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We're up here in Michigan finally going through the rest of Grandmas stuff and I can say that it's been weird. I'm going through a life that I didn't know very well. A life that I only saw from a distance. A life that has generations of people behind it. I'm finding so many old photos stored away and some have names on the back but others do not. There are so many people I don't know. There's a lot of history that I'm having trouble putting together and I'm surprised on how little I know about my own family. 

There are a few people I know from dad and there are a few pictures of them that I am more then happy to have because I not only know who they are but I know some of their history. But there are pictures around here that belong to the only person left in my grandmas line. One of my aunts. She probably knows who all these people are and I'm baffled by the fact that she didn't take any of the photos. Now I don't know if she cares or if she just didn't want to remember the past but, I think it's sad to leave these all behind. So many of them are on cardboard. So many are black and white. So many have been left in drawers and to the dust. 

It's crazy how things like this happens when someone passes and it makes me sad to think that one day this could what happens to all the pictures I have saved. 

I guess by then though it won't really matter because I'll be gone and my grandkids and kids will be shuffling through just like I am now. What a crazy world this truly is. 

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Alrighty folks! So these pieces have also been dropped in price and are looking for new places to go. Some have been around for a while and the canvass cannot be reused for another piece so I have decided that the best decision was to make them lower and even more affordable then they already were. So any purchases are appreciated .if your interested please email me at so that I can ship them to you as quickly as possible. They are all made by by yours truly. They come with a certificate that tells you all about the piece itself. 






Thanks you guys and that's the last of the pieces that will be powered In price for the rest of the year. Enjoy. 

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A few of my art pieces have dropped in price. These guys have been around for longer then I would like so I am selling them a little bit lower then normal to see if anyone would like to give them new homes. Please check them out and let me know when you can. Any purchases would be appreciated. 





Email me at if your interested. Thanks

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2018-11-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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While I was in Queenstown I decided to do something that was not only new to me but also the opposite from Skydiving. Paragliding. Basically you start at the top of a mountain and you have a professional that takes you to the launch site. You then walk to where you will take off. From there they unpack their bag, the parachute, and start to run you through what they do. While you wait for the wind to go in the right direction you get a chance to talk to your guide. My guy was originally from the North Island but came to the south island with his wife. Hes been flying since the early 90's and loved it so much that he made it a job and kept at it. Really it was awesome to get to talk to him and learn about who I was flying with. New experiences, new people, and lots of fun times to remember. 

When the wind is in the right direction your guide then pulls on his parachute to get it in the air. Once its up he then tells you to start running forward. You run and run and run until you are off the mountain and you are gliding. While you are gliding the guide shifts you around and gets you situated in your seat and makes sure to steer you in the right direction. That way you 1) dont crash and 2)are comfortable while you get to see everything around you. 

While you fly they take video and photos for you to purchase once its over. So I decided to share the video with you. 

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2018-11-10 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Another day, another dollar as they put it. 


If your interested in this piece please email me at It is looking for a new home. Its small, hand stitched and quite the conversation starter. Personally I do think its one of those pieces that makes you look back at it at least twice. Mostly because of my color choices but that is also what makes it fun for everybody who sees it. Not only will you have people asking you where it came from but you might have some people sharing it to others because of how weird it is. 

Of course it also is just in time for the Christmas Spirit so I do suggest tucking that in the back of your mind. Maybe give it to yourself or a friend who loves all things magical and weird. 

Its just right for those occasions. 

If you want to see other pieces click here 

Thanks you guys 

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