet so she had to carry him over the salted road.  I smiled as the puppy happily wiggles in the snow. She smiled at me and started a conversation about the snow and salt. With much happiness the older lady talked with me for an hour and made me realize that good people exist. It's just that you have to listen.  She heard all about me and seemed happy to have company. After a bit I got introduced to a fellow who was going to college not far from there. We all chatted and once they went inside I parted ways. I went back to my hotel and after much wrestling I realized I wanted to work out. It had been days and I was craving a run. So I looked up gyms. The closest one was a mile into town. With determination and quick thinking I packed a bag and used my GPS to lead me downtown. 

Boston is pretty at night but being alone in a big city and a woman made me hurry a bit more. It made me worry about being noticed or followed and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the stereotype if cities or if it was my imagination. Either way I quickly got to the gym and made my way to the treadmill. So many people were there and it was nice to be surrounded by other hard working souls. Three miles later and a sweat to show my hard work I walked my way back to the hotel and bustled my way to my room where I took a shower and passed out. 

The next day I spent wandering the city and enjoying the air. I bought souvenirs and some warmer socks. Once I got to the show I was so excited that I'm sure my heart was going to flop out of my chest at any given moment. This was it, I was going to hear and see the Lore podcast live. The lights dimmed and the voice came over the speaker. He said a hello and gave his intro and came to the words the officially start the podcast 

"I'm Aaron Mankie....and this is Lore"


The whole event was like a fairy tale. He sounded like he was coming out of a book and it seemed so surreal to be there. I saw every moment and witnessed the beginning of a beautiful start for this podcasts progress. I even got to meet him afterwards and he was so amazing. I even bought cds of the classical music and the entire time he was genuine. I could tell he loved his job and he loved his stories. That just was so wonderful and it may have only been a few days of experiencing Boston but, it was enough to make me smile. It was so cool and I want to go see more. Boston is so rich with history and I just want to see it all. 

I want to see its beauty in more refined detail. Someday Boston, someday. 


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Everyday is a new day for new exploration. Sometimes though we revisit certain places where action happens. Places where there is always something going on and every time you go it's still like a fresh canvas that you itch to paint on. A canvas that you color as you experience the moment. For me, today is one of those days. I get to revisit the city of Atlanta and my reason? A VIP concert for Icon For Hire. Yes, VIP. As soon as they went on the website I had to stop and think. When it happened I was at a Passenger concert and I didn't know if I could take the time off. As the days went on I found myself sitting in a Genesis concert with my father buying the tickets. I asked for as little time off as I could so I decided to do the trip in a day. One single day of driving, walking around, and getting to enjoy the moment and the next sleeping it all off and recovering. Solid plan if I say so myself and honestly it's nothing I can't afford to. From where I live it's a good five or so hours to get to Atlanta which is very doable for me.

So now fast forward a month and here I am, in a huge city where concerts happen almost every single day and everyone goes about their days like it's nothing at all. Coffee, music, people, cars, traffic, and craziness all in one location. First things first though when you travel to the big city, always be prepared. Bag packed, Car filled, and beverages in the car I drove down to Atlanta. Unexpectedly I found out that Little Five Points was about a ten minutes use drive from the venue. Since I arrived earlier then I expected I drove down to Little five points, parked my car and started my usual rounds on stores. It had only been a month since I had last been to this exciting place but you never know what businesses get in Stock so I thought I'd stop by the stores, do a quick sweep and see if anything screamed to be bought. As I went in and out of two stores I saw the coffee shop. Hungry and a little famished I decided to go ahead and stop on by and get a cup for myself. After all I hadn't slept much the night before and I had a long day ahead. Staying awake and alert was key to having a successful trip. Goings-on inside this quaint little coffee shop I quickly scanned the menu and ordered something familiar to me and also iced. At that moment jt was probably around ninety degrees outside and something cold and delicious was cling to me. Once the coffee was made, I headed outside and sat down to drink my selection. Unfortunately the coffee wasn't top notch but the whip cream was definitely the bomb. Next I got up and went next door to a little pizza place and ordered two slices of meatball pizza. Yes, meatball pizza. Lord oh mighty, was it perfection. Giant slices the size of my face and the length omy face and neck together along with some spices and you have top notch pizza that hits that hunger spot just right. Once that was devoured I realized that they had a pinball machine. Instantly I turned to it, and was pulled into the game. 

I've grown up around pinball machines so every time I see one I always feel like I have to check it out and see how good it is. I gotta know how good of condition it's in and how the game feels when you play it. Luckily it was free and not a lot of people were interested in playing so, I sat my happy self in front of that game and started playing. Quickly I caught two brothers attention. Without much of a thought I started talking more in depth about pinball and shared some stories about myself and my father and how I knew so much. Quickly the older brother responded telling me that  by my descriptions he could feel his agitation taking over as he was entering the "pinball world". Now I don't know about other people but I do find it quite entertaining to play pinball and when someone else has a real interest in it, I quickly become a interesting person to whoever is listening. Especially if they also like pinball. For a while the conversation held and we went back and forth speaking about conditions of the machine, what each pinball machine has in it, and just how entertaining they are. Before I knew it half an hour had gone by and his younger brother was ready to move onward in their day. So with a smile we both said goodbye to one another and parted ways. From the pizza place I made my way down to a little Shop that's all about peace for the world.

Quickstep I got greeted and complimented on my outfit. In return I complimented him on his awesome shades that he just so happened to be wearing. Seems the 80's were in style for some reason. Browsing thd shop I quickly set my eyes on a couple of items and got the guy to help me but before I could move onward on my purchase he stopped and looked at me. Smiling a little bit but keeping Profesional he turned and said

" I just have to be straight up with you right now, your very very pretty"

Taken aback a little by the sudden compliment I thanked him and moved the conversation onwards. Throughout the process it seemed that I made yet another friend in this town I visit every so often and as I was leaving I got told to come see this friend again sometime. Why of course, you haven't seen the last of me.

So with an hour before I had to be at the venue I made my way to my car, got in and drove to the venue. After about three circles around the area I found a underground parking garage and parked the car. I gathered my things and made sure I had what I needed and then headed in the best guessed direction of where the show was being held. Yet I had a realization after leaving the parking garage, I was in a "hood like area" which was fine but there were signs everywhere to "park smartly" and "were not responsible of your vehicle is broken into" signs. With that thought stuck in my brain I began to worry about where I had parked. But with a big deep breath in, I trudged onward until I ran into someone who directed me to the section where the concert was. Once I got through the garage area. Down the stairs and past the elevators I came to two lines for VIP. One for Icon For Hire and the other for another band. With no signs to indicate which was which I asked for help and got pointed to the far side. The line wasn't long but it was noticeable and I began to wonder how many were VIP and how many were general admission. With everyone in their own little groups, I quickly became alone.

Luckily we didn't wait long for them to start letting us know that vIP was to gather around at another door and to have our id's out as well as our tickets. We all dug through our bags and with the time ticking we were quickly in the doors and in a tiny room. At first it was confusing. I began asking my other fellow VIP people if this was the room they were gonna play in. I got mixed answers. Questions left unanswered I didn't get a chance to ask anyone else because right then the band walked in. Immediately I noticed that Ariel hair was longer then last time I saw her but it was much more vibrant and her makeup was on point. She looked very hot and she was rocking it. With posters in hand and a small batch of people we got to pick songs that they would play for the show.  Once we talked a bit, we got photos which quickly passed and afterwards we got one more vote and then we were off to the other room where the concert would actually be held. 

The concert area was a little bigger then the room before but not by much. For us ViPs we got to buy merchant first, get literally right up to the stage and first dibs on alcohol if you wanted any. After a quick scan of what was for sale I made my way straight to the front, right in the middle of the small stage. Now the events went by pretty quickly and it's was so amazing that it is almost difficult to put into words. For the concert we had four bands playing in total and the last one was Icon For Hire. For me the first band was just a set up round for the camera lighting and shutter speed settings. The second group was a little better but again was a tester. The third group, oh my lord. I love photographing bands and I love it when the band members are interactive with the people. Being right in the middle and up front mentioned that the band members could see me. I became a Beacon of smiles, tongues sticking out, jumping, faces, sweat, and hand shakes. The camera was a spotlight on me and it made me feel amazing to have an interactive band member literally getting so close the lense is almost touching them. Interactive, hot, sweaty, and so much fun. Also amazing practice. 

Then it happened. Icon For Hire was out and playing and it was an experience I won't forget. The bass was turned up so much I could feel it in my shoes. The band was right in our faces, pulling us up on stage, and sharing a moment with all of us. And me? I was in the middle of it all and I had a front row seat. There is nothing like having a literal moment with bands. For me, it was all in living and listening to the music. I was rocking and snapping pictures like a mad women. My ears were so far gone but it didn't matter because I loved it. I loved every second with every fiber of my being. We even got the band to do an anchor which they celebrated with confetti and at the end the guitarist dropped his pick on me. Quickly I made sure to have a secure grip on it and made it mine. Not only did I get a picture, signed posters, pictures up close and personal of them, but also a pick that was used by the guitarist and was signed. Bonus? Yes, indeed it was. 

The real nightmare though was once I got out of the venue and got to the parking garage. Everything quickly did a 360 in my stomach. As soon as the concert was over I knew I had to get out of there and make my way to the car and head home. After all I had a four to five hours drive ahead of me and it was eleven by the time we got out. Once I found the garage I got to the front and my heart stopped. The front was locked with a steel gate stating that the garage closed at 10 pm and didn't open till 6 a.m. 

Yes. Panic quickly set in. Taking a deep breath I looked around and saw a police officer. Quickly loving I approached and told her the situation. It only got worse.

"I'm sorry mam but we don't have any jurisdiction on that parking garage, go see if there's a number and have them help you" 

Well ****. Quickly walking back to the gate I looked at it and realized that there may be a umber on my physical ticket. I turned it over and thank Jesus, a number. Dialing with semi shaking hands I dialed the number and waited. And waited. And waited. *beeep* 

"Hello customer service -"

"Hi-" *click* 

I pulled the phone back and realized the number just went out on me. You have got to be ****ting me. Quickly I redialed. 

"Hello customer service"

"Hi, um look my car is in the parking garage and I can't get in"

"Is there not an area you can slide you card for the gate to lift and let you in?"

"Uh no, there's a metal gate in front of me and there's no access. I need to get to my car, I have to drive home tonight"

"OK mam, I would like to help your but what's your location?"

"75 martin luther kin Jr drive. It's underground parking" 

"Yes mam, the only problem is I don't see you in the system, what city are you in?"

I seriously can't make this stuff up. This really happened. 

"What- I'm in Atlanta GA "

"Is there no place to put your key?" 

"No, there isn't, I can literally just about see my car and there are other cars so I know there's others here"

"OK mam if I could just get your lo-" *beep*

What the ****? 

The phone had disconnected again and with a panic mind set I started to think I was screwed. Atlanta had given me a Doozie this time. As I was about to redial for a third time someone came around the corner asking if I was lost. I explained the situation and  he directed me to the front of the building and guess what? It's locked by a chain. Backing away the guy shrugged and went on his way. Without much else to loose, I started circling the building trying to see if I missed something and while doing that I dialed one more time to customer service. 

"Hello customer service" 

"Hi I was speaking to you a minute ago"

"Uh that would be a negative" 

"Uhhhhh, OK well look, I can't get in the parking garage and I see my car and I have to go home tonight" 

"Well mam Is there a key card slider that will let you in?"

"OK, look there- wait wait" and with much relief I found a back way in. Quickly I hung up and made my way inside. After a fumble or two of figuring out how to get down a floor, I made it to my car successfully. I've lost my car before while traveling but this was the one that took the cake, so to speak. I really thought I was stuck and yea. Those conversations are real. If there's one thing I hate about traveling, it's when panic overtakes you and combined with bad help, well it creates a storm. 

Pay attention and be safe out there, it can be rough in the world 

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