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Today I was supposed to be going to a concert. Unfortunately the date was changed to October. Why? I have no idea. It might be because they are trying to come out with a new album and they wanted a break to do that or maybe it was because they just wanted to extend their tour so they added new places on their tour. I can't read their minds so who really knows why they decided to do that. Either way I am still going to Atlanta but instead of going today I will be driving up there tomorrow morning. Me and a few other people will be going up there to climb at Stone summit. 

Really I am pretty excited about Stone Summit since I have heard so many good things about it. I want to go there for the new routes, to get some inspiration while climbing, and to just SEND IT in this new gym. I'm just happy that there are others that are willing to make that drive and to meet me there. I don't mind going alone but I think it's more fun to go with others, especially when it comes to climbing. Its a community effort and recently I have been loving the people that I climb with. 

There's just something comforting about being with others that also enjoy the sport. Its a community of people who want you to do well, tell you beta, and just make you feel good while your on the wall. I love that so much. Of course I do have days where I want to climb alone and not really be seen but then there are other days where having those people gives you the extra boost. 

I'm excited for tomorrow and I hope that I get some good photos and footage of everyone climbing. This is going to be so much fun.  

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Yesterday was one of those days where you pull an unexpected long shift. Yesterday we had 150 kids in the gym all attending a summer camp. To help have some kind of control they split them up into three groups. The first group of kids was between the ages of 5-6 which is a terrible age to explain rules to. They have no concept of what the rules mean or why they are in place so talking to them was pretty difficult. Luckily they had someone in charge that knew how to discipline them and make them listen. For two hours we had them in the gym. Once they left the next group came in. The ages from there were 7-8. 

Now that age is right around the corner of being manageable. They know more, they understand bigger words, they are starting to get into the groove of life and have some idea of what is actually happening. So for that group it wasn’t too bad. And of course, the second group was smaller than the first. So having them in the gym wasn’t terrible. To be honest they were the most quiet out of the three groups and we saw some really good future climbers in that group. 

The third group was the loudest but easiest to talk to. The ages were from 9-12 which meant that they knew what you were saying and could break down the rules without much trouble. Yet they were screaming the entire time they were in the gym. Right then and there I thought I was going to lose it. I had a headache, I was hungry, and just over it by the time they came through. Not only that but we had to give them rental shoes so by the time they were finished I had a stack of at least 30 rental shoes to wipe down, air out and then put away. 

By the time the summer camp was finished it was 3 p.m and I was ready to go home. Yet there was an unexpected turn. I found out that I was in for the long haul. I got stuck with pulling a twelve hour shift. Yes, twelve hours. Don't get me wrong, the pay was real good but, my suffering was not. I was so not ready for that and when cleanup came around at 8 p.m I was so done and ready to have a drink. Twelve hours and seven of it was with screaming kids everywhere. Let’s just say that after I got home, I had a drink, a shower, and I went to bed. Kids are just so exhausting to me and being around them for that long really drained me and turned my brain to mush. 

But hey, life is like that. Sometimes you get thrown unexpected shifts and you just have to suck it up and deal with it. 



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It.Is.Complete. Oh my gosh. I am so relieved right now. I finally got this piece done and I can finally take a deep breath and let all my stress and anxiety over it go. Honestly it took so long to do all three at once but I am glad that I did. If I had split them up I feel like the pieces wouldn't have been as amazing as they were together. Each piece is a different part of the bible. 

The first piece, the darkest one, was the creation of the world. The white going through the dark is God's presence or the holy spirit. The middle piece is Jesus's baptism which I think was one of my favorites to make because of the colors in the piece itself. Not only are they great transitional colors but they also are some of my favorite colors to work with. The third piece is the pentecost which was not only weird but interesting. Really if you look closely it has a lot going on but I feel like that was the pentecost itself. The holy spirit was passing down his knowledge to others and to go spread the word. It had to be chaotic, eye opening and just so out of this world. 


I honestly dont know what the church will think when they see it but I am so excited to show them and see what they think. I hope it works out and I hope that I make them happy when they see this work in its complete form. 

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Today is the Fourth of July! The day of independence. The day that we really became America of the ****ing united states. The day a lot of people sacrificed themselves so that we can be independent and live a life that nobody, anywhere else can have. It’s crazy to think that we are the one country. The one that everyone flees to for better jobs, better money, and better lives. Its crazy how we are represented. Of course if you dig really deep into the United States and you see the truth then you might not think it’s so great. Everyday people are getting cheated with information. Everyday people think that the fake news is the real news. Every day we work our butts off to make a minimum wage that can’t even pay for our rent and yet we still want to be independent. Every day we slave away and try to stay happy, fit, healthy, and have a good amount of sleep while still working that 9-5 job. 

It’s crazy how we see America but I guess it’s better than most of the other options out there. We get robbed of our social security but I guess that’s better than having your head cut off if you are gay or cheat on your wife. 

Today is one of those days to really remember where we come from, what we gave up to be a "free" country, and what we still do to stay "free". Yet the real question would be, are we really free? Is America really all that great? To be honest I am not so sure. I don’t really get into politics because I have grown up with it my entire life and after twenty years of hearing about everything you can imagine I mostly just listen but don’t put out my thoughts. Really I think its best just because I am someone who wants to live my best life and just be a part of the universe. Yet today I saw a George Carlin video about America and it just was ironic that I saw it today, on America's birthday of all days. If you didn’t see it on my twitter, well I am going to leave the link here. 

Enjoy you guys and Happy 4th of Fu**ing July. 


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Today I had a meeting with Immamuel Church in Destin. It was to go over color schemes, thoughts, and just the overall vision that I have for this amazing piece I am about to give them. After about a thirty minute talk about Jesus at his baptism, the colors surrounding that and the whole idea of the colors that should be in this piece we finally settled into what we are looking at. Honestly it just made things more concrete and I can now see this piece in full capacity. Its going to be messy, its going to be crazy, but it is going to be fun. I don't know how it will turn out but I hope that my vision comes to live and that I can show it to them and say "Do you see now what I was talking about!?" 

Pieces like this make me so excited. I can get creative but still have an idea of what the person is looking for. I'm nervous to do it but I am hopeful that it will be more beautiful in person then it is in my mind. Of course I want to show you guys as well the final product and get your guys thoughts on it. There's just so much to share, give, and love when it comes to art and I am ready to do all of those. 

Along side this piece I am also doing a personal piece for a friend (which I have mentioned) so I will be one busy lady this month.

So here's a question for those of you reading this. What do you think about God? Do you have any thoughts on the bible you wish to share or are you not religious like me? I wanna hear more about what others think and feel and put that into this piece. So if you have any thoughts or you want to talk about it then please leave a comment on this post or email me at and we can chat for a bit. I look forward to hearing from you guys

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