Colorado lessons
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2017-11-09 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Colorado lessons

Coming to Colorado is not something I regret. In fact I don't have anything that I necessarily do regret since I started traveling more. I have been given so many great opportunities and I am using them to my fullest advantage. I will admit that there are still some habits that I carry around and one is forcing myself to go out of my comfort zone. It takes me a while to get things going when I am by myself and I sometimes linger where I am staying too long. For instance the first four days I was here, I spent most of my days with the people i'm staying with and only really with them. In my line of work that works for about a day or two and then you have to decide if you want to split and go do your own thing or just pack up and go home. 


Sitting around editing is good since it keeps you up to date and you can get a lot done but at the same time you have to balance a home life and a life outside and adventuring. So I have been just going places on my own and spending my days by myself. It helps me t reset my mind and when I come back from the day I am tired and more mellowed out. Usually by the time I come back I am also pretty hungry. By then I am usually wiped out, Spice is tired and I got some sun. 

Those types of days are good and I usually come back feeling like I did do good and that I got some stuff done. Its just coming back to a place where you are a little unfamiliar, you are staying with two people who you don't really know and overall your unsure of how this will all work out. 


Coming to Colorado has taught me a lot about myself and Spice. It gave me a chance to push Spice in the right direction when it comes to learning the ropes on traveling and hiking. It also gave me a chance to push me out of my comfort zone and I am happy that I knew someone who was willing to let me stay at his place while I did my work and went around and explored. I just think next time I will be finding my own cabin and staying away from people that I haven't seen in a long time because man did I get a reality check. Everyday is a new obstacle when it comes to interacting with them and I personally was expecting more and I got less. That happens and I have just chosen to except it. For now I shall enjoy my time and explore this beautiful state I am in. 

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On the video clip posted on Market-Ticker, 1:53 in, you are Westbound I70, between mileposts 257 & 256.
Just EAST of the crest of the hill you're climbing, (east of exit 254) is the house from Woody Allen film Sleeper.
It's on the south side of the highway up on a hill.
It looks like a very large burrito.

If you leave Colorado on 70E, beep & wave as you go down that last hill!
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