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oh my godddddd! You will never guess what I did the other day! I cant believe that it happened and I can tell you that I am probably still feeling it by the time you read this post. What did I do? I just ran a new record distance for myself. See I have been training for a half marathon in October and its getting closer and closer. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do the race just because I didn’t believe that I could do the full 13.1 miles. If anything I thought that I would never progress past five. I know how hard it is for me to do five miles and it always felt like there was a block there. I would always feel like I was getting sick or my side would cramp up. It seemed like the impossible was in front of me. 

Yet I kept persisting and eventually experienced six miles. Now I did a post about what six miles felt like. With that experience you can imagine how I felt doing seven miles. Really I was dreading it and when my neighbor got sick and told me that she wasn’t going to go do the run with me, well....I started to doubt if I would do it at all. I even got to a point where I told myself that I would get up super early and go do it before anyone was awake. Yet something in me screamed to just get it over with. For a few hours I ignored it and tried my best to just relax and get ready for an early bed time. Yet something was nagging me. 

I got up, went to the bathroom and before I could think anything of it I started putting on my shoes and got dressed up for the run. Yet the motivation wasn’t present yet. So with my headphones on and the music turned up I went outside. The humidity was light and there was a breeze in the area. Without much thought or second guessing I went ahead and started on the trek. It wasn’t long before I started to realize that I was getting into it. The smiles kept growing and before I knew it I was on the trek home and flying. My legs felt like feathers and I was letting everything go. I wasn’t sure when the runners high set in but I am positive that I felt it twice while I was out there. I sure wasn’t expecting it after having pizza for dinner and I felt a little pain in my stomach from the flaming hot cheetohs but, *******n did I do it. 

I don’t know if anyone else on here is a runner but if you are then I hope you understand how accomplished I feel. It’s a step in the right direction and I am starting to feel more confidence in myself. 

Are you a runner?



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Sarah! Super Cool!! I am a life long runner, recently taking time off...just have to get my head back into it...for special reasons. Running is my muse and mentor..I have been running consistently since about 12 or 13. Up until now..I just don't want to contaminate how good it feels and has always felt with the not so much right now. I have complete respect for that outside of me or inside of my mind that eventually takes over every step and I forget how tired I am or how early it is or how cold it is or how hot and icky I feel...true beauty! Kind of deep I know..but so cool that you are accomplishing running goals!!! Competition is cool too...kick ass!!
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