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Ive talked about this before but it was a while back. One of the very first posts I ever wrote on here was about traveling alone as a women. It was a little over a year ago and I remember how people were always asking me why I travel alone, telling me how dangerous it was, and how I should be traveling with a man by my side. It was always the same and sadly that still hasn't changed all that much. In the past year though I have heard more lines that go somewhat like "Good for you!" or "My daughter also travels alone" or "Wow, I could never do that but I admire you for that". 

I have heard all the lines by now and I can say that it never really gets old. You run into some people that make you roll your eyes but then there are a few people who make you smile and wonder about all the things they know. Through traveling alone I have grown a lot, not only as a person, but also as someone with a wandering spirit. The more I see and explore the more amazed I am by everything and the more I crave the outdoor lifestyle. I crave it like nothing I have ever craved before. 

I honestly don't know who I used to be when I was in school. It is the total opposite of who I am now and it still amazes me that I have come this far. If I was asked about adventuring five years ago I probably would have been to shy to leave my neighborhood. To go anywhere I didn't already know about. To be anything but this person who made all these promises that I never kept. Now I feel like I have grown into something more alive and real. 

School made me feel so alone and forgotten and by traveling around and seeing the world I have opened myself up more and I have made something out of the shy little girl. There is so much to see and do. There is so much to explore. There is so much more in our world then we think. 

Im proud that ive taken this time for myself. I'm proud that iv'e stepped up to the plate and ive decided to take time for myself. Im proud to be me. I may be born in a generation that doesnt like to go anywhere, do anything, or leave their little town they were raised in but I am not them. I'm one of the few in my generation who has decided to see the world. Be something other then a number, a fact or another person making babies. I want to be something in my life. I want to be SOMEONE who one day can say, I did that and I loved it. I want to live, breathe, and be who I am now and I am doing that.. 

I cant wait to see what is waiting for me when I finally am able to embrace everything that I love and be fully me.  

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Hello one and all! 

    I am so happy that you guys are here and are helping to support my dreams. Not only are you guys helping me grow as an artist but you also are supporting my dreams as a traveler. Right now I am in the process of settling into my camper and I can say that it quite the doozy. After all I have to do all the driving backwards and that is taking a little bit of time to handle. Of course I will have a video about that and all that I have experienced so far once I return back home. But in the meantime I would love to let you guys know about a piece that is 12% off right now. Yes 12% off! To be honest this is the biggest sale that I have ever had and depending on its success or failure will determine if I will do something this big again. So please take the time to consider purchasing my artwork. 

Now onto the piece I wish to tell you about. 


This piece was made pretty recently and it comes from a few different ideas that I had as well as an inspirational movie that a good portion of the world knows. The movie is L.O.T.R and I picked the title in reference to "The Great Eye". Now of course as you can tell the setting in the piece has nothing to do with the movie. Personally I have been working on my drawing skills and in the drawings I have been playing around with eyeballs and the different mythical creatures eyes. Which sounds weird but to be honest it is quite fun to do. You can go in many different directions and I quite enjoy the creative aspect of it. 

This piece is on poster board but it is quite large. It is a 22*28 piece so all you need is a frame from walmart and it will fit perfectly. I made it this size for that reason alone. Once you have it in the frame you can then hang it wherever you like and I really do think it is quite a unique piece. I have never done anything that like this before and really it was the play with the different shading I could do and the idea of eyeballs. Of course I need some work but it is a start to something new in my pieces. 

If your interested in this piece please email me at so that we can arrange getting to you as soon as possible. If you want to see what else I have for sale please click here to check it out. After all the 12% sale applys to ALL of my artwork. 


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2018-09-27 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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It is the big day. The day where I get to sit in an airport all day while I wait for my flight and experience the life of flying. To be honest im nervous, but also excited. Mostly because it means that I have to be around all these people all day and I have to figure out how to entertain myself while I am in this huge ass airport. Of course I am sure there are plenty of things I can do and I am sure that I will be taking my time while I walk around but I can say that I am not looking forward to the waiting. Not only does my flight leave at 6 p.m but my father also has to leave at a reasonable time to drive up north to Michigan so that leaves little ol me by myself for a long ass time. 

Im sure that I will be fine in the long run and I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell (more then likely starting tomorrow) and I am sure they will all be very entertaining. But for now I will be wondering around in this airport and making sure to take my time to not only be in the correct terminal but also the correct flight for when it is ready to take me to LAX where I will then have another three hour layover. Yay for adventuring. 

But all in all I am excited for this adventure and I cannot wait to see what it holds for me. Here I come New Zealand. 

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So I have met someone. I am sure that some of you already have figured it out but in case if you didn't know, i'm gonna tell you anyway. For a little over two months I have been dating somebody that I was good friends with in high school. Hes eleven months older then me so when he graduated high NHS we stopped talking for quite some time. He had gone off to college and at the time he was dating someone. Of course she never liked me and always felt threatened by my presence. to be honest I could understand where she was coming from at that time and I get why some girls get over protective of their boyfriends. You get a good guy and sometimes you do wonder how you got so lucky. You think at any moment they will leave because they are so good. 

Well its been years since they have broken up and I have learned quite a bit about what was going on. Of course I Cant tell you guys the details because 1)that's not ok of me and 2)I don't want our relationship to be completely out for the world to know. 

Really you guys, I am super happy with him. Hes one of those rare men that every girl wants to have. Not only is he understanding but he is also a genuine gentlemen. He gets my struggles and understands what is going on. He listens and really helps me in these hard times. I will admit that our relationship has been very rough. Him and I both have had many people (and animals) pass away and because of that our relationship has been on a tight strand. Anything can set us off and its been a roller coaster of emotions but that's ok. In the end it is making us stronger. 

Its been so nice to have someone but of course we have worked out a few compromises, as any relationship goes. 

So far things are going well and I am happy with him. Our relationship is something I didn't expect and I took my time to give him an honest answer (to if I wanted to date him or not) because I really do like being alone sometimes. I do like the feeling of being independent and free. He knows all these things and so we are taking things slow and building things up as well go. The future holds many possibilities and I cant wait to see where this one goes. 


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It is my Birthday! I have made it to being twenty two years old. How crazy is that?! The idea that I have made it to another year. So in honor of that I thought that I would write a letter to my present self. After all anything can happen and I do like to leave little letters every now and then for me to find. It reminds me of how far I have come and sometimes its nice to see what I was thinking and to read all the little things that have gone on in my life. So, here is goes.


Dear me, 

      Right now I know that you are hurting. I know that you have had a lot of losses and I know that you are struggling to keep afloat. I know that you are wondering what the next year holds and that you are are so unsure of what to do with yourself. Your not really sure what left and right are anymore and you've become a little lost. Your dream has been put on hold for right now due to all the losses you have had and things are chaotic because of work and your family. A lot of bad things have happened to you this year but also remember all the good things as well. You have had the chance to travel to all kinds of places, meet all kinds of people, and you even met someone who has influenced your life and is making your future brighter. There is a lot of darkness and sadness around you but there is also a lot of laughter, happiness, and hope. You have so much to do and so much potential. Right now things are hard. Right now you feel like giving up. Right now you want to go back into that comfy bed of yours and sleep for days on end. Sadly though you cant do that. Just remember that you have support. You have people who love you. You have a life that most people would dream of having. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Love it. Most of all Live it. Your life is only really just beginning and you my darling are only just starting the marathon that is your journey. So keep moving you little adventurer. You got this. 

                                              The one and only


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