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2021-02-16 11:21 by Sarah Denninger
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In the past few days, I have finally gotten a move on the van. In honesty, I wasn't sure what to think when I got things moving but now that I have done some work I'm feeling more motivated to get this done. I first went ahead and got the seat out which is for sale by the way. If I can't sell it in a week it's going to get trashed so keep that in mind. If you want something comfortable, in wonderful condition, and power then it is the seat for you. Just email me at to get information on where it is and so on. It really is worth the buy. 


Once the seat was out I went ahead and took off the side panels that were holding the carpet down and got to work. Now I have never pilled up the carpet before so for me, it was a first-time deal. I was excited and ready to get this moving so I went to the back and started to pull. I immediately realized that it wasn't as easy as I thought. I pulled and barely anything came up. For a few minutes I tried to pull up the carpet in the back and it was a struggle. So I went to one of the sides and started there and immediately the carpet started to come off the floor. Pulling, tearing, and giving all I had I managed to get the carpet up in most spots. Of course, there are one of two areas that I will have to take a box cutter and cut the edges because of accessibility but that's totally ok. 


Today I'm hoping to go get the supplies I need to start putting the new floor in. First is the prep and from there we get to cutting and placing boards in. It's just one of the many steps for the van itself. Slowly but surely I'm finally getting to work on this project. It's been waiting for a while and it's going to be so nice to finally have something to put some work and love into. 


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Long time no see everybody! I am so sorry for my recent absence from posting. It has been a crazy few months into the new year and I have been trying to get settled into my new job, running, climbing, and just making sure the day to day chores are done. 

As of right now, I am working as much as I can for my new position, and while I Have breaks I am currently training for a half marathon in Yellowstone national park which I still can't believe I am even thinking about doing. The last one I did was, what I thought, my one and only half I would do in my lifetime but it seems that there are a number of friends of mine that are going to go to this race so I jumped in on the bandwagon. It's exciting, nerve-wracking, and just crazy. Of course, jumping in the way I did means that I am a little late to the training but he, that's how life tends to be. 

While I am doing those two life events I am also working on the van. I took out some bolts in the floor and got rid of the broken blinds that I had. Next is getting some pallets and making a bed frame for the bed and taking out the back seat so that I can get that part finished along with ripping out the carpet and putting down the floorboards. It's a big job but it needs to be completed and soon. Right now I have a stack of flooring in the living room of where we live and I know it cannot stay there forever. While I am making those minor changes and slowly picking apart the van I am also videoing this progress so that you guys can see it as I continue to convert it over. 

AND of course on top of everything I am making new art pieces when possible. I have two pieces that are STILL drying (already have buyers) and should be ready to go to their new homes soon. Along with them drying I am going to be going to the store here to get some new supplies at the end of the week so that next week I can have a fresh set of canvases for you all to choose from. This new chapter in my art is super exciting and I feel like I finally have figured out what I want for my art pieces and for future buyers. 

So stay tuned for all the new exciting news coming your way. 


I have one final piece already dried and ready to ship out to its new home. It is down below and ready for a new home. 



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Today I officially passed my certification. The stress is finally over. 

The next few weeks will be me getting used to this new job, going on small weekend vacations, and working my ass off on this van project. All of it is a time that I am sure will be exhausting but rewarding in the future. Really it is exciting to think that there are so many wonderful things coming my way. I also now have time to finally make more art pieces which is exciting to finally get my hands covered in paint again. I even got to make four pieces today. Now I have changed the topcoat on these new pieces and the first two were trial and error but the other two I finally got down to a T. I'm really excited to show them to you and I can't wait to see what you all think. 

Even better I can't wait to have them go to new homes. 

I'm hoping that by the time I get halfway through February I will be able to go to the store and pick up some more supplies and dabble more in the art world. 

So make sure to stay tuned for those new peices. 

In the meantime, I'm gonna go for a run today and then celebrate for getting through this long crazy process. 

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The time has come. The time to start renovations on the inside of the van. Good ol Gimli is finally getting the update he deserves and desperately needs. 

The good news is that I met someone who gave me a bunch of flooring for the bottom of the van which is not only amazing but also glorious. I never saw that coming and I'm so glad that I met this guy and that he gave me the flooring for free. Its a nice light brown laminate flooring that is super easy to install. Of course, the first steps aren't even getting the floor in. The first steps are literally going in and taking everything out of the van to then put IN the floor and going from there. I know that this will be a lot to do and I know that I will probably get a little frustrated but in honesty, I'm ready to get it done. 

I have a list of steps I'm going to do and I have started a wishlist of things I will want for the van itself. Of course, that list is basic right now and I'm sure will get more complicated as time goes buttttt nonetheless I am ready. 

I'm planning to record my progress with this renovation so keep your eyes peeled. I'll be starting renovations next week after I pass my certification so the process will be sooner rather than later. 

While I am getting ready to start this project I also will be continuing to sell art pieces and each purchase would help with this process. So if you guys can help me out that would be awesome. Just click here to go to my gallery. 

I'm so pumped you guys. Things are finally moving forward. 

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Recently I have been obsessed with playing pool. YEs out of all things to be obsessed with I was not expecting to want to be good at a game of pool. Back in the day (I say that like I'm older or something...) I did one game of pool and the pool stick had somehow magically cut up the side of my finger BEcause of that incident I swore that I would no longer try to play pool. Years later I met my ex and he tried to convince me to play. With the way our relationship was, I was not interested. Not even in the slightest. He made it sound complicated and pressured me in a way I did not appreciate. So I refused. 

Fast forward a year after that and I started getting serious with my current bf. We ended up at a local bar in Destin and somehow I ended up in a game of pool. I tried to refuse but in the end, I caved. A little apprehensive I played the game with my bf. I tried my best to not get too overwhelmed but after a few drinks and a game or two, I felt fine. 

Ever since then I play the occasional game and I do enjoy it. I'm not very good at playing but I do enjoy the spirit of the game itself and trying to get the balls into their designated pockets. I enjoy trying to do trick shots and just having fun at a bar. I'm not a heavy drinker like some of our friends so for me it's a great pass time and it helps me to get to know people. About two weeks ago I started to play more of the game and I even convinced my friend to play with me once a week at the local bar in Destin. She agreed. Just the two of us shooting pool for a few hours having a blast sounded like a great pass time and I honestly was happy someone was as into it as I am. With us playing a one on one game I am getting to know her better and I'm enjoying the game more than before. She and I are evenly matched so it's nice to be with someone who is on the same level and not just stand to the side while the other person runs the table. 

It's funny how things change throughout our lives. I never thought I would enjoy the pool the way I do now. But thanks to my boyfriend I now enjoy the game and can play pretty well. I can somewhat hold up to others. It's nice to know that I have changed in this way. I hope that I continue to see these changes and appreciate them as they come into my life. After all, we only have one life and we should appreciate the things that come our way, good and bad. 

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