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2017-08-17 16:53 by Sarah Denninger
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So this is random but I wanted to put this on my page for all of you to access. So I have a few art pieces that are for sale if anyone is interested. They arent amazing but they are fun to have and if you want to put them up in your home or send them to someone then thats totally up to you. If your interested in buying some then just send me an email at 

 (Galaxy 1 SOLD)


(Galaxy 2 SOLD)

(Galaxy 3 SOLD)

(chaotic Colors)



Also I wont be offended if nobody wants them, I thought that if anyone might want something made by me (for whatever reason) that this would be a chance for you to do that. These are just a few pieces that im willing to part with and some that were just for fun. Just email me and we can talk about prices. :) Thanks you guys! 

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HI Sarah, are these pieces that you have done or someone else's? I have a legitimate artist good friend that shows her art here in the states and in Europe. As a local artisan there are lots of options to show "your work". I can ask for a step by step approach to "getting it out there" as I know she started out that way...interesting and pretty colors!
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I did all the pieces on here myself.

I would never sell someone elses stuff for money. They are all also signed and dated by me.

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