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After this weekend I will be putting out two videos. One is the start of my Colombia series where I tell you guys all the juicy details of the adventure I took down there. The other is going to be a short video of the trip to Ecofina this weekend. I'm a little excited about it and I'm ready to go on this adventure with everyone. Of course, the group is different this time around but I think it will still be fun to go. It gets us outside and we get to freeze our butts off in the water while we enjoy the hot sun to dry us off. 

Even if I think COVID is dumb I do appreciate the time it has given us to do the weekend trips, the time to move into the apartment and to focus on the things I would be struggling to do if I was at work right now. Of course, I am still peeved that the government has ignored my request for unemployment and I wish that they would give me some kind of confirmation or denial letter. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that I will get one or the other soon so that I can stop wondering all the time what they would say and how I am going to be things going with all the bills, the ability to eat, and so on. 

There's a lot planned for the next few months and even in the hard times, I'm hopeful to do those plans. I'm looking forward to the brighter days full of big adventures. 


Click here to go to my gallery and see what artwork I have left for sale. Thank you guys for everything you have done and I appreciate the ongoing support. 

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This weekend we're thinking about going to Ecofina Springs. If you follow my YouTube channel you know that I posted a video from the last trip we did out there. Of course, it was a little warmer then it is now so I'm not sure how it would go this time around. Honestly, it would be fun to go back and make another video and see the difference between the two. 

If you didn't watch my video from last summer then check it out down below. 

I really appreciate you guys for being amazing and for supporting me in all o my endeavors. I have so many things planned and with COVID happening, it has been a struggle to do those things, let alone pay the bills. I hope that you guys will continue to follow my journey and support me as we all get through this difficult time.


We are also super close to getting past the double digits on the number of art pieces I Have left in my gallery and it has been such a big help to not only say goodbye to some (for downsizing purposes) but it has also helped with keeping me fed and make ends meet. 

So click here to go to my gallery to see what I have left. 

The piece down below is the OTHER sister of the piece that sold yesterday. Click the buy now button for it to become your's today. 

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These times are tough and I'm really doing my best to make sure that I am doing what I can to get by. Of course, you guys purchasing art pieces is a huge help and I appreciate each and every single one of you for helping me out. I'm working on so many projects and trying to keep healthy as well. These trying times require us to keep moving and to keep wishing for the reopening of our jobs, parks, and campgrounds. It's agonizing on how slow going it is but that's ok. I'm doing what I can to try and stay positive. 

For those of you that aren't interested in purchasing pieces, there will be a donation button set up where you can send me some extra cash to help out during these trying times. Whatever you decide you are helping me out. 

The pieces I have in this post are ones that are smaller and ready to go flying out the door today. Please consider purchasing one and if you want to see other pieces I have in stock then click here to go directly to my gallery. 

Be safe everybody and stay positive. 

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One of my favorite things about photography is the different angles, lighting, and reactions you can get while you are snapping a subject. Mostly I love getting photos of people outside climbing. It's a newer kind of photography but I still enjoy giving it a try and I think I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy snapping photos of animals. So here is the second half of the photos I got on our trip. It's not a lot but I still wanted to share them with you guys. 

I hope you all are in awe of these photos just as much as I am. I mean, it's just amazing what you can do when you work hard and believe in something like climbing. I love saying that climbing is like solving a puzzle with your body. Sometimes it comes easily and other times you have to take the time to figure out what the right movement or body position is before you can move onward and send the problem. To be honest I was just happy to get outside and enjoy the pain I felt from using the muscles I haven't used in almost two months. 




I also sell artwork and would appreciate any purchases you guys make. Slowly my art collection is dwindling and I would appreciate saying goodbye to more pieces. I'm almost out of the double digits. Not only does it help me downsize but it also helps me in these strange times. So click here to go check out my gallery. 

Thank you guys and shoutout to whoever bought my piece Home last night. It means a lot!

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Over the weekend we finally went out and did some outdoor climbing. Georgia opened up the parks in the state and that meant we could finally go out and get our climb on. It honestly was amazing. The group was pretty big and we all were feeling the need to get back on the rock and to get ourselves moving. It was thrilling and exciting and the weather was pretty perfect for the weekend. Of course with us going out and climbing it also meant that I had to go ahead and bring the camera gear to get some shots so I figured I would share those with you.

To be honest they were pretty freaking perfect and I loved being able to take them. Of course, that meant that there weren't really any photos of me but in the end, that was ok. I just was glad to be outside enjoying the amazing weather we had. 




Thank you guys for the support and for being amazing. I also sell art pieces on the side and would appreciate anybody who decides to purchase one. Right now things aren't looking good for unemployment so it's getting a little rocky. Purchasing one also means it would help me downsize a little bit more and we also need to do that at the moment. 

If your interested Click here to check all that I have on sale. Thanks

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