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I actually think this is one of the more interesting pieces I have done. Just Because of the way its set up. Its visually pleasing, the colors and right on point and I really think it would look nice in a frame on the wall. So if you are interested in this piece and would like to see it everyday in your own home, please email me at so that we can work together to get this wonderful work of art in your home. Im really hoping for someone to take it off my hands. 

You guys are so awesome! 


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So Spice's Birthday is today. This wonderful little cat of mine has turned four, which is about the age of 32 in human years. That’s crazy to me and I can't really say that I totally believe the chart I’m looking at but that’s what it says. 

For those of you that have been here a while you all know little things about Spice but for those of you that don’t I will go ahead and give you some information. 

I got Spice as my 18th birthday gift. She came from a house that was filled with cats and she belonged to one of three litters at the time. She was very much loved and the owners had a hard time letting go of her. She was so adorable and really she was one of the cats that they wanted to keep around. See the people that had her had issues with getting their cats fixed since they 1)had so many animals and 2) not enough money to go to the vet and make sure that all the kittens got fixed at once. Not only that but the house was filled with fleas and so every time I went there I felt like I had left with a nest on my skin. It was not a fun time but I kept going back because Spice kept coming up to me and loving on me. 

After about two weeks of consistently going back to the house and spending time with them they decided to go ahead and let me take her. They were upset but they knew that Spice had made her decision so they went ahead and gave me the ok to take her. 

When I took her out of the house she was so scared that she was shaking. I cleaned her off in a tub and had her wrapped in a towel. For the drive home I had her in my lap and against my chest. The entire time she was staring up at me and giving me those half closed eye look. I knew that this little kitten had taken my heart. 

From then on I knew that I was going to love her for her entire life. I had no idea what would come with this crazy feline but I knew that I would give her all the love.

Now fast forward to three years later and this little kitty is celebrating another birthday with me. Once I get back from work, the gym, and the bar I will be throwing her a cat nip party and taking tons of photos. I can't wait to share them with you all. 

Happy 4th Birthday Spice! 


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2018-07-10 15:04 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 7 references

Hey you guys .I would appreciate it if you all would check out my art pieces and see if any of them interest you for purchase. 


Please email me at if your interested in this piece or any other piece I have! 

Thank you guys so much! 

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2018-07-09 13:16 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 13 references

Work has been going much better since I Came back from our trip to Michigan. I think it’s a collection of things that have been going on that has made it much easier on me. One would be that I have clarity and insight as to what is happening in my family and all the craziness. Another reason would be that I just generally am getting better at controlling my emotions and knowing that I need to leave all my feelings about things outside of work and not bring it into the workplace. My part time job is a wonderful job with wonderful people who all try their best to be a family and keep up the good mood. 

I also have become friends again with someone that I knew in High school. For this article I will call him D. D was someone I knew in school that I got close to thanks to the programs that Niceville offered. We had a bunch of I.T classes and because of that I met some cool people in high school. D and I only had one class together but we got to know each other through that program. He had a crazy girlfriend that definitely didn’t like me and she made it very clear that he wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near me. So because of that D and I only really hung out when school was in session. 

He also was a year or two ahead of me and ended up graduating. So I was left with very few friends and he went to college to pursue his crazy amount of interests. Now were about five years in the future and it just so happened that we ended up talking again.  He’s been really helping me out with some of the troubles I have been going through and I really appreciate him being there. 

Along with all of that I have my eyes set on the ultimate prize. New Zealand. So with that all in mind and this long wait to go to a wonderful country I am doing my best to keep myself going. So far its working and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. 

Here I come New Zealand. 


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I don’t know if you guys have done this before but there is this thing called bouldering. It’s a form of rock climbing where you have no ropes attached. IT sounds crazy just reading that line and let me tell you, I really thought that I was going to die. My friend and I got to this place, we enter and I take a look around. It’s called Rock Out and it’s a pretty decent size. You sign a waiver, you tell them your size shoes and you go from there. Of course every sport comes with an instructional video. So we watched it and once it was over we went to the other side of the gym where there was all the easy stuff ready for us to do. 

Now these set ups are all over the place and they are anywhere from easy to hard. So I take a look around and with some encouragement I give the wall a try. You guys it is slightly terrifying. Its anywhere from fifteen to twenty feet off the ground and you have to be able to either climb down or jump down. Definitely not easy. 

The first few times I got up the wall I climbed my way back down. It was terrifying to say the least and I really thought that I wouldn't be able to jump down...ever. As we progressed it got a little easier. Then we decided to switch walls. On the other side the wall is leaning a little bit outwards. So I give it a go. I get half way up when I abort and fall on the mat. It was the angle of the wall that was throwing me off. So my friend showed me how to distribute my body weight so that I have an easier time getting up. 

With that in mind I went ahead and tried again. This time I got to the top but I had to jump down because the climb back down was worse than going up. Let’s just say that it was a rough time. I had to take a minute to breathe because it was a lot for me to handle. The instructors at the gym were probably having a riot. It’s all a mental game and yes, it is scary for me but I also knew that the more we did the wall, the more I would build up on my fear and get over it. 

Eventually though I did have to call it quits and it was mostly because of the way my hands were feeling. They were sore and every time I would start a climb the pain would travel up my arm. So I told my friend I needed to stop but if he wanted to keep going he could. 

So I can say that I learned something new about myself. Heights are still a factor and they are something I am afraid of but, I can also conquer those fears and take control. It was fun to experience a new form of exercise and I can say that it was worth the climb. 

Have you guys ever done bouldering before? 


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