Two minutes
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2017-08-22 13:27 by Sarah Denninger
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Two minutes

Sorry for the late post guys but, we got home stupid early this morning and I can say that it was a rough ten hours to get home. See we went to go see the eclipse in South Carolina. Originally we had planned to see it from the patio at the hotel we were staying at. So the day arrives, were out there setting up counting down the time till the totality. We have our chairs out, cameras up but not completely so we don’t destroy them, and an umbrella to protect us from the sun. People with all kinds of camera gear are there and we meet all kinds of friendly bystanders. I even managed to give away a couple of my business cards and had a wonderful conversation about my tattoos. So while all this is going on the sky suddenly gives us some shade. We think it may pass in ten minutes or so. We’re looking around and people are getting drinks. I look up at the sky and see how dark the cloud is. Almost rain worthy. 

Not too long after my Dad and I pace the parking lot were all standing in we talk to another photographer. We’re all trying to decide if we should make a run for it. The cloud is in front of the sun and you can’t see it at all. Yet if you looked on the other side of the building the sky is totally clear from all clouds. The photographer that came over to us tells us that we have another forty minutes till the totality. Now things get interesting. We’re all getting a little antsy on if we should move to another location or stay and wait out the cloud cover. It’s unclear on how fast the cloud is moving and if it will go away in time. We decide to wait a bit and see what happens. 

While we’re all waiting were also trying to gauge how dense the clouds are. Yet it is again unclear. There is no sign of the eclipse and then the worst starts. I feel a rain drop. Quickly I realize we need to move and move now or we were going to miss the totality. We were NOT going to leave empty handed. Not after all the driving and preparing. Making sure we were really moving I ask my Dad. We listen to the traffic behind us and make the bold and risky gamble that we would make it to the next exit for the eclipse. Racing around the parking lot we grab everything and get in the car. Were in the front seat practically hysterical from the time. My dad is driving and I am screaming out to him how much time we have before the totality. 

Once were clear from the clouds we make a hard turn into the next exit and park in a gas station that was overflowing with people. WE are running around the car setting up and trying to get things moving. Were so close and the adrenaline is coursing through our veins. There’s a car next to us that has a family. The daughter is watching us as we scramble to get things going. IM running my mouth saying information that makes no sense and I’m sure they thought I was on drugs or something. Yet it is also true with the rambling and what I was trying to say. Somebody yesterday made some kind of history and there wouldn’t be another one for years to come. Heck we may be dead by then. 

Then it happened. The totality came and the timer started. I have never been so amazed by something so powerful. The moon and the sun pretty much came together and lined up with us. It happened in a time where we have advanced our technology and a good portion of the population has had education on what Eclipses are. We no longer think we will die when it happens and for once it was in the U.S. I swear that those two minutes were the craziest and most epic two minutes I have ever had. 

When it was over I remember feeling like I had ran a marathon. The truth of what we saw was setting in and I am glad that we made the trip out there. It may be two minutes but it is two minutes of your life that you get to witness something remarkable. 

Did you get to see the Eclipse?


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Quite an amazing photo! Super Cool!
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