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I remember when I started trying to commit to running all those years ago. I had bought all kinds of running equipment and one of those happened to be the first Garmin Watch that my dad had bought. He was retiring it and since I took up the sport he decided I could have it. It was bulky, ridiculous and it made running a nightmare. I tried so hard to get used to having it on my wrist but I hated the weight that went with it. It was twice the size of my wrist and I never got over that itching feeling that watch gave me. So after a couple of runs with it I gave up on the idea of having a watch. I had such a bad habit of looking at the watch all the time and always saw how slow I was. Because I saw how slow I was and where I was at compared to a mile long run I got frustrated and just threw the sport away.

Now fast forward to 2016 and me sitting and staring at all these different websites. What do they all have in common? Watches. Yes I was looking into purchasing a watch and man was I stumped on what to get. Most watches are made for men's wrists which is insulting and I didn't want to get a fit bit because it wasn't really what I wanted for a watch. if I was going to have a decent watch I wanted it to be waterproof and bluetooth or it wasn't worth anything to me. I wanted to be fun, light and not a hassle to have around my wrist.

What did I end up choosing? The vivoactive from garmin. Turns out that amazon was having a large sale where if I bought the vivoactive then I got $100 off my purchase by the end of the week. So With faith in Garmin being a good brand and trying to make good choices on where my money was going I bought my big adult watch. Now I have never been an watch person. Most of the time I think they are tacky and take up a lot of space but man I wouldn't change my decision for the world. The vivoactive helps keep me in tune with what's going on and even tells me what my text messages say and when i get important emails. It tracks swimming, running, hiking, walking, sleep patterns, I mean it's everything I need on my wrist. It makes my day easier and I got used to having a awkward tan line. I honestly never expected myself to ever have a watch but here I am.

Are you a watch person? If so then what kind of watch do you wear?

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2017-08-14 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Theres something about this subject that makes me kind of upset. Maybe its because of the outcome in most cases or news events we hear about or maybe its just that its terrible on the person who has it. It hurts, it makes you sick, and the chances of survival can go one way or the other. Death or possibility of survival. What is this I am talking about? That would be cancer. Yes, cancer. Recently I had a chat about cancer. It became real when I got the lay down on the situation and I certainly was startled to hear it pop up with this person. The conversation bought back from memories about my childhood. It was really something that made me feel disconnected and I never felt better after a time of healing. Not really. 

My experience with cancer is a sad one and one that will stick with me for the rest of my life. See my cousin had cancer and when he had gotten sick I didn't really understand what Cancer meant. So to me it seemed to be something that I could put on the back burner in my brain. Maybe I thought he would get better. Maybe I didn't understand yet what it meant to have something that you or may not survive from? I honestly didn't think he would die. 

I really wish I could have talked with him and had a longer conversation. It really hit me hard to loose him and I still think about him to this day. He was a sweet guy and I remember him being so kind to me as a little kid. There are very few pictures out there of my counsin's and I together. It is almost non-existant. Thank goodness that someone had a camera back then to create these memories for us to have. 

Four long years he fought, and for almost twelve years I have thought about him but I know that hes in a better place somewhere in the spirit world. 

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2017-08-13 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 28 references

The other day I had to take one of our precious fur babies to the vet. It was that time where he needed to get updated on his vaccinations and get an examination to make sure he was happy and healthy. The one thing I love about the vet we go to is that every time we go they are so nice to my cats and they are reasonable when it comes to pay. So I do the usual routine where I grab the crate and lay it with puppy pads since Midnight likes to leave presents after a vet visit. He hates being man handled and will seem fine until we are driving back home. Then he decides its best that I know how he felt about the visit. 

With the crate lined with puppy pads I pick up Midnight and put him in the carrier. From there we then get in the car where I buckle the crate in place. After I’m out of the garage and five minutes from the vets office he decides to fuss about the whole thing. He starts meowing quietly in the back. Talking to him seems to calm him. Once we get to the vet, we get out of the car and go inside. They greet us like always and immediately we are in a little private room. I sit down and the veterinarian lets Midnight out to explore. Immediately he realizes that Midnight is a bobtail and gives the usual reaction. "Awww he’s a cute little bobtail!" and he smiles wide. 

I always love bringing my cats to the vet. They give me the same reaction each time they see them. Usually its surprise with a happy smile. Once Midnight settles in we get down to business and start talking about his medical history and I give them more background on where he came from. Unfortunately Midnight is mostly a mystery. We don’t know where he came from, or if an owner abandoned him. All we know is that he is so sweet and were sure he must have been interacting with humans his whole life. He's too friendly with humans to not have been around them. The veterinarian is a little concerned and I get why he wanted to know more. After all he came from outside to being inside and lives with another cat and two people. We talk more about the way he breathes and the concerns about that. It almost sounds like a weeze but it doesn’t seem to affect him at all. 

After we get through the details they weigh him. It turns out that he gained two pounds since his last check up!


We put them on a regular diet and had to do scheduled feedings since he likes to gorge on his food every single second of the day. The cocnern when we first brought him home was that Spice would try to keep up with him if we left the automatic feeder out all the time. So we decided to feed them in the morning and evening to lessen that chance of making Spice sick and to control how much they eat at a time. As to how he gained the weight and where he got it from, we have no idea. Maybe it was all that extra feedings on cockroaches? Who knows. Either way we have proceeded to start calling him "Fat Bastard" since he now has to go on a less calorie diet. Poor kitty. 

If it weren’t for the vet we probably wouldn’t have noticed. Thanks for letting us know that he’s literally been vacuuming up the food instead of eating slowly. Now to adjust accordingly. 


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2017-08-12 07:05 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 680 references

I don’t really watch cable anymore. I think it grew to be a nuisance for me more than anything. For me it became more real when Netflix started. Everybody thought it would die out in a few years and vanish. That we would be sitting around watching holograms and Netflix would be an "old" invention. When it first came out it had decent movies on it. Now it has movies that I didn’t know existed and movies that just aren’t that interesting to me. They really lowered the quality so of course that meant Hulu was my backup. They had some TV shows that were decent and you could pass the time by watching them. There are even a few selections that Netflix doesn’t have yet. 

It really became one of those things where having a tv meant that I was on some kind of console watching a DVD or something streaming not watching some cable show. One way or the other I was as far away from cable as it could get. Paying for cable isn’t even worth the time when you can type almost anything into the internet and find it for free. Life and what technology has provided and it still is growing more and more every day. 

I don’t know who watching Cable anymore but I do know that we are all grateful for Television and for the invention of cable. Without it we wouldn’t have expanded as far as we have when it comes to spreading news around. By moving to having computers and making the internet accessible on any device is a magical thing. Sure cable is nice to have and everything but honestly, it's so expensive and such a hassle to deal with. Its more money we spend on watching commercials and ads that we don’t even think are real ninety percent of the time. Money is just disintegrating with cable itself. 

Do you still have cable? 



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2017-08-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 17 references

Have you ever had that shift? That one where the people are amazing and all so unique? Well I had one of those shifts yesterday. It was unexpected and I didn’t know that we all got along well together. You work with different people almost every time you work so you won’t know till that moment comes. Most long shifts can be stressful or full of awkward moments. Usually be the end your worn out, tired and want to go home but, it never feels like you will go home because the time goes by so slow. Luckily it wasn’t one of those shifts. 

For me it started out in a good manner with me talking with a manager and having some coffee and then going inside to talk with the rest of the staff that was there that day. We had fun, chatted about insurance and all of the things we pay for as well as world war three possibly happening. Real moments where life was a subject. Not high schooler drama where you hear about who did this or that. Sure those conversations are just as important but, adulating conversations with people who are also giving you life advice are way more interesting in my opinion. 

From there it shifted and we got adults closing together. Mostly people who are laid back and just wanna have a good time. Were all there to have fun but also get closed and go home as early as possible. Yesterday it was a dream come true. From joking about the simplest of things to talking about people getting married and having babies, we hit it all. You learn a lot about the people you work with if you just listen to them. For me it was an eye opener on all these individuals and I got to be a part of the conversation instead of just listening to it. Being on the same page with those around you is so nice and it really makes the time go by quicker. In my opinion we all left the store with smiles and laughter. 

I’m glad that I got to have that experience with them. 



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