Raven Cliff Trail
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2017-10-31 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Raven Cliff Trail

After our few days in the hotel we then decided to head out to Raven Cliff. Its about five miles from Helen and the hike itself is about two miles out and then of course two miles back. The nice thing about the trail is that they have campsites everywhere and it is all first come first serve. when I got there there were a couple of people that were interested in Spice and why she was with me on the trial. I talked to a guy who had three dogs and she instantly became a hissing machine. Shes not used to seeing dogs so she became very upset with this sudden intrusion. 


Once we got on the trail she walked on the leash and we went to the first campsite and dropped off the heavy things. Once that was done we then decided to go ahead and walk the trail and go see the waterfall at the end of the trail. Being patient and wanting her to do the trail on her own I let her walk most of the way out there. She did very well and I honestly was expecting worse. I thought she wouldgive up and not want to go to the end but as it turns out, she just decided that she was her own master and she wanted to walk on her own. 

We had a blast and quite honestly I think she got her first real taste of what the outdoor adventure is like. She was slow, slower then I would like but that happens when you put a cat that has mostly been inside in a situation that they are not used to. There were times when she tried to escape from her harness and I thought that she was going to really go crazy and wiggle out of it but each time I managed to calm her down and let her know that she was ok. By time time we got to the end of the waterfall she had quite the following and people were very interested in her. I got to talk to a lot of people about the adventures that I go on and about her training. 


On the way back though I did have to pick her up and carry her back to the campsite since it was getting cold and dark quickly. She protested for a while but after a half mile she gave in and became quiet. 

I can honestly say that I am so happy that we get to do this adventure and this is only the beginning of our adventures. 

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I saw the video that your dad posted on market-ticker and wanted to ask you about traveling with your cat. Did you drive with her outside of her travel case? My cat hates the car and I'm always tempted to let her out of her carry case. My vet said it was a bad idea since she could potentially go under the gas pedal.

Anyway, keep up the great posts! They are far less controversial than your dad's ;-)

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No. I never let her out of her case. The last time I did that she literally crawled under the seat and meowed louder then ever. She almost got stuck under there and it is very dangerous considering how distracting it is as well. So I suggest not doing that as you can potentially put yourself in your danger and your pets.
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RE cats travelling in cars, I have many days and miles and a couple generation of cats of experimentation with that. Longest trip so far Houston to Seattle via CA coast, 4 weeks of camping with 2 cats. My take is a bit different, but then again my cats are also a bit "different". Generally they are outdoors trained since they are kitten (under very tight supervision at first}. They are allowed in nature most of the day and are always inside after dark. They never stray and always come on call. They can go on a leash but it is not necessary, they go on little walks and just follow me, with a bit of curiosity meandering of course. So obviously they do not stress about the outdoors, although they are very cautious in new places. When out of the car I ALWAYS leave a door open so they can get back in quickly if they feel unsafe. They never strayed while camping. The other point is by the time we take trips my cats are "BONDED" to each other and myself. How you know that: they come on call when outside ALWAYS, they follow you (although they remain very aloof with people they do not know). I would not let out a cat who seems stressed in any way. My cats are generally very "mellow", if very inquisitive.
Generally, may be it is just the videos, it seems to me that Spice looks a little stressed -body language and especially the expression in her eyes.

I cannot have the cats in a cage during car travel as it would be stressful to them and I would need a good pair of ear plugs. They seem to be trained not to come to the front of the car/ van (they get yelled at very loudly if they try -and I never yell at them ...or anyone).

My only travel "incident: a 2 week trip with a rented SUV where I had to spend half a day with the vinyl repair kit before returning the vehicle (spotless mind you). I am really good at matching color-texture now. I always trim claws, but I had on board my "wild cat" Annie (not a pet at the start) and I could not trim claws on her and the door upholstery was so ...fragile. Also watch for claw scratches on door steps...put a mat or something.
Will be starting a US-wide open ended camping trip with my 2 present cats now 3 years old. They adopted me as kitten, finding my porch by themselves and smartly bypassing the shelter. One of them climbs up and down tall trees and runs at cheetah speed... so no leash for him.
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I have explained numerous times that this was the first time for her and that she is not used to the great big outdoors. I didnt know about Adventure Cat training until a few years ago and only until recently did I decide what I wanted to do with my life and my carrier. She is along for the ride and this was her first time out and about. Shes not used to being around lots of new people and for that matter dogs. So yea there is a bit of a difference here but she never ran off and always wanted to walk on her own which I let her do. Sometime in the future I know she will be more used to it and will eventually be allowed off the leash but until then I am only doing what I feel comfortable with. In terms of her being in a traveling carrier I have her stay in a carrier that she has grown up with since she was a kitten so for its a safe place to be.
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