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When I was in New Zealand I took a tour of the Limestone caves. The tour is called the Ruakuri Cave Tour and it is in Waitomo, New Zealand. It also is near the Glowworm cave tour that I took and you can do a bundle package to see both or all three of the caves they have there. When I was there I only had time to do two of the caves so I was able to experience most of what was avaliable. Personally I thought they were amazing and I am glad I got to see both. It really made me feel small in this world. There is so much to explore and so much around us. This cave is just one of millions and it truly was wodnerous. 

Our guide was one of my favorite guides. He was funny, he was great at explaining everything around us and he gave me time to take photos of the cave and the wonders it held. He was also interested in what I do and we shared everything from politics to photography. 


In any case the caves are truly something and the history behind it is is something else. The cave was discovered somewhere between 400-500 years ago and it was by a maori hunter. While he was out hunting for food he was attacked by wild dogs that were near the entryway of the cave itself and because of that he ended up loosing the kill he made before and fled the area. Later on the elder and his tribe came back to the spot tand killed the dogs and ate them. After that the cave was named after the dogs ('rua means Den. 'Kuri' means Dogs which lead to Ruakuri) and the cave was then used as a sacred burial ground which is now protected with the construction of a sprial staircase that is a safe distance away from the real entrance of the cave. 


To be honest I was surprised by the history of this place. I wasnt expecting it to be a burial ground much less as anything sacred. I think that is what makes this place so facinating though. It adds an extra layer of beauty and depth to the cave itself. All these years of carving paths in the caves and all the work that mother nature did to make it the way it is and now we get to see it with our own eyes. If you ever get a chance to see those caves I would highly recommend it. Its truly spectacular and I enjoyed every second of it. 



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One of the things I did before I left New Zealand was a tour of the Glow Worm caves and the limestone caves. Since I got the Mighty Go Camper I was able to tour three caves for free but due to limited time I was only able to do two of the three tours. One of them was glow worm caves which sadly was off limits to taking pictures. If your ever in New Zealand and on the North Island I recommend doing the Waitomo Glowworm Cave tour. It was a lot of fun, the glowworms were nice and bright and it is the oldest cave for glowworms on the islands. Not only that but if you do rent from the Might Go Campers then it is a free tour and who can argue with free. 

So basically a glow worm is a winged insect. The glow worms have four stages that take about 11 months. The eggs are laid on the walls in clutches of 30 to 40 eggs at a time. Once the egg hatches the larvae emit a light, build their nest and put down lines and feed from them. The lines they put down are sticky (like a spiders web) and those who are attracted to the light that they emit are caught in the sticky thread and from there the thread is then pulled up and the food is devoured. The larvae stage lasts for about nine months. Once that is over it turns into a pupa inside a cocoon and then comes out as a two winged insect. 


Now the interesting thing about this insect is that once it hatches the adult stage only has a few days to live. They have no mouths to eat. No Digestive tract to process food. So, what are they alive for? To have a bunch of sex, lay eggs and then die. Now in this process of being alive there is a very good chance that the insects could get caught in another larve's sticky line and get eaten but if that is not the case then they basically find a partner of the opposite sex and go at it like rabbits. The male dies first and then the female dies after she lays her eggs where the whole process starts over again. 

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Dear Passenger, 

     I saw you live for the second time. It was after my trip to New Zealand and I already was feeling amazing and like a whole new person for doing something so amazing and for experiencing all the awesoness of that beautiful country. Then I come back to the United States to see you live and to hear you sing, talk about your life and to share an amazing moment with your audience. Of course in that audience I stood and listened to you as you sang your songs and shared another beautiful experience with me. I watched as people were touched by you, felt you love and compassion and sang along with not only their voices but also their souls. 

Music is a way of connecting us and the music you write really has helped me through so many tough times. Its helped me get over barrier after barrier and I am so happy to have continued to listen to your music. Of course I will continue to follow you as you grow and listen along as you release each new song into the world. Each is a new experience that I am more then happy to be apart of and when you come back to Atlanta I will be there to see you play once more. 

So Thank you. Thank you so much for being so awesome and for giving the world something new and amazing to listen to. It truly is amazing and means the world to now only me but to others as well. 

Until next time. 




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So I finally got around to editing more photos from My New Zealand Trip. It took a while to get just one folder done but I do have at least one completed. This folder was from the Milford Sound trip which was not only amazing but also eye opening to the untouched part of our world. To the ideals of what it would have looked like if we never came along. Its a place of beauty and awe. Its somewhere that makes me wonder and imagine. Really its everything I would think the world would be like if we all just left it alone. Of course we can never truly just leave it to its own devices. We can never just survive because we have adapted to comfort. Comfort of four walls, technology, AC, and so much more. This place In New Zealand is only accessible by water or air and that's all there is to it. So I bring you some more of the raw beauty of this place. 






I hope you guys enjoy! 

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On the 3rd the bf and I are going to see Twenty One Pilot sin concert. Im super excited to see them again after three years of waiting for them to come back. When I saw them live for the first time it was absoloutley amazing and I was sure I was going to faint when I saw them and what they had to give during their performance. Of course now its much different then it was back then. Their album Blurryface was pretty popular and its really what brought in the fans. For me personally I have been listening to them before they got so big and reached such huge audiences. So to see them grown not only makes me sad but also makes me proud to have listened to them for as long as I have. 

This album that just came out is different then the last one and is really quite something entirely new to not only me but to others. There are a few people that I work with that also love them as much as I do so I have heard a few opinions about how they feel and what they do and don't like. Personally I love the whole album but I have felt that way about every album they have put out so far. 

So in the next day we will be making the drive down to Tampa to see them live and this will be the bf's first ever big concert so I am sure it will be an experience for both of us. Personally I am most nervous about the drive to Tampa because I have never been through there but overall I think it will be fun. 

Another small trip, an adventure, and something to remember for us both. Hopefully it all goes well. 


What are your thoughts on Tampa? Is it a good city? Is the traffic bad? What is driving around there like?  Let me know what you think .

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