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2018-05-20 19:37 by Sarah Denninger
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Hey guys! So there's one piece left that's still for sale for 10% off! Come and get it guys! 




Email me at if your interesting in purchasing this piece! 

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Hello Hello fellow friends! 


The sale is still going on and this is your chance to own one of these original pieces. They are 10% off and the sale ends on the 21st. Come and get them while you can!

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If anyone is interested in purchasing these pieces please email me at




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I have seen some things while traveling. From crazy people arguing in traffic, to flipped over cars, burned cars, tires popping, and so much more. WHen you drive as much as I do you really do learn quickly about the way people are and what can happen. So for me I am always on my toes, keeping an eye on everything and everybody. The one thing in particular that I rally watch out for is semi's. There have been too many times when I have been boxed in by them and I have seen them come just a little too close to me.

Everytime I see a semi ready to turn, get into another lane or just swerve a little bit I always try to find a way to get as far away as possible. I can just see one of those tires popping or one of them crashing into me and making me into a pancake. There is one time in particular that really stands out to me and I really did think that I was going to die. Of course it would have been his fault completely for not paying attention but either way it was not a fun time.

A few months ago I was driving in Texas and I was on my way to see my friend in Burleson. I just happened to be stuck in a traffic jam and we were slowly moving at a speed of 5mph. NOw being a stick shift that meant assessing the situation and going between 1st and 2nd gear while you're also making sure that no oen hits you. There were three lanes and I was in the middle lane. This semi was all the way over to the left hand side and was looking for somewhere to turn. Traffic moved and following the traffic I moved forward. The semi not paying attention to the lane started to come into my lane and try to squeeze in.

Freaking out and realizing he was not going to stop and quickly made an escape to the only opening I had on my right side. The driver didn't seem to notice at all that he was about to squash me and make me into a pancake. Luckily the people on the right side let me in with no problems and didn't get angry at the sudden abrupt way that I got into traffic. For that I was grateful. I know my heart was beating out of my chest and I know that I saw my life flash before my eyes.

What is the one thing you keep an eye out for when your driving?

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Just a Friendly reminder that there is a sale going on for a few selected pieces that need to go to new homes. I am trying to lessen the amount of art I have in my inventory so it would be much appreciated if anyone can give them new homes. 

Luckily I had someone reach out yesterday for the piece Split so that one is no longer available but the other two are still looking for good homes. 

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The sale is 10% off and ends on the 21st. So get them while you can! If you are interested please email me at

Thank you all so much and I hope to hear from some of you!

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One of my favorite things to do is to drive at night with the music blasting and the bass as high as it can get. For me its so nice to just sit back and let the car cruise while I get a chance to sing and listen to my favorite music. Its almost theraputic and I really enjoy the time I have letting everything go. Music in general is a great was to let stress go and when your driving it can be quite stressful, especially when your driving through cities. Driving through any city can have its ups and downs so for some people its no big deal while for others it puts them on the edge of their seats. 

I am one of the people who irritates the people who live in the cities and drive the roads daily. I go the speed limit, sometimes under. I'm looking out very mirror paying attention tot he crazies to make sure I don't get hit. I'm even that person who will make sure to have a gap between me and the car in front of me. For some people that really pushes their buttons but for me its the only way I can manage to get through those drives. I like to have my car in one piece and I really would rather not have to deal with going to the hospital and having to pay more bills then I can afford. 

So of course I am usually resort to night driving. Less Traffic, a more enjoyable ride, my stress is on a all time low, and I can just take my time. Of course most people find that night driving is annoying and they rather sleep but I quite honestly think that if you can stay awake, be attentive, and make appropriate stops when your tired that you can do it. Now ten years from now I might feel a little different but for now I will take what I can and take advantage of everyone sleeping. 

Do you like to night drive? 

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