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This is a new piece that is for sale. The name implies what kind of piece it is. I really do think that it is a piece that it is simplistically beautiful. 


If your interested in this piece please email me at so that I can send this to you as quick as possible. 

Thank you so much and I cant wait to hear from you. 

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2018-09-14 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 13 references

Before my Grandmother passed my neighbors dog was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. For the past two years I have been apart of our neighbors life and I have helped with teaching them about art, I have joined them for some dinners, baseball games, and even taken care of the animals while the family was away on a trip. So I had some time with this wonderful old gal. 


Bella was a golden retriever that always had some spunk and sass. Every time I would come over to visit the neighbors she would light up, stand up on her four paws and come greet me. It was almost every single time and I adored her so much. She would follow me around and ask for all kinds of petting and love. If you stopped petting her she would hit her hand with her nose until you continued to pet her. you could just tell that she wanted to be loved as much as possible by those who were around her. 

Anytime I would take care of her I would make sure to give her some time outside. I would make sure to let her bath in the sunlight and have some fresh air. After all she was home alone when I wasn't there and she really did love to be outside. Sometimes she would just lay there in the sun and every few minutes she would lift her head and look around and check to make sure you were still there. After all she didn't want to be alone. 

Bella was one of the first dogs to really make me feel special. She knew exactly who I was, she was super sweet, and she really did enjoy my company. In the end the diagnosis for the lung cancer was what ended her life. The shots they were giving her weren't doing anything for her and after a week of taking them she ended up not being able to walk on her own. So with that in mind they decided it was best to put her down and not have her suffer anymore. The day before I got to say goodbye. I could tell that she knew her time was coming to an end and even when she couldn't stand, she was still wanting all the love and petting from me. When I stood to leave she lifted her head and her eyes followed me as I hugged my neighbor. Before I left I made sure to let her know I love her and that she was the best dog around. After all she really was the best dog I had met. 

Im sure shes over the rainbow bridge and is with all the other dogs who are waiting to be reunited with their owners. For now run free Bella and we will see you on the other side. 

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2018-09-13 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 6 references

Make sure to check out my other platforms you guys. I have a Youtube Channel that I am currently working on and I would appreciate any following i Can get for the channel. I know that there is only video that I have posted recently but with everything that has been going on in the past six months I think it is safe to say that I am have a good reason to have taken time away. I will have newer videos in about four weeks. While I am in New Zealand I am going to be videoing the process and be talking about what I did while I was there. I am really excited to share it with you guys and I hope you will continue to follow along as I go to new places and experience new adventures. 

Please watch the video and check out many others that are on my channel. I definitly think you guys would enjoy some of them. 

Thank you all so much. 

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So it has been a rough week. Of course that hasnt been anything new for me for the last three months or so. I am hoping though that with my grandmothers passing that things will finally calm down and I can now take some time to mourn and be myself. But of course in the meantime I am still selling art pieces and always appreciate any purchases that are made as it would help me out with my future travels. In less then two weeks I am going to New Zealand so all purchases are going to that fund for the time being. 

The pieces that are down below are some pieces that are for sale and are looking for new homes. Please check them out. 




If any of these are interesting to you then please email me at


Thank you guys so much. 

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My grandmother was a very forgiving person. She was someone who was always letting things go and she really did it out of love for her children. My crazy Aunt had been using this to her advantage for years and even though it drove me and my father mad she seemed to not really want to put her foot down. For her it seemed to be like another day and when something would happen she would make little noise and then she would quiet down. I honestly don’t know how she had so much self-control but I can say that I slightly respected her for it. At the first sign of anybody ripping off money from me or even causing trouble under my roof I would have kicked them out. Not paying rent? You have a week to pack up and go. 

But this wasn’t the case for my grandmother. she put up with a lot from my Aunt and she did it in a way that most people would have cracked form. I know I certainly would have. 

Of course my grandmother wasn’t just a forgiving person. She was also someone who loved my grandfather so much that she stayed married to him for almost seventy five years. Seventy five. She was always by his side and they were a couple that stayed together as long as possible. My grandfather unfortunately died first and in his last few years my grandmother took care of him. She made sure he got where he needed to go and when he was ready to pass on she made sure he did it how he wanted to. Under his own roof and in his own bed. Luckily he got that. My grandmother almost got the same wish but on her last day it was deemed medically necessary to move her to the hospital so that she was comfortable. To her she died in her house but the rest of us know. 

Sadly I did not get to say goodbye to her and I do wish I could have been there. It’s hard enough to know that someone's time is coming but it’s harder when you don’t know exactly. You do all you can and you try to be there as much as possible and sometimes you win and other times you lose. In this situation we lost. 

I will say that I am glad that I got to see her months before and to have a conversation with her. I got to talk to her, tell her about what was going on and get her blessing. I even got to tell her about all my plans and saw her light up when I told her I was going to New Zealand. I may not have gotten to say goodbye but at least I did get to spend some time with her and make her smile. 

If there is another side I am sure she is with Grandpa now and is as happy as can be to be reunited with him. 

See you on the other side 



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